29 Dogs Rescued From China's Dog Meat Trade Reach the U.S. and Meet Their New Forever Families

Courtesy China Dog Rescue Courtesy China Dog Rescue

Tails were wagging on Friday!

According to China Rescue Dogs –an animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating canines saved from China's dog meat trade – a group of 29 pooches landed at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on Friday.

The posse of pups were all pulled from China's dog meat trade and flown to the U.S. on a cargo plane. After landing at the JFK, several of the dogs met up with their new forever families, who agreed to adopt the lucky rescue pups without meeting them first. Those who didn't already have adoptions lined up, are continuing their rehabilitation and socialization stateside, safe from the threat of slaughter, and will eventually be adopted out by China Rescue Dogs' shelter partners.

"Many of these forever homes are dealing with the loss of a job, loss of a family member or pet, and these dogs come in and are so grateful to finally have a real home they do what they do best – provide unconditional love. We like to think that we are rescuing them, but in many cases, they are actually rescuing us," Jill Stewart, China Rescue Dogs' dedicated founder, said in a release about the arrival of the 29 canines from China.

Courtesy China Dog Rescue

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Along with affecting the adopters, the coronavirus pandemic has also changed how China Rescue Dogs goes about its lifesaving work. Before the pandemic, China Rescue Dogs was able to send team members over to meet and help the animals they were rescuing, the organization was also able to depend on volunteers for most of their transportation needs. Animal lovers traveling from China to the U.S. were able to volunteer to fly a dog back with them.

Courtesy China Dog Rescue

Unfortunately, the travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19 have made it impossible for China Rescue Dogs to depend on commercial flights and volunteers to move dogs to the U.S. Now, the organization must rely on cargo planes to fly the dogs to the U.S., a much more expensive route that often ends up costing the group $3,500 per dog.

China Rescue Dogs has not let these restrictions stop their work. Along with this rescue, the organization also helped fly in 100 rescue dogs from China earlier this year, thanks to a successful fundraiser. The organization is now working to raise the funds needed to send over another group of pups.

Courtesy China Dog Rescue

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"Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has raged on globally, it hasn’t slowed down the need to rescue and bring the dogs to U.S. or Canada." Ryan McDonnell, vice president of China Rescue Dogs, said in the release for the most recent rescue.

Courtesy China Dog Rescue

"With the public’s support, we can continue to rescue as many dogs as possible. Our phase-2 rescue program hopes to rescue and save over 150 dogs this time so they can be adopted into loving forever families and lead long, happy, and healthy lives," Stewart added.

To help China Rescue Dogs save canines from slaughter, and provide them with loving homes, you can donate to their rescue efforts on their website.