31 Painfully Unfortunate Photos That You Sickos Won't Be Able To Stop Laughing At

We've all had those moments when we've seen something so unlucky, or just plain awkward, that it made us go, "Ooh, that's unfortunate."

Woman in t-shirt stands outside by a car with text "THAT'S UNFORTUNATE."

Well, it seems a whole lot of people decided to snap a photo of those moments. We've compiled them here, so sit back, relax, and prepare to say, "That's unfortunate":

1.This elementary school teacher has just about the worst possible name for teaching little kids:

Door sign reading "201-ART MR. BUTT," suggesting a humorous name for a classroom or office
u/nt0TheV0id / Via reddit.com

2.This high school teacher has just about the worst possible for name teaching teenagers:

Room sign reading "N175" with the name "Mr. Sackrider" displayed below
u/beckalex / Via reddit.com

3.And this employee really, REALLY hates that her company's name tags only use an initial for the last name:

Name badge reading "ANA L." with the last part separated to inadvertently spell an inappropriate word
u/bd10123 / Via reddit.com

4.I really can't think of a worse name for someone working at an Apple Store:

Business card for Sam Sung at Apple Store, Pacific Centre with contact details
u/AbeamRaise / Via reddit.com

5.This author and illustrator should really think about only using her first name, like Cher or Beyoncé:

Book cover of "Little Red Riding Hood" written by Trina Shart Hymen
Holiday House / Via reddit.com

6.And this Republican's name is just a little too on the nose:

Ballot paper with arrows humorously misdirecting votes to wrong candidates
u/tillicum / Via reddit.com

7.This sticker on a Beatles' biography entitled The Longest Cocktail Party really gives the wrong idea:

Book cover titled "The Longest Cocktail Party" with overlaid images of The Beatles members
Charisma / Via reddit.com

8.This sticker on a pie box is also very unfortunately placed:

Pie box with humorous alteration saying "Your Family Deserves Nothing" instead of the original message
Sensitive-Dig-1333 / Via reddit.com

9.And this misspelling REALLY changed the intended meaning:

Dusty car with "JESUS I THRUST IN YOU" written on the rear window
u/propranoloI / Via reddit.com

10.This photo of a perfectly innocent dog and cat (who are just friends, their publicist tells me) that looks wildly inappropriate:

A Corgi dog and a grey cat lounging together by a window with sheer curtains, in a cozy, sunlit room
u/retlaw_yensid / Via reddit.com

11.This billboard for a soccer team that — when obscured by the shrubbery — looks downright X-rated:

Billboard showing two excited soccer players celebrating, partially obscured by green shrubbery
u/Vmoney1337 / Via reddit.com

12.And this unfortunately-angled photo of Ghostbusters legend Ernie Hudson that looks like he's getting to know himself intimately:

Actor Ernie Hudson at a convention table, with Ghostbusters memorabilia, including a movie poster
u/doug3465 / Via reddit.com

13.OK, time for another set of unfortunate names. First, this American military hero's name reminds me of something I once saw sold at a headshop:

Book titled "Dick Bong Ace of Aces" by Gen. George C. Kenney, featuring a man in a pilot's cap on the cover
Richard I Bong WWII Heritage Center / Via reddit.com

14.This gentleman could have so easily gone by Rich or Richard and avoided a lifetime of teasing:

Framed portrait of Dick Smalley on a wood-paneled wall, displayed among other plaques
u/Vmoney1337 / Via reddit.com

15.I give 1/4 odds this guy's middle name is Willy:

Man in a cap and plaid shirt being interviewed with a lower-third graphic displaying his name and caption, "Lives near proposed site"
u/Cptnhalfbeard / Via reddit.com

16.And this doctor might have the worst last name of them all:

Photo of a professional profile for Dr. James B Grossweiner, detailing his medical background in dermatology
u/ShakinBacon64 / Via reddit.com

17.This seam on a Pokémon toy makes you think it needs some pants:

Large plush toy of Clefairy, a Pokémon, on a store shelf with other toys
u/Tinker-Bell-Dance / Via reddit.com

18.This Canadian postal code has the power to make you blush:

Shipping label with obscured sender information and a Vancouver destination address
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

19.And this unintentionally X-rated map could make you blush even more:

Diagram of a boat's stair layout with an amusing "You Are Here" marker floating in the ocean
u/B34TBOXX5 / Via reddit.com

20.This ticket cut off the movie title in a way that could inspire a slew of porno parodies:

Movie ticket for "Indiana Jones and the D", dated Friday with the showtime at 7:25 PM, hall 02A, seat E5, priced at £8.50
u/ToastyWaffleBoi / Via reddit.com

21.The last thing you want to think about at the donut shop is teabagging, but...:

Sign above a cafe reads "DUNKIN' D NUTS" due to missing letters, with customers and staff visible
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

22.And this SUV backed off the ledge of a parking level...onto a state law enforcement vehicle:

SUV parked on the hood of a law enforcement vehicle
u/Flashbang1985 / Via reddit.com

23.This unfortunately designed logo for an art contest...stinks:

Shadow of a person holding a circular object, projected on a poster advertising an art contest
u/saschaleib / Via reddit.com

24.This newspaper typo (under a photo of a bunch of Sesame Street character) didn't have to do The Count like this:

A newspaper clipping of Sesame Street characters with a typo in the caption
u/Litmusdragon / Via reddit.com

25.And this typo really doesn't bode well for these schools:

Billboard with a typo advertising "15 best things about our pubic schools."
u/BobbyT486 / Via reddit.com

26.This juxtaposition of CNN headlines makes it sound like Serena Williams has gone to war against North Korea:

A police officer in riot gear stands on a cobblestone street
u/just_commenting / Via reddit.com

27.This sticker managed to transform talcum powder into, uh, something else:

Shelf with POND'S products and a misprinted label reading "CUM POWDER" instead of "TALCUM POWDER"
u/LilWayneThaGoat / Via reddit.com

28.And this cake was supposed to have the Deathly Hallows symbol from Harry Potter on it, but there was a communication breakdown somewhere along the way:

Chocolate cake with "Deathly Hallows Symbol" written in icing, topped with gold sprinkles
u/swisscheeslover / Via reddit.com

29.This sign malfunction makes it look like the store is insulting its clientele:

Sign of 'Morrisons' grocery store at night with illuminated branding above entrance
u/tomenewton / Via reddit.com

30.This chandelier was an, uh, ballsy choice:

An ornate chandelier with multiple lighted sections hangs from a ceiling, looking like a penis
u/Albuyeh / Via reddit.com

31.And lastly, this car named "Partner Fap" exists...and somehow no one during the production process objected:

Rear view of a vehicle with "PARTNER FAP" text on the back
u/beneaththeradar / Via reddit.com