27 Unanswered Questions And Plot Holes In "Don't Worry Darling" That Have Been Keeping Me Awake At Night

WARNING: Major spoilers for Don't Worry Darling ahead! Continue at your own peril.

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Olivia Wilde's visually stunning masterpiece has been dividing audiences since it hit theaters.

Seven cast members, including director Olivia Wilde, pose on the red carpet

Led by a ridiculously talented Florence Pugh, this Stepford Wives–esque feminist dystopia flick seems to be very much a case of love or hate when it comes to audience reception.

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The film is chock-full of twists and turns, so it's no wonder that many left the cinema scratching their heads.

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I thought I mostly understood what was going on, but even after trawling the internet for hours, I can't find answers to some things. Were they plot holes? Did I miss something? Did the writers miss something in between the chopping and changing from the original script?

Well, let's get to it. If you have answers to any of the questions that have been keeping me awake at night, please let me know in the comments!

And one last reminder: heavy spoilers below! 

1.So, first question: Jack is unemployed in the flashback, so how is he affording the rent, bills, and fee he mentions to stay in Victory?

Jack and Alice in bed together

2.How did Jack get Alice into the simulation to begin with?

Jack looking intense as he stares at Alice

3.What are those rumblings?!

the neighborhood in Victory

4.Okay, slightly gross, but if Alice is strapped to the bed indefinitely, how does she go to the bathroom and stay in the simulation?

Alice looking worried while lying in a bathtub

5.How do her eyes stay moist for that long when they're clamped open?!

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I know there's the little scene where you see Jack dripping water in her mouth, and I can't remember if he added eye drops, too. But either way, she lies there prone literally 24/7 with her eyes clamped open, à la A Clockwork Orange.

It's implied that Jack goes to work, so he probably isn't in the apartment with her actual body; then he returns to the simulation immediately after work until he leaves again in the morning — so presumably from about 5 or 6 p.m. to maybe like 7 or 8 a.m. the next day.

Even if he works from home and can check in on her throughout the day, he's lying there next to her for hours when he returns to the simulation, so how are their eyes especially not drier than the Sahara?! And if he's got some magical super-strength eye drops, can he please share with the class?!

6.Speaking of unexplained health questions, how is Peg constantly pregnant?

Peg looks concerned as she looks at a person out of shot on her left

7.And talking about kids, did Bunny's kids appear on day one with Bunny and her husband, or did she go through pregnancy and birth in Victory?

Bunny looking off to the side

8.Another thing with Bunny: If she is fully cognizant of being in a simulation and entered willingly because she wanted the illusion of being with her kids after the real-life children unfortunately passed away, why would she want her memory to retain the fact that her Victory kids are not real and her real kids are dead?

Bunny happily swinging her daughter around playfully

9.So many Bunny questions. How is it that Bunny knows everything the men know, but no one has dragged her off for shock therapy to reset her brain into submissive-housewife mode? Is it because she willingly embodies the role anyway?

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Does Frank know that Bunny knows all? Can women willingly apply for and enter Victory with a male sponsor of sorts? (I might have an answer for this toward the end of my next question, actually.)

10.What does a promotion in Victory actually mean?

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So Jack gets promoted to the senior advisory board from his previous role as a technical engineer. He is given a fancy lil' ring and essentially has a little marriage ceremony to his job, complete with the most bizarre first dance you've ever seen.

But Jack implies that when the men go off to work, they go off to crappy jobs in the real world that they don't like. So are the job titles in Victory just a show of status for the wives, and a way for the men to see who's the most alpha?

Or do they perhaps go off to jobs in the real world and actually work on things to do with the Victory Project? But then that sends me down another spiral of questions, because it's implied that Jack is an unemployed layabout, and surely a job to do with a highly sophisticated life simulation needs a lot of technical skill and experience? I suppose maybe he could be doing something like onboarding new members online.

Another theory I have is that Jack and the other men are rewarded for turning their women in if they start to remember things and break the role of the perfect housewife. Jack gets his promotion after Alice gets to HQ and mysteriously wakes up at home in her bed with hazy memories. It's likely because she returned to her body in the real world, Jack realized she'd found out his secret, and he forcibly put her back in and commissioned the mind wipe.

This might explain why Bunny's husband, Bill, gets his own ring near the start, and why Bunny goes from very pro-Victory to suddenly telling Alice they're in a simulation near the end of the film. Perhaps her memories keep coming back and Bill keeps sending her off for memory wipes, but she doesn't mind because it means her grief for her real-life children stays at bay?


11.Why is no one looking for Alice?!

Alice looking into the exit of the simulation

12.Why is there no sort of firewall around the Victory Headquarters if it's an exit point?

