2024 Emmys Supporting Actress Comedy Predictions

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Emmy Predictions: Supporting Actress (Comedy) — Will Meryl Streep Win Her Fourth Statue, or Will Hannah Einbinder Finally Get Her Due for ‘Hacks?’
Emmy Predictions: Supporting Actress (Comedy) — Will Meryl Streep Win Her Fourth Statue, or Will Hannah Einbinder Finally Get Her Due for ‘Hacks?’

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2024 Emmy Predictions:
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Weekly Commentary (Updated: May 23, 2024): Meryl Streep has consistently demonstrated her status as Hollywood royalty, securing three Primetime Emmy Awards. She won the lead actress award twice in a limited series: for “Holocaust” in 1978 and “Angels in America” in 2003. She also earned the narrator prize for “Five Came Back” in 2017. In Hulu’s “Only Murders in the Building,” Streep’s portrayal of Loretta Durkin, a struggling Broadway actress, has quickly established her as a frontrunner, according to industry experts.

However, the third season of HBO/Max’s “Hacks” introduces a strong competitor in Hannah Einbinder, a two-time nominee who excels as comedy writer Ava Daniels. The series performs well, challenging the previously unquestioned frontrunner “The Bear.” Einbinder’s performance could also bolster her co-star Meg Stalter’s chances.

The race is further complicated by potential vote-splitting among talented actresses from “Abbott Elementary” — Janelle James, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Lisa Ann Walter — and “The Bear” — Liza Colón-Zayas, Abby Elliott, and Molly Gordon. These actresses are all contenders for the limited number of Emmy slots available.

Standout performances in the 49th season of “Saturday Night Live” by Chloe Fineman, Heidi Gardner, Ego Nwodim, and Sarah Sherman could also disrupt the usual predictions, showcasing the impact of their roles in various episodes.

Emmy legends like Carol Burnett and Allison Janney from “Palm Royale” pose a significant threat, each having previously won multiple Emmys.

Additionally, veteran comedian Susie Essman, known for her roles on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Broad City,” continues to be overlooked by Emmy voters despite her significant contributions. The question remains: Will this be the year she finally receives the recognition she deserves?

The eligibility deadline for all series concluding their runs is May 31. The nominations-voting-round is open from June 13 to June 24.

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And the Predicted Nominees Are


Performer and Series


Meryl Streep — “Only Murders in the Building” (Hulu)


Hannah Einbinder — “Hacks” (Max)


Sheryl Lee Ralph — “Abbott Elementary” (ABC)


Janelle James — “Abbott Elementary” (ABC)


Liza Colón-Zayas — “The Bear” (FX)


Abby Elliott — “The Bear” (FX)


Molly Gordon — “The Bear” (FX)


Lisa Ann Walter — “Abbott Elementary” (ABC)

Next in Line


Performer and Series


Meg Stalter — “Hacks” (Max)


Allison Janney — “Palm Royale” (Apple TV+)


Susie Essman — “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (Max)


Chloe Fineman — “Saturday Night Live” (NBC)


Heidi Gardner — “Saturday Night Live” (NBC)


Ego Nwodim — “Saturday Night Live” (NBC)


Judith Light — “Julia” (Max)

Also in Contention


Performer and Series


Sarah Sherman — “Saturday Night Live” (NBC)


Paula Pell — “Girls5eva” (Netflix)


Busy Philipps — “Girls5eva” (Netflix)


Carol Burnett — “Palm Royale” (Apple TV+)


Laura Dern — “Palm Royale” (Apple TV+)


Laurie Metcalf — “The Conners” (ABC)


Michaela Jae Rodriguez — “Loot” (Apple TV+)


Joely Richardson — “The Gentlemen” (Netflix)


Linda Emond — “Only Murders in the Building” (Hulu)


Bebe Neuwirth — “Julia” (Max)

Eligible Performers (Supporting Comedy Actress)

Eligible Performers (Supporting Comedy Actress)
Eligible Performers (Supporting Comedy Actress)

**The list below is not complete and have been confirmed as officially submitted. All information is subject to change. Grouped by network that airs each series.

