28 Times Carrie Bradshaw Made Decisions That Seriously Made Me Question Her Logic Or Morals

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🚨Warning: Spoilers for And Just Like That are in here!🚨

1.When she got back together with Big the first time after she already knew he had huge — like, massive — commitment issues.

Big asking Carrie if they want to play another round of bowling and then them kissing

If there's one thing Carrie Bradshaw's gonna do, it's throw caution to the wind. Honestly, by the end of the show I was amazed by how she always wanted Big back, even though he always made it seem like they didn't want the same things.


2.When she cheated on Aidan with Big, who was also MARRIED.

Aidan telling Carrie "I love you" and Carrie in bed with Big

This was definitely the worst decision she ever made on the series, considering that she cheated on the best guy she ever dated with the worst guy she ever dated.


3.When she demanded that Aidan forgive her for cheating on him.

Carrie repeating "You have to forgive me to Aidan"

This scene was UNBELIEVABLE. Like, I cannot imagine someone having the gall to order someone else to forgive after that kind of betrayal.


4.When she made Aidan accept her friendship with Big.

Carrie telling Aidan she's gonna keep Big in her life

Again, the gall!


5.When she invited BIG up to Aidan's country house.

Carrie, Aidan, and Big having an uncomfortable dinner

It was at this point, I really started doubting Carrie's critical thinking skills.


6.When she crashed Natasha's lunch to apologize for her affair with Big even though Natasha had made it clear before that she did not want to see Carrie.

I was so glad Natasha called her out because Carrie's apology was completely self-serving. Carrie's main motivation to apologize was that she felt she had bad karma, not actually to benefit Natasha in any way.

I was so glad Natasha called her out because Carrie's apology was completely self-serving. Carrie's main motivation to apologize was that she felt she had bad karma, not actually to benefit Natasha in any way.


7.When she tracked down Natasha AGAIN years later at her place of work to ask her about the money Big left her in his will (even though, AGAIN, Natasha had made it clear she didn't want to see her).

Carrie in a black van following Natasha and then asking the front desk at her job to speak to her

Decades later and Carrie still won't leave this woman alone!!! It was strange that Big left millions of dollars to Natasha in his will. Given their romantic past, I get why Carrie would be so curious and contact her, but she should've dropped it after Natasha blocked her on Instagram instead of stalking her and trying to ambush her again.


8.When she sent Aidan to help Miranda, who was naked, injured, and immobile.

Miranda laid naked on the floor and Aidan picking her up and carrying her out

I could FEEL Miranda's humiliation here. To be fair, Carrie had a meeting to go to, but at the least she should've told Miranda she was sending her boyfriend instead.


9.When she showed up to "comfort" an injured Miranda, but used it as an excuse to talk about herself.

Miranda calling Carrie out for bringing her bagels and then talking about Aidan

Carrie visiting her injured friend only to talk about herself kind of sums up how she is in all of her friendships during the show.


10.When she wore her engagement ring around her neck instead of her finger in order to appear single.

Carrie dressed to go out and wearing her engagement ring as a necklace

It was kind of clear that Carrie never really wanted to marry Aidan and she should've told him that when he asked instead of saying yes and doing things like this that are, well, kinda hurtful.


11.When she left her whole life in New York, quit her column, and moved to France with Aleksandr Petrovsky.

Carried on the phone talking about how living in Paris is hard for her

There was truly NO reason for Carrie to move to Paris besides staying together with her boyfriend (and they weren't even dating that long). She loved New York and she had a steady job. She didn't know French and she didn't know anyone in Paris besides her boyfriend. It was bound to be a shitshow.


12.When she flaked on the party her fans were throwing her so she could go to her boyfriend's art exhibit instead.

Carrie telling Aleksandr she'll ditch her party and go with him to his exhibit

Even though she moved to Paris with her boyfriend, Carrie spends most of her time there alone and unhappy. He keeps blowing her off to work on his exhibit or hang out with friends. So when she finally meets some people who love her writing and want to throw her a party, it's infuriating that she bails on them the minute Aleks asks her to accompany him somewhere.


13.When she blamed Miranda for Big leaving her at the altar.

Carrie blaming Miranda for ruining her marriage because Miranda told Big he was crazy to get married

I don't understand how Carrie can blame her best friend for something a grown ass man did. Big played with Carrie's heart for six years like it was a fidget spinner, yet she thinks it's Miranda's fault he left her at the altar. PLEASE.


14.When she got back together with Big after he left her at the altar.

Carrie running into Big's arms and them making out

Six seasons of Big not committing to Carrie, and then he made one of the biggest commitments there is, but stood her up the day of the wedding...and she still got back together with him. This is just embarrassing, Carrie.


15.When she cheated on Big with Aidan because she felt running into him halfway around the world had to mean *something*.

