28 Times Harry Styles Was Simply Amazing

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Happy birthday to Harold Edward Styles — the beloved pop star, actor, and all-around modern renaissance man turns 28 today, February 1st.

It’s the start of a new month and the start of a new year for Styles, and we’re feeling ready to celebrate. There are so many reasons to love Harry, but we did our best to narrow it down to 28 of his best moments to kick off his 28th birthday in Style.

Check out the list of moments (in no particular order) below.

01. Singing Landslide with Stevie Nicks

Harry and Stevie Nicks met back in 2015 after he attended a Fleetwood Mac concert. Nicks has been a vocal supporter of Harry and his rock star status for years — he even re-inducted her into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2019. There are plenty of great moments in their friendship alone, but their joint performance of “Landslide” has to be the best.

02. Treat People With Kindness Campaign

It’s not just a catchy song with a video featuring Phoebe Waller-Bridge — it’s also a way for Harry Styles to support local charities. All profits from merch sales through Treat People With Kindness are donated to a number of funds worldwide, including the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund and March For Our Lives.

03. Donating His Hair

Frat Boy Harry was a moment for the history books, to be clear, and when that era ended, Harry made sure to go out with an on-brand bang. He could’ve just chopped off those flowing brown locks; instead, he donated his hair to The Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes real hair wigs for children.

04. The Sara Lee Sketch on SNL

There is nothing that could possibly be said about this sketch that would be more important (or more funny) than the sketch itself, so just go ahead and revisit the video below. For four minutes, thanks to this moment during a Harry-hosted episode of SNL, all feels right with the world. Must get rid of toxic in community.

05. Carpool Karaoke

The Harry Styles entry into Carpool Karaoke canon is one of the most joyful. He seems so free, so comfortable, and so thrilled to share some cuts from his debut, self-titled album. His rapport with fellow friend from across the pond James Corden is lovely.

06. Hosting The Late Late Show

And speaking of James Corden, Styles stepped in to host The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2019. His confidence and charisma were nearly overflowing throughout a charming monologue and a (seemingly) easygoing stint behind the desk.

07. The .2 Seconds of Making Out with Florence Pugh During the Trailer for Don’t Worry Darling

Nothing else needs to be said here.

08. The Proposal Question

Harry Styles concerts are known for the incredible vibes and great fan interactions. Much of the time, it seems like Harry wants to pause the singing and do a stand-up set instead. One fan in Chicago during the Love On Tour was hoping to enlist Styles’ help in turning her boyfriend into her fiance, but things didn’t quite go according to plan.

09. Harry x Lizzo – “Juice”

Harry Styles and Lizzo have an enviable friendship — the kind that makes a person want to say “move over, I’m joining you guys.” Onstage, the energy is also immaculate, as it was with their rendition of Lizzo’s hit “Juice.”

10. Chairing the Met Gala

While his look might’ve left a bit to be desired, Harry Styles made history when he co-chaired the annual Met Gala in 2019, making him the youngest person to do so. Styles’ style is one of the things fans love most about him, and his sensibilities for fashion and glamour were right at home at this red carpet.

11. Interviewing Timothée Chalamet

For i-D, Harry Styles jumped on the phone with another Victorian-era brunette with great bone structure: Timothée Chalamet. “Hello, Mr. Chalamet.” “Hello, Mr. Styles.” Chills? The power that exudes.

12. Dressing Things Up for Vogue

In November of 2020, Styles made some waves on social media by becoming the first man to cover American Vogue — and did so wearing a full-length dress. The internet was abuzz, both in positive reactions (with Harry carrying on rockstar traditions of genderless clothing seen before in artists like David Bowie and Prince) and people who weren’t so happy with the choice. Whatever, he looked great.

13. His X Factor Audition

Sometimes, it’s just nice to remember that the most famous people in the world started somewhere, too. For Harry (and the rest of the One Direction boys), that was with some pretty cringey auditions on the British X Factor. The thin scarf… the cardigan… it was a moment in time.

