24 Times TV Hosts And Interviews Tried To Embarrass Famous Women For Fun And It Was Absolutely Not OK

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A while back, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which celebrity interview moment was inappropriate or uncalled for. Here are some of the most shocking times hosts and interviewers crossed the line while trying to "poke fun" at famous women:

Warning: This post contains mentions of sexual assault.

1.When David Letterman interrupted his interview with Catherine Zeta-Jones to touch her hair without her consent, making her clearly uncomfortable.

David Letterman petting Catherine Zeta-Jones's hair

Watch the full moment here at the 9:55 mark:

2.When Jeremy Renner made an unrehearsed joke about Jennifer Lopez's breast while they were presenting a Golden Globe award in 2015.

Jeremy Renner telling Jennifer Lopez, "You got the globes, too"

Watch the full moment here at the 0:40 mark:

3.When David Letterman kept commenting on Tina Turner's scent and even made a joke about it to lure people to see her concerts.

Letterman telling Tina Turner she smells great and that "Nothing is more gratifying to me as a host when a guest smells great"

Watch the full moment here at the 5:00 mark:

4.When Jay Leno took a jab at Marcia Clark's hairdo on The Tonight Show, joining in on the toxic male behavior directed toward Clark's appearance in the mid-'90s during the O.J. Simpson trial.

Jay Leno having a segment on a show where a model wears ridiculous hairstyles that are supposed to mock Marcia Clark's

5.When Wendy Williams slut-shamed Draya Michele in front of her audience.

CBS Television Distribution

Watch the full interview moment here:

6.When Bruce Rosenblum (CEO and chairman of the Television Academy) made Sofía Vergara stand on a revolving pedestal like a trophy while he gave a cringeworthy speech about diversity in television.

Rosenblum saying, "Our academy is more diverse than ever before, both in front of and behind the camera," while Sofia Vergara spins around on the pedestal

Watch the full moment here at the 0:30 mark:

7.When Piers Morgan criticized a picture Jesy Nelson uploaded on her Instagram.

Piers Morgan's commentary on Jesy Nelson's Instagram picture: "How could anybody look at that picture and think it's a classy picture? I'm serious"

8.When David Letterman's crew zoomed in on Jennifer Lopez's breasts, and he made comments about her chest.

Letterman looking at the green screen underneath his desk of his camera crew zooming in on Lopez's breasts, saying: "Yes, sir, look at that. That's pretty darn good"

Watch the moment here:

9.When Howard Stern body-shamed Anna Nicole Smith and tried to force her to weigh herself during her interview.

Howard Stern asking Anna Nicole Smith to get on a scale

Watch the full moment here at the 21:00 mark:

10.When Ellen made a whole game out of which English words Sofía Vergara could and couldn't pronounce.

Ellen laughing at Sofia not being able to pronounce a word

"Ellen laughed at her the whole time."



Watch the moment here at the 2:15 mark:

11.When David Letterman asked Lindsay Lohan questions about rehab that hadn't been approved.

David Letterman asking Lindsay Lohan about rehab and her saying that these questions were not approved

Watch the moment here at the 3:35 mark:

12.When Howard Stern interviewed Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice) and was offensive and sexist the whole time.

Howard Stern saying that Emma lost her virginity when she was "Swallow Spice"

Watch part of the interview here:

13.When David Letterman sucked on Jennifer Aniston's hair.

David Letterman sucking on Jennifer Aniston's hair

"She was clearly very uncomfortable but tried to stay professional. He’s so gross."



Watch the moment here at the 5:20 mark:

14.When Howard Stern asked Sarah Michelle Gellar how hairy her vagina was.

Howard Stern asking Sarah Michelle Gellar how hairy her vagina is

15.When Ellen put photos of famous men and Taylor Swift's exes on a big screen and asked her which ones she dated.

Ellen putting pictures of Taylor's exes on a huge screen

Watch the interview moment here at the 2:05 mark:

16.When Janet Jackson told David Letterman she didn't want to talk about her performance at Super Bowl XXXVIII with Justin Timberlake, but he ignored her and still asked.

Janet Jackson saying she doesn't want to talk about the Super Bowl and David Letterman asking anyway

Watch the moment here:

17.When Jessica Alba described her reservations about wearing a revealing outfit while filming Honey, and David Letterman made sexual comments about it that made her uncomfortable.

Letterman repeatedly asking Alba "How tiny was it? Where was it tiny?"

Watch the moment here at the 5:00 mark:

18.When David Letterman kept asking and pressuring Madonna to kiss a random stranger in the audience, despite her repeatedly saying no.

David Letterman telling Madonna: "Go kiss the guy in the audience, it would knock him out! Like on the forehead"

Watch the whole moment here at the 2:00 mark:

19.When Ellen repeatedly asked Taylor Swift and Zac Efron if they were dating when they went on her show to promote The Lorax.

Ellen telling Taylor Swift and Zac Efron they're a cute couple even though they weren't dating

"It was SO rude and uncomfortable for both of them."



Watch the interview moment here at the 0:45 mark:

20.When Ellen tried to publicly accuse Dakota Johnson of not inviting her to her birthday party.

Ellen accusing Dakota of not inviting her to her birthday party

Watch the full moment here:

21.When Howard Stern sexually harassed Mariah Carey during her interview, and she was visibly uncomfortable.

Howard asking mariah if she's wearing underwear, and her saying he's making a mockery of her

Suggested by: lightsup333


Watch the full moment here:

22.When Ellen forced Mariah Carey to drink alcohol to prove she wasn't pregnant.

Ellen telling Mariah to toast to her not being pregnant

"How messed up is that?!"


Entertainment Tonight / NBC

You can watch the moment here:

23.When David Letterman had Britney Spears read a Top 10 List about things that would be different if she were president of the US, which made jokes of her struggles and of her intelligence.

Britney Spears doing a segment where she reads her list of things that would be different if she was president and the number 1 on the the list is "Finally the media would pay some attention to me"

Watch the moment here:

24.And lastly, when Ellen made a joke about Drew Barrymore's childhood substance abuse issues.

Ellen making jokes about Drew Barrymore drinking as a child

Watch the full moment here at the 1:25 mark:

What are other inappropriate times when TV hosts and interviewers embarrassed their guests for fun? Let us know in the comments.