31 People Who Didn't Expect Their Clumsiness To Result In Such A Grave Mistake

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1.The driver of this moving van who backed up too far:

A moving truck backed up into a house
u/MeetFried / Via reddit.com

2. This person whose art was turned into a mess:

3. This person who damaged their fryer and floors in one go:

4. This toddler who accidentally undid a whole day of their parent's cleaning:

5. This person who lost their lunch:

6. This person whose first day of work might've been their last:

7. This person who lost two valuable things in one day:

8. This person who accidentally broke through their walls and made a disturbing discovery:

9. This person who made a sinkhole (pun intended) at home:

10. This person who bought milk that immediately went to waste:

11. This person whose bathroom at least didn't smell like literal crap for a while:

12. These people who spilled gallons of cement on a staircase:

13. These people who had fun on their neighbor's trampoline for a party:

14. This person who squashed their car like a bug:

15. This person who might've lost their job after this incident:

16. This person who was trying to do makeup on the go:

17. This person who fumbled their key while above a vent:

18. These people who made this MASSIVE mess:

19. This person who crashed their car while they were transporting a COFFIN:

20. This person who dropped their medicine:

21. This person who didn't know their own strength:

22. This person who probably ended up working late:

23. This person who saw a roach and overreacted just a bit:

24. This person who cleaned the kitchen only to make another mess in it:

25. This person who hastily tore open the package for a new computer mouse:

26. This person who parked inside the store:

27. This person who should not try out for a soccer team anytime soon:

28. This person who woke up and thought up was down:

29. This person who lost dinner and gained dirty laundry:

30. This person who tripped and did more damage to the wall than their own body:

31. And lastly, this person who hopefully had really good insurance that would cover the cost of another injection:

H/T: r/Wellthatsucks