31 Shamelessly Entitled People Who Need Their Facebook Privileges Revoked

1. This person hoping to nab a $500,000 house for free:

2. This person with a pressing question:

3. This user who knows exactly what they're looking for:

4. This person who should be the one paying:

5. This birthday beggar who deserves to get blocked:

6. This person who wants you to feel lucky they didn't ask for more:

7. This person who thinks they're offering a bargain:

8. This frustrating roommate:

9. This pain-in-the-butt person who doesn't seem to understand watermarks:

10. This utter nightmare of a human being:

11. This Facebook fool who got owned:

12. This person who drives a hard bargain:

13. This demanding dunce:

14. This person who had to brace for a rough reality check:

15. This cocky commenter:

16. This person with some wild expectations:

17. This problematic parent:

18. This whiner with quite the wishlist:

19. This Marketplace menace:

20. This person who seemed to forget they're not the center of the universe:

21. This frugal Facebook user who isn't gonna find what they're looking for:

22. This fake friend with a bad attitude:

23. This grossly ungrateful girlfriend:

24. This person who actually wants a free trainer:

25. This person with a sob story:

26. This user who is acting like a beggar and a chooser:

27. This person in search of a tarp:

28. This person who MUST be joking, right?:

29. These picky roommates:

30. This person who doesn't understand raffles:

31. Finally, this cranky coworker:

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