21 Savage Accused Of Cheating Adin Ross Out Of $250K During Card Game

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21 Savage has been accused of cheating content creator Adin Ross out of $250,000 during a game of cards that was broadcast via livestream.

In a clip that surfaced on social media, the rapper and Ross can be seen sitting at a table with playing cards scattered across the top. As 21 Savage appears to be mulling his decision of which card he’ll choose to pick up, Ross looks away from the table to check the livestream.

At that moment, the American Dream creator’s friend points to a specific card on the table, which he chooses after Ross turns his attention back to the game. The card turns out to be a queen, seemingly winning the rapper the high-stakes bet and causing him to revel in his victory.

Adin Ros At Basketball Game
Adin Ros At Basketball Game

However, upon checking the comments on the stream, Ross was informed by members of his audience that 21 Savage and his friend had cheated and that some of the cards on the table were possibly marked beforehand. Ross then proceeded to check the cards on the table, discovering that some were marked while others weren’t.

21 Savage and his acquaintance appeared surprised at the discovery, inspecting the cards themselves and comparing them with cards from another deck. Ross remained adamant that he felt that 21 Savage would not cheat him out of money and never accused him or his friend of the underhanded deed, despite his supporters arguing the contrary.

21 Savage Wearing Black Outfit
21 Savage attends the 66th GRAMMY Awards at Crypto.com Arena on February 04, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.

In the end, both 21 Savage and Adin Ross agreed to cancel the bet due to the confusion surrounding the mix-up in cards.

See 21 Savage’s appearance on Adin Ross’ stream below.

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