2000 Oscars Flashback! Angelina Jolie, Young Dakota Johnson, and More

It seems like 2000 was only yesterday, but looking at these pictures from the 72nd Academy Awards, it was clearly a different time. Angelina Jolie, the year’s Best Supporting Actress winner, was dressed like Elvira and brought her brother as a date. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were engaged. Drew Barrymore arrived with Tom Green, their notorious relationship having just begun. And in attendance with their parents were a very young Dakota Johnson and Lily Collins, who would go on to become movie stars in their own right. At the ceremony, ‘American Beauty’ emerged triumphant with five awards (including Best Picture), while ‘The Matrix’ cleaned up in the technical categories. Take a look back 15 years with these photos from Oscar night on March 26, 2000.