20 hidden details at Margaritaville in Times Square that even the most dedicated Parrothead might miss

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  • I spent a night at the Margaritaville Resort Times Square in December.

  • Margaritaville, named for the Jimmy Buffett song, is brimming with Buffett Easter eggs.

  • From song lyrics to a replica of his plane, here are some of the details I spotted during my stay.

Jimmy Buffett, who died in September 2023, created a billion-dollar empire dedicated to good vibes, hanging out on a Caribbean beach, drinking margaritas or a cold beer, and enjoying life.

His message particularly connected with his dedicated fans, the Parrotheads — so strongly that Buffett lent his name and songs to restaurants, stores, a Broadway musical, beer, retirement communities, hotels, and more.

One of the hotels is the Margaritaville Resort Times Square, a 32-floor resort that opened in New York City in 2021. The hotel and more than two dozen others are named after Buffett's 1977 hit song, "Margaritaville."

I stayed at the Margaritaville Resort Times Square in December, paying a media rate for my stay, and being swept up in its laid-back vibes. During my visit, I spotted numerous references to Buffett, his songs, and his love of the Caribbean.

Here are all the Easter eggs I saw.

One of the first pieces of art I saw referenced Jones Beach, a New York beach that Buffett had a connection to.

a piece of art in margaritaville
Artwork at Margaritaville Resort Times Square.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

This piece of pop art, which shows a couple walking on the beach, overtly references Margaritaville, a mythical place from Buffett's hit song.

But what you might have missed — and something I missed until my friend pointed it out — is that the lifeguard rowboat makes it clear that this painting takes place at Jones Beach, a beach and state park on Long Island, New York.

Buffett and his family had a home in the Long Island town of Sag Harbor for 30 years. Buffett also played at the Jones Beach Theater multiple times over his career.

After his death, crowds of Long Island Parrotheads congregated at the theater.

"We've been married for 31 years. We've been seeing Jimmy Buffett for 33 years," one Long Island resident told CBS at the time.

In the lobby, multiple things jumped out at me. First, the chandelier above the concierge desk was made of margarita glasses.

margarita chandelier
The chandelier made of margarita glasses.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

Buffett had a long-standing love of margaritas.

The desk itself was covered in boat schematics and the lyrics to Buffett's song "Son of a Son of a Sailor."

the desk at margaritaville
The desk.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

"Son of a Son of a Sailor" was released in 1978.

On this section of the desk, I could see its lyrics, "As the son of a son of a sailor / I went out on the sea for adventure / Expanding the view of the captain and crew / Like a man just released from indenture."

Behind the desk was a photo of a parrot —referencing the Parrotheads — with the phrase, "Can you find the 'Woman to Blame'?"

parrot photo
"Can you find the 'woman to blame'?"Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

In the song "Margaritaville," Buffett sings, "Some people claim that there's a woman to blame / But I know it's my own damn fault."

At the License to Chill bar, which takes its name from a Buffett album and song, the seats were upholstered with vintage maps of the Caribbean.

license to chill
License to Chill.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

"License to Chill" was released in 2004.

The hotel is also home to Joe Merchant's Coffee & Provisions, named after Buffett's novel "Where Is Joe Merchant?" The light fixture was emblazoned with this question.

where is joe merchant?
Where is Joe Merchant?Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

"Where Is Joe Merchant?" was released in 1992.

The Landshark Bar and Grill, which is a reference to Buffett's song "Fins," has lyrics from the song on the wall.

landshark fins lyrics
The lyrics to "Fins."Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

The full lyrics on the wall were: "Can't you feel them circlin', honey? / Can't you feel them swimmin' around?"

There was also a piece of Landshark art that looked like a bottle cap — Landshark is also Buffett's beer brand.

landshark art
Landshark art.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

The bottle cap looks like someone in a hammock hanging between a streetlight and a traffic light — it's very NYC-appropriate.

The phrase written, "I gotta go where it's warm," is a lyric from Buffett's song "Boat Drinks."

The light fixture in Landshark was a surfboard with Landshark buckets filled with beer.

the lights in landshark
The light fixture at Landshark.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

Landshark, fittingly, serves buckets of beer.

After I ate lunch, I checked into my room. The first thing I saw was a pillow with "Changes in attitude" written on it.

changes in attitudes pillow
My bed at Margaritaville.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

"Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes" was Buffett's breakthrough album released in 1977. It features the eponymous song and "Margaritaville."

In the bathroom, there was a framed cover of an issue of The New Yorker with the Statue of Liberty relaxing, using the Brooklyn Bridge as a hammock.

the bathroom
Not even the toilet was safe from Margaritaville-inspired art.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

This is a real issue of The New Yorker released on May 25, 1998.

Accessories throughout the room were covered in rope, adding to the nautical vibe.

rope accessories in margaritaville
A hook and a lamp.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

The hooks for hanging your coat and bags had rope tied over them. The lamp stand was wrapped in rope, too.

The faucet taps in the bathroom sink were whale tails.

sinks at margaritaville
Whale tails.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

Buffett was committed to preserving marine life throughout his career.

I later visited the Margaritaville restaurant, where the giant Statue of Liberty is the main attraction. Her tablet reads, "No passport required."

statue of liberty margaritaville
No passport required.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

The real Statue of Liberty's tablet reads July 4, 1776, in Roman numerals.

"No passport required" refers to the liner notes of Buffett's 2003 greatest-hits album, "Meet Me in Margaritaville."

In response to fans asking where Margaritaville is, he wrote, "It's in the tropics somewhere between the Port of Indecision and Southwest of Disorder, but no parallels of latitude or longitude mark the spot exactly," and that "passports are not required."

She also holds a giant margarita glass instead of a torch.

statue of liberty margaritaville
The margarita glass.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

The glass' LED display transforms into a light show every hour on the hour.

The table I sat at featured postcards referencing Buffett's music.

art on the table
The art on the table.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

The postcard reading "Greetings from St. Somewhere" is a nod to Buffett's 2013 album, "Songs from St. Somewhere."

The postcard above it reads, "And the rum is for all your good vices," which is a lyric from "Son of a Son of a Sailor."

The ceiling in Margaritaville is another map of the Caribbean.

caribbean map on ceiling
The ceiling.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

I could see "The Keys," as in the Florida Keys, in faint lettering.

At one of the bars, a memorial plaque honoring Kylie Featherby, the food-and-beverage director, also includes Buffett's song lyrics.

plaque at margaritaville
A plaque at Margaritaville.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

The line at the end — "These moments we're left with, may we always remember, we bid our farewell much too soon, so drink it up, this one's for you, it's been a lovely cruise" — is inspired by lyrics from Buffett's 1977 song "Lovely Cruise."

These lyrics — "I've got a Caribbean soul I can barely control" — are from the song "Migration."

caribbean soul margaritaville
More lyrics.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

"Migration" was released in 1974 on his album "A1A."

One of the bars has a large model plane on top of it, but you'll only notice it's the Hemisphere Dancer, Buffett's real plane, if you take a closer look.

hemisphere dancer margaritaville
Hemisphere Dancer.Gabbi Shaw/Business Insider

Buffett was an avid pilot and owned six planes in his lifetime. Most famous was the Hemisphere Dancer, a '50s seaplane that made frequent appearances in his memoir, "A Pirate Looks at Fifty."

The real Hemisphere Dancer is now at Orlando's Margaritaville.

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