Carrie kissing Aiden

After everything she'd been through with Big, they finally got married and she went and did this...just because she was bored. Ridiculous.


16.When she completely dismissed Charlotte's concern's about Miranda's drinking.

Charlotte telling carrie she's concerned about Miranda's drinking and Carrie dismissing it

I often do not understand how these people are decades-long friends, because they're pretty bad friends.


17.When she guilt-tripped Miranda to stay at lunch after Charlotte made disrespectful comments about Miranda exploring her sexuality.

Carrie convince Miranda to stay at lunch after Charlotte made disrespectful comments about Miranda's sexuality

Miranda had every right storm out of there after the gross things Charlotte said! Carrie should've stood up for Miranda not sit there passively and then pressure her to stay where she feels uncomfortable.


18.When she expected Charlotte to offer her $30,000 so she could pay the downpayment to buy her apartment.

Carrie asking Charlotte why she didn't offer her the money

Carrie's always been extremely irresponsible with her finance. She spent so much money on clothes over the years that she barely had anything in her savings account, so it was wild that she expected Charlotte to offer such a huge sum money.


19.When her insurance didn't cover the hot physical therapist so she paid out-of-pocket just to keep seeing him.

Carrie telling the receptionist she will pay out-of-pocket for her hot physical therapist

I imagine three months of physical therapy can't be cheap, so this was just another absolute waste of money by Carrie. But you know what, I get it. If I was as wealthy as Carrie was at this point in her life, I might also pay out-of-pocket for Travis. I mean, have you seen Travis?


20.When she bought an apartment she didn't want it because she didn't want to upset her real estate agent.

Carrie telling her friends she bought an apartment she doesn't like

I'm still not over the fact that she bought an apartment and then, like, five days later decided to sell it.


21.When she body-shamed Samantha after she gained weight.

Charlotte, Miranda, and Carrie all having huge facial reactions when they see Samantha's stomach poking out of her shirt

This was hands down the worst moment of the first movie.


22.When she judged Samantha after accidentally walking in on her having oral sex with a delivery guy in her office.

Carrie was being surprisingly judgmental for someone who writes about sex. And the fact that she had the nerve to judge Samantha when Samantha has never judged her, not even when Carrie was having an affair, again shows how bad of a friend Carrie is.

Carrie was being surprisingly judgmental for someone who writes about sex. And the fact that she had the nerve to judge Samantha when Samantha has never judged her, not even when Carrie was having an affair, again shows how bad of a friend Carrie is.


23.When she was at a benefit for Charlotte's kids' school, saw a guy she went on ONE bad date with, and tried to leave the benefit early even though she was an auction item.

Carrie trying to leave the auction where she is an item but Charlotte stopping her

The date wasn't even that bad??? They both got super drunk, had a great time, and then she threw up on the street, which would've been embarrassing IF he wasn't also throwing up next to her. So Carrie trying to bail on a commitment she made to a friend just to avoid him was selfish and an overreaction.


24.When she pressured Samantha to come to her book launch party after her chemical peel went wrong and then shamed her appearance at the party.

Carrie begging Samantha to come to her party and then shaming Samantha's botched chemical appearance at the party

Samantha was already too insecure about her appearance to go the party but she did for Carrie and then Carrie reacted with pure disgust. Carrie didn't deserve a friend like Samantha at all.


25.When she showed up to Big's place with Big Macs and a beret, announcing she'd move to Paris with him (even though he kept it a secret from her for months).

Big opening the door to see Carrie in a beret with McDonald's bags

This was just so embarrassing...I have to laugh. The fact that Big didn't even factor her in his choice to move or care to tell her for so long was messed up. But this scene of her not caring and eager to change her whole life for him was just cringey.


26.When Carrie stalked Big and his mom at church because he wouldn't introduce her as his girlfriend.

Carrie and Miranda spying on Big and his mom at church

Carrie was simply just doing the most in this episode. Big revealed how one-sided their relationship was when he wouldn't introduce her to his mom. She should've just dumped him then instead of chasing him and ultimately humiliating herself at their church. Not a good look.


27.When she ditched her date at a party because she decided she was "too old" to be dating bisexual men.

Carrie leaving her date

This whole episode was unreal. She and this guy both mutually liked each other, so it was incredibly rude of her to just lie, then up and leave in the middle of their date. And her reasoning that bisexuality was a "young person's game" is disappointing and quite narrow-minded for someone who is a literal sex columnist.


28.And just like that, we've reached the last item on the list: When Carrie found Big on the floor after his heart attack still alive and she just stood there forever and then held him instead of calling an ambulance.

Carrie standing and staring at Big who is collapsed on the bathroom floor

I understand that she froze due to shock but I don't understand how when she unfroze, she went to hold him until he died instead of running to call an ambulance.


What were some other awful decisions made by Carrie Bradshaw? Let us know in the comments.