  • Janelle James — “Abbott Elementary” (ABC)

  • Sheryl Lee Ralph — “Abbott Elementary” (ABC)

  • Lisa Ann Walter — “Abbott Elementary” (ABC)

  • Laurie Metcalf — “The Conners” (ABC)

  • Lauren Ash — “Not Dead Yet” (ABC)

  • Zoe Chao — “The Afterparty” (Apple TV+)

  • Anne Konkle — “The Afterparty” (Apple TV+)

  • Poppy Liu — “The Afterparty” (Apple TV+)

  • Djouliet Amara — “The Big Door Prize” (Apple TV+)

  • Tamsin Greig — “The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin” (Apple TV+)

  • Michaela Jae Rodriguez — “Loot” (Apple TV+)

  • Carol Burnett — “Palm Royale” (Apple TV+)

  • Laura Dern — “Palm Royale” (Apple TV+)

  • Allison Janney — “Palm Royale” (Apple TV+)

  • Yvette Nicole Brown — “Act Your Age” (Bounce TV)

  • Danielle Pinnock — “Ghosts” (CBS)

  • Rebecca Wisocky — “Ghosts” (CBS)

  • Liza Colón-Zayas — “The Bear” (FX)

  • Abby Elliott — “The Bear” (FX)

  • Molly Gordon — “The Bear” (FX)

  • Paulina Alexis — “Reservation Dogs” (FX)

  • Kristen Schaal — “What We Do in the Shadows” (FX)

  • Linda Emond — “Only Murders in the Building” (Hulu)

  • Meryl Streep — “Only Murders in the Building” (Hulu)

  • Kristin Davis — “And Just Like That” (Max)

  • Cynthia Nixon — “And Just Like That” (Max)

  • Susie Essman — “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (Max)

  • Hannah Einbinder — “Hacks” (Max)

  • Meg Stalter — “Hacks” (Max)

  • Rachel Bloom — “Julia” (Max)

  • Judith Light — “Julia” (Max)

  • Bebe Neuwirth — “Julia” (Max)

  • Chloe Fineman — “Saturday Night Live” (NBC)

  • Heidi Gardner — “Saturday Night Live” (NBC)

  • Punkie Johnson — “Saturday Night Live” (NBC)

  • Molly Kearney — “Saturday Night Live” (NBC)

  • Ego Nwodim — “Saturday Night Live” (NBC)

  • Sarah Sherman — “Saturday Night Live” (NBC)

  • Chloe Troast — “Saturday Night Live” (NBC)

  • Robyn Cara — “Bodkin” (Netflix)

  • Joely Richardson — “The Gentlemen” (Netflix)

  • Kaya Scodelario — “The Gentlemen” (Netflix)

  • Paula Pell — “Girls5eva” (Netflix)

  • Busy Philipps — “Girls5eva” (Netflix)

  • Toks Olagundoye — “Frasier” (Paramount+)

  • Jess Salgueiro — “Frasier” (Paramount+)

  • Olivia Washington — “I’m a Virgo” (Prime Video)

  • Kara Young — “I’m a Virgo” (Prime Video)

  • Mira Sorvino — “Shining Vale” (Starz)

  • Elizabeth Bowen — “Resident Alien” (Syfy)

More Information (Supporting Comedy Actress)

More Information (Supporting Comedy Actress)
More Information (Supporting Comedy Actress)

2023 category winner: Ayo Edebiri — “The Bear” (FX) — Season 1

2024 Emmy Awards Calendar and Timeline (all dates are subject to change)

  • Eligibility period: June 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024

  • Feb. 29: Submissions open

  • May 9: Deadline for programs identifying as Primetime programming to upload all entry materials.

  • June 13: Nominations-round voting begins

  • June 24: Nominations-round voting ends at 10:00 p.m. PT

  • June 28 – July 8: Voting for peer group-specific top ten rounds panels (if applicable)

  • July 17: Primetime Emmy nominations are announced.

  • July 24: Deadline for errors and omissions to the nominations.

  • August 5: Find-round videos available for viewing.

  • August 15: Final-round voting begins.

  • August 26: Final-round voting ends at 10:00 p.m. PST.

  • Sept. 7-8: Creative Arts Emmy Awards and Governors Gala

  • Sunday, Sept. 15: 76th Primetime Emmy Awards to air on ABC.

Emmy Prediction Categories

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The Primetime Emmy Awards, commonly known as the Emmys, are awarded by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS). Established in 1949, these celebrate outstanding achievements in American primetime television. The Emmys are categorized into three divisions: the Primetime Emmy Awards for performance and production excellence; the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards, recognizing achievements in artistry and craftsmanship; and the Primetime Engineering Emmy Awards, which honor significant engineering and technological advancements. The eligibility period typically extends from June 1 to May 31 each year. The Television Academy hosts the Emmys and has over 20,000 members across 30 professional peer groups, including performers, directors, producers, art directors, artisans and executives.

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