14. His Acting Debut

After years of clearly wanting to be in front of the camera in a different way, Styles made his big screen debut in Christoper Nolan’s Dunkirk. He fit right in with the rest of the struggling young men on the beaches and in the trenches, making it feel less like, “Harry Styles is on the screen,” and more like, “Oh look, another sad British boy.”

15. Investing in a Hometown Venue

Harry Styles hails from Manchester, and in late 2020, reports shared that he was personally investing in a new arena to be built in the city. Currently named The Co-op Live, the state-of-the-art venue was initially slated to open 2023 and would bring many acts to the region.

16. Everything About “Watermelon Sugar”

It’s a great song; it’s an intoxicating music video. “Watermelon Sugar” was an absolute hit for Harry Styles off his second album, Fine Line. To improve on existing greatness, he ended all speculation by confirming exactly what he thinks the song is about at his Nashville show.

17. Feeding a Fan’s Fish

It feels straight out of fan fiction: Harry Styles’ car breaks down in front of someone’s home; she happens to be a fan, but she’s at work; Harry Styles accepts a cup of tea from a parent while he waits for assistance, feeds the fan’s fish, and leaves a note. Somehow, it’s true.

18. Defending a Fan’s Height

The fan interactions were nonstop during Love On Tour. Here, Styles spotted a sign held by a supportive boyfriend that read, “My girlfriend loves you but she’s short.” Upon noticing the sign, Harry interjected with, “She’s not so short, she’s normal person sized. You’re just tall.” Speak on it, king!

19. “Should I text him?”

According to Harry Styles, the answer is no. This fan interaction involves someone in the crowd (you guessed it — during Love On Tour) receiving some dating advice from the star of the show himself. A flex, honestly.

20. The “Kiwi” Pose

During his first solo tour, Harry Styles perfected a signature pose during his closing banger, “Kiwi.” Each night, during the second verse, he’d pop his hip out and place his hand on his waist. It’s not choreo, but it’s something!

21. Harry x Kacey Musgraves – “You’re Still the One”

There are many things Harry Styles and Kacey Musgraves have in common. (Great music and crowds filled with rainbow flags come to mind first.) At a Madison Square Garden show, where Musgraves opened, the two delivered a special rendition of the Shania Twain classic “You’re Still the One.”

22. Assisting with a Gender Reveal

At the Nashville stop of Love On Tour, one of the sweeter fan interactions occurred. Here, there wasn’t any roasting, there wasn’t any banter — there was just Harry opening an envelope and sharing the gender of an expecting couple’s future child.

23. Launching a Vegan Beauty Brand

A beauty brand is one thing — a Vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand is next level. We have no choice but to stan.

24. His NPR Tiny Desk Performance

In March of 2020, Harry Styles finally made an appearance on the beloved NPR series. He wove through four tracks from Harry Styles: “Cherry,” “Watermelon Sugar,” “To Be So Lonely,” and “Adore You.” Together, let’s manifest: Harry Styles on NPR Tiny Desk Part 2.

25. Playing Bingo at a Retirement Home

It’s important to stay humble — for Harry Styles, a recent humbling came in the form of a BBC segment that sent Harry to play bingo at a retirement home. There’s a difference between being lovingly roasted by friends and being expertly roasted by someone with three times your life experience.

26. His SNL Monologue

While Sara Lee is indisputably the highlight of Harry’s time as SNL host, we have to give props to the monologue. Why do you have to be so charming all the time, Mr. Styles?

27. Fostering an Environment of Acceptance

This has happened too many times to be distilled into one standout moment: Harry Styles concerts are simply a place of acceptance and joy. Beyond the many rainbow flags in the crowd, Styles has helped multiple fans come out to family members or concert guests. Love On Tour made it clear what kind of a fandom Styles wanted to create, and it’s safe to say he’s succeeded in solidifying that. Below is just one example of a show-stopping event that happened almost every night of the tour.


28. Remaining Booked & Busy

This one’s for the OGs. Harry Styles remains booked and busy, and not only did he get a job, but he’s even getting job after job — despite the lyrics of “Vas Happenin’ Boys” during his time on X Factor indicating that this could never happen. We’re all proud of you, Harry!

28 Times Harry Styles Was Simply Amazing
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