The 22 Best Crossbody Bags for Men

Crossbody bags are a practical solution to a common everyday problem—losing your stuff. A perfect medium seeing as though they aren't too big or small, crossbody bags make for a safe (and stylish) way to keep track of your belongings regardless of where you are going. Whether you're headed to the club, the office, or somewhere in the middle, crossbody bags for men—or anyone—are an ideal and important closet stable. If you've never owned one of these bad boys before, you may be wondering where to start in terms of researching what bag best suits you. Don't worry, as always we've you covered.

We've put together a list of the best crossbody bags for men that takes into consideration practicality, functionality, and style from basic starter bags all the way to designer if that happens to be something you are looking for.

Scroll down to view our selections and find the best bag for you.

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The Best Crossbody Bags for Men, at a Glance:

Best Overall Crossbody Bag - Carhartt Crossbody Zip Bag, $29.99

Best Upgrade Crossbody Bag - Lululemon Mini Belt Bag, $38

Most Athletic Crossbody Bag - The North Face Base Camp Voyager Sling, $79

Best Formal Crossbody Bag - Bellroy Sling Premium Edition, $165

Best Designer Crossbody Bag - COACH Outlet Graham Pack, $175

How to pick the right crossbody bag for you:

Picking a bag is a little bit different for men as opposed to women. You should prioritize your comfort level first and foremost, and take into consideration the size of the straps and how the bag personally suits your body. In general, men tend to be taller than women with broader/wider shoulders, so you may need to read the reviews when it comes to sizing, or reference a previous crossbody bag you may have owned in the past.

Additionally, you should take into account what items you are going to be using your bag to carry, the price range you want to stay between, and lastly the design.

1. Carhartt Crossbody Zip Bag

Image credit: Carhartt

  • Pros: Affordable, nice design, and spacious

  • Cons: The strap isn't removable

  • Material(s): Polyester

Carhartt's Crossbody Zip Bag is a super affordable bag that comes with a couple of cool features such as being water repellant (important for the rain) and very spacious with a large main compartment that has two slash pockets and five elastic loops, and a front compartment with a slash pocket and key fob. There's also an adjustable strap that you can fix to suit your comfort level. Our only hang up is the bag not having a removable strap, but that's something that can be overlooked considering the price.


2. Lululemon Mini-Belt Bag

Image credit: Lululemon

Best Upgrade Crossbody Bag

  • Pros: Athletic, multiple colors, designed for being on the move

  • Cons: Doesn't have zippers inside

  • Material(s): Recycled polyester

Made from recycled polyester, Lululemon's Mini-Belt Bag is small, efficient, and designed to have storage space for all of your smaller belongings. A great bag for being on the move.


3. The North Face Base Camp Voyager Sling

Image credit: The North Face

  • Pros: Spacious, versatile, and full of support

  • Cons: Some users say the strap isn't long enough

  • Material(s): Recycled polyester

Built for commuting, the stand out features on North Face's Base Camp Voyager Sling are the padded tablet pockets, reflective detailing, and a stabilizer strap that makes the bag easy to carry around all day.


4. Bellroy Sling Premium Edition

Image credit: Bellroy

Best Formal Crossbody Bag

  • Pros: Nice design and eco-friendly

  • Cons: The compartments are on the small side

  • Material(s): Leather

If you are planning on attending any formal events in the near future (or marking a date night on your calendar), then Bellroy's Sling Crossbody Bag just might be the route to go as it's all-leather, and roomy enough to hold all of your credit cards and keys without being too big. A nice simple addition to your closet.


5. COACH Outlet Graham Pack

Image credit: COACH Outlet

Best Designer Crossbody Bag

  • Pros: Nice quality and great for traveling

  • Cons: Users say that the color is more off-black, which is something to consider if you are particular about colors

  • Material(s): Calf Leather

Speaking of formal crossbody bags, you can always count on COACH to give you valuable pieces for a reasonable price. With the graham pack you can either rock with the Gunmetal/Black color option, or the Gunmetal/Saddle which is a smooth brown. Both are sleek and eye-catching so you'll win either way.


6. Nike Sportswear Essentials Crossbody Bag

Image credit: Nike

  • Pros: Easily organizable, plenty of room, and quick access to products

  • Cons: Users say there's difficulty with adjusting the straps

  • Material(s): Recycled Polyester

It can be frustrating having to search for your belongings (even with a smaller bag). Nike takes this into consideration as their crossbody bag features an accessory pocket zipper that gives you quick access to your smaller items. There's also an adjustable strap with a buckle to boot.


7. C.P. Company Brown Crossbody Bag

Image credit: END. Clothing

  • Pros: Nice design, plenty of room

  • Cons: Straps are not removable

  • Material(s): Nylon

A simple pouch that is versatile enough color-wise to be paired with a lot in your closet, and can be taken virtually anywhere.


8. Gucci Black Sling Backpack

Image credit: Gucci

  • Pros: Water-resistant, spacious, cool design

  • Cons: Difficulty with adjusting straps

  • Material(s): Microfibre Fabric

Crafted with a speciality coated microfibre fabric, Gucci's GG sling backpack can be worn either as crossbody or a belt bag on the hips and waist. It's always nice when have a multi-purpose product.


9. Acne Studios Arvel Crossbody

Image credit: END.

  • Pros: Small in size, versatile color

  • Cons: Strap tends to run on the bigger side

  • Material(s): Polyester

The subtle nature of this bag is what captures the most attention. This is a bag that will instantly up the cool factor of your outfit at enhances and compliments.


