People Are Sharing The Times TV Shows Refused To Bring Back Old Characters And It Was Super Obvious, And These Always Bothered Me Too

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TV shows are always bringing in old friends and long-lost kids — and oftentimes, they quickly completely forget about them, even when it comes to their own family member's wedding or funeral. Sometimes, a character is even a part of the main cast, and yet the writers just weirdly leave them out of a major event.

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1.Like, remember Jake's half-sister Kate on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? There was a whole episode about her, and it ended with her and Jake promising to keep in touch.

Kate being escorted out of the airport by cops

And then she didn't come to Jake and Amy's wedding a few episodes later. I know their wedding got a little messed up, but still. She's not even in town for her brother's wedding?

Jake and Amy getting married

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2.A big deal was made over Mark getting to see his daughter Sofia again when he was dying on Grey’s Anatomy.

Mark getting heart compressions just as his daughter is brought in

But...what about his other daughter Sloan? Does anyone even reach out to her?


"As far as we know, no one EVER even contacts Sloan to let her know her father was dying. Like, I know she left to get a fresh start, but you’d still think someone would have at least mentioned her."



3.Speaking of Grey's...where the heck was Addison when Derek died??

Derek dying and Addison smiling

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4.One of the weirdest examples is from 30 Rock, when Jenna wasn't at Liz's wedding, even though she was literally in that episode. Just...why? Did the writers somehow forget Jenna and Liz were friends?

Liz getting married and Jenna in the same episode, not there

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5.Tony and Effy seemed super close on Skins.


But he didn't even show up when Effy attempted suicide and when she was in the hospital — despite her supporting him after his accident in an earlier season.

Effy in the hospital

6.Similarly, Maya’s dad basically disappeared on Degrassi.

Maya's dad
Teen Nick

He wasn't there when her boyfriend died, and he wasn't at the hospital after her suicide attempt.

Maya's friends at the hospital after her suicide attempt

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7.On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles was way more of a father figure to Anya and Xander than anyone in their own circles/families.

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But then he wasn't even invited to their big wedding?

Anya and Xander at their wedding

"It bugs me to this day that Giles wasn't at Xander and Anya's wedding. I know it makes his comeback later on ('I'd like to test that theory') that much more epic, but still."



8.There are sooo many in Gossip Girl. Like, why did Jack show up the episode *after* Bart's funeral? Wouldn't he have been at his own brother's funeral?

Bart's funeral with label "no sign of jack" then a picture of jack in the next episode
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9.I know we all hated Aaron Rose, but he was still Cyrus's son and Blair's stepbrother. Except...we never saw him after Season 2, and he wasn't present at either of Blair's weddings.

Aaron then a picture of Cyrus and Harold at Blair's wedding with the space next to Cyrus labeled "shouldn't Aaron be there?"

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10.Anyone else find it strange that Dan's mom was never seen again after Season 1? Like, not even for his wedding to Serena?

Rufus, Jenny, and Alison at Thanksgiving then a photo of Dan and Serena's wedding with the caption "no sign of alison at her own son's wedding"

Even Jenny made it back.

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11.There are also a ton on The Big Bang Theory. Like, remember when Sheldon establishes that his mom comes to every one of his award ceremonies?

Sheldon saying "my mother's been there for every honor I've won"

And then his mom isn't even at his NOBEL PRIZE ceremony, despite that being the highest honor he can achieve.


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12.Anyone else notice Bernadette's mom wasn't at her wedding?

Bernadette's wedding

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13.Or that Meemaw wasn't at Sheldon's wedding?

Sheldon and Meemaw

"Meemaw is Sheldon's favorite person, yet she's not at his big wedding! ... [It] REALLY bugs me every time I see the wedding episode!"



14.Benson and Stabler were partners for over a decade on Law & Order: SVU.


Yet he didn't come back to help or even check in on her after she was literally kidnapped.

Benson with tape over her mouth on a bed

"I know Christopher Meloni had left SVU, but it was always odd to me that he wasn't even mentioned during the Benson kidnap plot! No one even mentions that he called to check in on her. They were partners for 12 years, and he didn't care that she was almost murdered? No way."



15.Similarly, Derek and Spencer had worked together for years on Criminal Minds. But Derek didn't return for the series finale, even though Spencer was in the hospital.


"Derek not being in the finale of Criminal Minds bugs me so much. With Spencer in the hospital, Derek definitely would have been there. I’m sure there was some logistic issue or whatever, but it still irritates me."


Cliff Lipson / CBS / courtesy Everett Collection, CBS

16.It was SUPER bizarre that Luke couldn't think of anyone to invite to his wedding in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life...

Lorelai saying to Luke "Now, on my side, I have everybody. The town, Rory's friends, my mother, my mother's friends. On your side, all I have is Caesar"

"In the revival of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai makes a list of guests for her and Luke's wedding, and he says he doesn't have anyone to invite. Um...what about Jess or April?"



...seeing as he literally has two kids: April and Jess.

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17.It was also super weird that Christopher wasn't at Rory’s high school graduation.

Rory giving a speech at her graduation

"Christopher not being at Rory’s high school graduation made no sense. They kind of explained it away, but it still seemed wrong."


The WB, Danny Feld / Warner Bros./Everett Collection

18.Christy's kids, Violet and Roscoe, literally disappeared into thin air on Mom.


They weren't even at Bonnie's wedding!

Bonnie getting married

"It bugs me that they don't at least explain why Violet and Roscoe aren't at Bonnie's wedding. I get that they might not be able to get the actual actors, but they are still major family members, and something should have been said. Like, maybe Roscoe is out of the country with his dad and Candace. I'm trying to come up with something for Violet, but I'm blank."



19.Or their own mother's graduation!

Christy's graduation party

"I know [Christy] wasn't exactly on speaking terms with Violet, but it was still weird."



20.Lassiter's sister also disappeared on Pysch. What was the point of introducing her if she wasn't going to be in other episodes, like his wedding episode?

Lassiter's sister

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21.And finally, when Dorothy got married on Golden Girls...where were her kids, grandkids, sister, and sister-in-law? That feels like a LOT of people to not show up at your big church wedding.

Dorothy getting married

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