2021 Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid GT drive

The 2021 Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo (say that three times fast) is effectively a replacement for the departed Turbo model. Porsche put the 2021 Panamera lineup through a full-scale update, and the Turbo didn’t make it through the wringer. Instead, Porsche added a new Turbo S model, kept the range-topping Turbo S E-Hybrid and introduced this slightly greener alternative to the V8-powered Turbo. All of the above applies to both the standard sedan body style and the Sport Turismo (wagon), the latter of which we tested for this review. Replacing any Porsche “Turbo” model is a tall task, but the 4S E-Hybrid is starting from a promising place. It combines thrust from both a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 and an electric motor. The result is more power than the V8-equipped Turbo it supplants. A total of 552 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque is on tap, which is good for a 0–60 mph time of just 3.5 seconds and an 11.9-second quarter-mile. That 0–60 time is equivalent to the 2021 Audi RS 6 Avant. In practice, the Porsche feels quicker by virtue of its electric smack of torque right off the line. Once underway and at higher speeds, the RS 6 pins your head to the headrest just a little bit harder.