34 New Movies Coming Out This Summer That You'll Actually Want To See

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Summer is almost here, and many must-see movies come with it. From seriously sexy rom-coms to terrifically terrifying thrillers and inspiring indies, here are 34 films coming out from June through August that you'll definitely want to put on your radar:

1.Hit Man

Glen Powell in "Hit Man"

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2.Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Screenshot from "Bad Boys: Ride or Die"

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3.The Watchers

Screenshot from "The Watchers"

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus in "Tuesday"

Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays a mother caretaking for her ill daughter when a talking bird arrives to usher her daughter through death in this film about grief and enduring love.

Starring: Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Lola Petticrew

Release date: June 14 in theaters

Kevin Baker / Courtesy of A24

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Screenshot from "Firebrand"

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6.Inside Out 2

Animated characters Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust from the movie Inside Out standing together

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7.Trigger Warning

Screenshot from "Trigger Warning"

8.Kinds of Kindness

Screenshot from "Kinds of Kindness"

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9.The Bikeriders

Screenshot from "The Bikeriders"

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10.Fancy Dance

Screenshot from "Fancy Dance"

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11.Janet Planet

Screenshot from Janet Planet

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Screenshot from "Thelma"

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13.Horizon: An American Saga — Chapter 1

Cowboys on horseback leading a pack train across a mountainous landscape

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14.A Quiet Place: Day One

Screenshot from "A Quiet Place: Day One"

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15.A Family Affair

Screenshot from "A Family Affair"

16.Despicable Me 4

Gru, Lucy, and a baby from "Despicable Me," looking surprised. Lucy holds the baby; Gru wears a striped scarf

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Mia Goth in "MaXXXine"

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18.Fly Me to the Moon

Screenshot from "Fly Me to the Moon"

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Person facing away, sitting across another blurred figure, movie poster for "Longlegs" with Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage

An FBI agent (Maika Monroe) finds herself way in over her head and dealing with the occult while investigating a serial killer (Nicolas Cage).

Starring: Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage

Release date: July 12 in theaters


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20.Sing Sing

Closeup of Colman Domingo in "Sing Sing"

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21.My Spy: The Eternal City

Screenshot from "My Spy the Eternal City"

22.Find Me Falling

Screenshot from "Find Me Falling"


Screenshot from "Twisters"

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24.Deadpool & Wolverine

Deadpool in costume sitting in a car with one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding a katana

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Hunter Schafer in "Cuckoo"

Hunter Schafer plays an American teenager who becomes stuck in a nightmare while working the front desk at a German resort.

Starring: Hunter Schafer, Dan Stevens, and Jessica Henwick

Release date: August 2 in theaters

Neon / Courtesy Everett Collection

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Screenshot from "Borderlands"

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27.It Ends with Us

Screenshot from "It Ends with Us"

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28.The Instigators

Screenshot from "The Instigators"


Screenshot from "Trap"

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Screenshot from "Jackpot"

31.The Union

Screenshot from "The Union"

32.Alien: Romulus

Screenshot from "Alien: Romulus"

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33.Blink Twice

Channing Tatum in "Blink Twice"

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34.Finally, The Crow

Bill Skarsgard in "The Crow"

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