10. KENZO Men's Sport Crossbody Bag

Image credit: Mybag

  • Pros: Multiple pockets, strap is detachable

  • Cons: The pouches are on the smaller side

  • Material(s): Polyester/Nylon

You'll have to drop a bag to get this bag, but the bag you drop will be well worth it as KENZO is brand known for effortless style, comfort, and durability.


11. Allsaints Crochet Leather Mini Crossbody

Image credit: Allsaints

  • Pros: Unique design made with all leather, versatile in styling

  • Cons: Users have said the adjustable strap is too thin

  • Material(s): Leather

Allsaints has a simple handmade Crochet leather bag that is just in time for the summer season. While all the features are cool, the AllSaints embossed signature really takes the heat up a notch in our opinion.


12. Lacoste Men's Canvas Crossbody Bag

Image credit: Lacoste

  • Pros: Great quality, durable, affordable pricing

  • Cons: Users have said the bag gets too tight if you try to store your glasses/sunglasses

  • Material(s): Coated Canvas

A mixture between athletic and luxury (which is what Lacoste is known for), the Coated Canvas bag comes equipped with a zip closure and several practical pockets for storage space.


13. Patagonia

Image credit: Patagonia

  • Pros: Good security and excellent colorways

  • Cons: The strap isn't ambidextrous

  • Material(s): Recycled Polyester

While you can wear the Patagonia Atom Sling Bag anywhere you wish, it's original design purpose was for those with plans to hit the trails as its an outdoor bag. The bag has 8 liters to work with in terms of spacing, and most reviews have the bag fitting true to size which is a good thing.


14. Jil Sander Small Lid Crossbody Bag

Image credit: Saks Fifth Avenue

  • Pros: Made with leather, nice overall look

  • Cons: Only has one main compartment

  • Material(s): Leather

Made with calf leather, the Jil Sander Small Lid Crossbody bag makes a nice accessory for your simple items such as credit cards, keys, and perhaps your wallet if it isn't too bulky. Not the biggest crossbody bag, but it gets the job done.


15. Prada Crossbody Bag

Image credit: Prada

  • Pros: Has a detachable shoulder strap that is also adjustable

  • Cons: Not as spacious as other crossbody bags

  • Material(s): Nylon

Made with the infamous Prada Nylon, which has been used as their stable material for many years now, The Prada Nylon is actually a smartphone case which is quite unique. While not as spacious as other crossbody bags, you can at the very least fit your phone, ID, and a couple of credit cards in there, which is really all you need.


16. Prada Cross Leather Bag

Image credit: Prada

  • Pros: Spacious with a nice design

  • Cons: There's only one interior pocket

  • Material(s): Leather

If, however, you are specifically looking for a Prada Crossbody that has more room, then the Cross Leather Bag should work as it is a backpack shoulder bag hybrid, and has a decent-sized interior pocket that can be zipped.


17. Away Crossbody Bag

Image credit: Away

  • Pros: Comfortable, has two compartments and two interior pockets

  • Cons: Strap might be too tight

  • Material(s): Nylon

Away makes gear specifically for traveling, which is also the case for their crossbody bags. You'll have more than enough room with this bag as it has two main compartments, two interior pockets, and a back pocket to store your phone or passport. Talk about a bag for convenience.


18. Marni Crossbody Bag

Image credit: Marni

  • Pros: Nice design and multiple pockets

  • Cons: Strap might be too loose

  • Material(s): Leather

True to their minimalist nature, Marni keeps it light with their Black & White Mini Crossbody, which has a zip pocket in the front, a patch pocket in the back, and a foldover flap with a press-stud closure.


19. H&M Belt Bag

Image credit: H&M

  • Pros: Affordable and can also be turned into a belt bag

  • Cons: Users say straps aren't detachable

  • Material(s): Woven Fabric

Oh you know—just a little bag from H&M that you can easily carry around during the warmer months.

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20. Tumi Persia Crossbody

Image credit: Tumi

  • Pros: Functional and able to store a good bit of your belongings

  • Cons: Smaller than some crossbody bags

  • Material(s): Nylon

Tumi Persia Crossbody is a bag that can be taken to the office, or worn casually depending on the occasion. There's also multiple compartments to help with organization and easy access to your belongings.


21. Lululemon Crossbody Camera Bag

Image credit: Lululemon

  • Pros: Able to store slightly larger belongings

  • Cons: According to users, the bag can flip upside down sometimes when walking

  • Material(s): Recycled Nylon

Not every crossbody bag is capable of being able to store a camera, so this is a good bag to consider if you are old school and want to carry a camera with you on your vacation.


22. BOSS Crossbody Bag

Image credit: BOSS

  • Pros: Very spacious with a nice design

  • Cons: Strap is a bit on the looser side

  • Material(s): Italian Leather

And a little BOSS to make you feel like a boss.



Are crossbody bags for men in style?

They absolutely are! In fact men's crossbody bags are actually one of the predicted men's fashion trends for this summer.

What can I store in a crossbody bag?

Depending on the amount of storage room you have, you could store your phone, keys, ID, and credit cards in your crossbody bag. If you go with a slightly larger bag such as the Hugo Boss crossbody we listed in the roundup, then you might even be able to fit a smaller wallet in there as well. It just depends on the size of the compartments and pockets.

When can I wear a crossbody bag?

You can wear a crossbody bag to the office, on a date, to the beach, the airport, and pretty much anywhere else you want to (unless the place has a bag size policy and the crossbody doesn't meet the criteria). It's completely up to you.

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