At 25 million copies sold, Monster Hunter World is such an unprecedented success that it's over 25% of the total sales of the 20-year-old action RPG series

 Monster Hunter World.
Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World has sold 25 million units, making it responsible for over 25% of the 20-year-old action RPG series' total sales.

Earlier this week, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter World had reached a new sales milestone. Six years after its launch, the fifth mainline installment of the long-running series has reached 25 million units sold, and this was during the Monster Hunter 20th anniversary celebrations, no less. According to the press release, this number has been added to the series' total sales, which, as of December 2024, is now at 97 million.

With these two figures in mind, that would mean Monster Hunter World is actually to thank for more than 25% of that total number. Clearly, the 2018 title is a fan favorite even this many years post-launch. It's possible that the next installment in the series is partly to thank for this. Shortly after the reveal of Monster Hunter Wilds late last year, there's been a resurgence of World players.

This is partly due to Capcom's #ReturntoWorld campaign which encouraged Monster Hunter fans to return to the online game by offering a big discount in December 2023. Following this, Monster Hunter World gained its highest Steam player count in 3 years which saw the RPG hit a new 24-hour peak player count of 94,680.

If this is the first time you've heard about Monster Hunter Wilds, Capcom first announced it during The Game Awards 2023 and it didn't take long for fans to convince themselves that it will be a fully open-world Monster Hunter game and to fall in love with an unsuspecting little creature. Unfortunately, we've got to wait some time for it as Monster Hunter Wilds isn't set to release until 2025.

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