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I get that the wives are manipulated into being super submissive, so their husbands telling them not to go to HQ should be enough of a safeguard. But surely after Margaret, Frank would have put some kind of precautionary measure in place for unruly wives? Even just a password-protected fence?!

Maybe the hallucination Alice has of Jack saying "Don't leave me" when she's almost at the exit point is a final safeguard to manipulate her into turning back? Still, seems pretty weak.

13.Oh, and how did Alice suddenly become a badass stunt driver when the women say they can't drive and Jack is still teaching Alice?

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I know she knows how to drive a car, but it was implied that she was a learner, and that driving was something else!

I do have one theory: The women make it clear that they don't know how to drive, and it's likely their real modern-world selves would, so their memory of driving must be erased to stop them from driving to the same exit point as the men do each morning. So that's a safeguard to stop the women from escaping via that route, but the security on the other exit that Alice touches to escape still seems pretty lax.

Anyway, I digress. Alice's memories are coming back when she's driving for her life, so maybe she was a darn good driver in the real world and that all came flooding back?

14.When Alice is careering toward HQ in a high-speed chase, why did Frank seem so chill on the phone?

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He was so blasé — he could have been on hold to renew his phone contract, for how interested he looked. Was he just overly confident that Alice would be caught, or does he have safeguarding measures in place on the other side to stop her real-life self from snitching on his little misogynistic utopia?

15.Do people have jobs in Victory, or are they simulations?

A yellow bus with "Victory Town Link" on the side driving out of frame as Alice runs into the desert

16.Is the electroshock therapy in real life or in the simulation?

Bird's-eye view of Alice being dragged away from the car by men in red

17.Olivia Wilde herself has confirmed that the men are supposed to be incels. So why is it that all the sex scenes are very much about Alice's pleasure and not Jack's?

Alice and Jack in front of a sign that says "Welcome Home Miss Alice"

18.When Jack and Alice were, ahem, having fun at Frank's party and Alice saw Frank watching them, why didn't she stop?!

Frank watching Alice and Jack in the middle of an intimate moment

19.How do medications, alcohol, and food work in Victory?

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The simulations of the women continually make extravagant spreads of food, but we know that their real-life versions get nutrients via IV lines, so it's implied that the food in Victory doesn't nourish their real-life bodies. We also saw Jack downing a tin of tuna in the real world.

Near the start, we see the main characters drinking, and pregnant Peg's husband says she needs more alcohol because it's good for the baby, which is another reason I think the food and drink have no real impact — it's all just another line in the code of the simulation. (Or maybe Peg's not really pregnant? Now we're back at question 6 again...)

So my question is, if they don't get any sort of nutrients/effects from food or alcohol, what would have happened if Margaret or Alice had taken the medications they were offered? Would the drugs actually have done anything, or would they have been more of a placebo? Or are they more sinister, perhaps like a little antivirus scan to fix the bug in the sim's code and make them nice and docile again?

I just have so many questions.

20.Why does it seem as if there's some kind of tension with or fear of Shelley when she first enters the dance class?

Seven women in black ballet outfits line up at the barre

21.Why does Frank say that he likes the challenge Alice presents to him, while it's implied that Margaret was a nuisance for doing the same thing?

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Was he just trying to push Alice because she's almost like a computer virus and he wants to see what havoc she can wreak — while feeling confident that he can "fix" her afterward — so that he can create better solutions to keep the wives docile in the future?

22.Why was the doctor carrying around Margaret's file with literally all of the information redacted?

An open file with the words blocked over in black ink and a photo of a woman in the top corner

23.What did Shelley mean when she said, "It's my turn now"? What was her plan when she stabbed Frank?

Shelley wearing a brightly coloured dress and looking confused

24.What are the horror-esque bits (like where Alice is getting crushed against the glass) all about?

Alice pressed uncomfortably against a glass window

25.Why did no one think it was odd that the whole town had the exact same specific meet-cute, and everyone came from or honeymooned at three particular locations?

Alice smiling on a bus, surrounded by women in dresses

26.What was the red plane that both Alice and Margaret saw?

A red plane with black smoke coming out of its exhaust against a blue sky

27.Bunny says that "if the men die in Victory, they die in real life." Was this just a weird turn of phrase, or do the women not die in real life if they die in Victory?

Margaret in the reflection of the mirror in a dance class

Most importantly: Is Margaret actually okay? WHAT HAPPENED TO MARGARET?!?

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There's no doubt that there are definitely some patchy areas in Don't Worry Darling, whether through the writers' oversight as they spliced the original script with their own or simply not enough attention to detail, but overall, I did like the film (despite having about 6 million questions).

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That said, these questions won't let me rest! Help a girl out by letting me know your takes in the comments, as I doubt we'll get answers from Hollywood anytime soon.

Alice crying as she confides in Bunny
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