The 24 Best Zombie Games of All Time

The sounds of shuffling feet, hunger-fueled groans, and munching noises that sound unnatural all point to the presence of the living dead. Or zombies if you'd prefer to call them by their traditional classification. For the longest time, moviegoers and TV show addicts have gotten their fill of worthy content that features those horrifying brain eaters. And in the gaming world, a slew of titles deliver the most amusing encounters with zombified beings. Whether they're referred to by their best-known name, the "Infected," or any other categorization, gamers have run into them and even played as them across some of the best games ever made. We've run away from them, mowed 'em down with gunfire, and even kept them at bay with an offensive push by everyday plants! And after doing all that, we've returned to make you aware of the 24 best zombie games of all time.

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Best Zombie Games

Image credit: Capcom