Just 60 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Geminis

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Okay, hear me out: The astro hate for Geminis is totally unwarranted. Yes, they can be a bit sassy and maybe a tad too-faced, but they're also incredibly intelligent, curious, and talkative. And this is why it's time to stop the Gemini hate train once and for all. There's an abundance of talented athletes, musicians, and actors who were born Geminis. Marilyn Monroe, Brooke Shields, Tom Holland, shall I go on? Geminis have a lot of flaws, you don't hear any argument for me on that, but all astro signs have their quirks. That said, let's dive into what makes a Gemini so unique.

For one, Gemini is an air sign, which means they're naturally witty, intelligent, and playful. Add in the fact that they're also a mutable sign, so they're super-flexible and adaptable. Together, these two traits provide them with their social butterfly nature. Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, the planet of travel and communication, so it makes sense that many Gems are talented actors, songwriters, speakers, or writers. (I mean, just look at how quickly Kendrick Lamar was able to pen those Drake diss tracks!)

Since Geminis are represented by the twins, they're known for their duality, so they're super flexible in social situations—true chameleons at heart. Whether they're at home, out in a club, or chilling at a park, Gems can find peace no matter the environment. Yes, they have their flaws (as we all do), but look, Geminis are simply multifaceted and complex individuals. Go ahead and check out these 60 iconic celebs that'll prove my point?

Angelina Jolie: Born June 4, 1975

Angelina is the ultimate multitasker. As an actress, humanitarian, and mom, she’s constantly shifting among roles and communities, like any social butterfly Gem would.

angelina jolie on the red carpet
Samir Hussein - Getty Images

KJ Apa: Born June 17, 1997

Riverdale star KJ Apa is a Gemini, which is very appropriate for the man best known for playing football-player-turned-vigilante Archie Andrews.

beverly hills, california february 09 kj apa attends the 2020 vanity fair oscar party hosted by radhika jones at wallis annenberg center for the performing arts on february 09, 2020 in beverly hills, california photo by frazer harrisongetty images
Frazer Harrison - Getty Images

Laverne Cox: Born May 29, 1972

Laverne Cox has given love-filled shoutouts to her fellow Geminis before.

laverne cox attends the 28th annual screen actors guild awards at barker hangar on february 27, 2022 in santa monica, california photo by amy sussmanwireimage
Amy Sussman - WireImage

Troye Sivan: Born June 5, 1995

If you're familiar with Troye's TikTok, than you're aware he has that famous Gemini sense of humor.

troye sivan wears a gray striped suit over a black sweater on the red carpet
Rodin Eckenroth - Getty Images

Awkwafina: Born June 2, 1988

Awkwafina once jokingly described herself as, "A Gemini who loves a good documentary. I have a bad nut allergy but I manage to get by, macadamias oddly don’t set off the reaction. I also love jigsaw puzzles. My ideal date night would be a stroll down Little Italy at sun down, when the air is still crisp."

los angeles, california november 13 awkwafina arrives at the 11th annual hamilton behind the camera awards hosted by los angeles confidential magazine, the premiere luxury, and lifestyle publication on november 13, 2021 in los angeles, california photo by randy shropshiregetty images for los angeles confidential hamilton behind the camera awards
Randy Shropshire - Getty Images

Emily Ratajkowski: Born June 7, 1991

Emily takes a very Gemini approach to social media. She told Glamour UK, "Glam allows me to push a different persona every day and my Instagram is me taking a character and curating her life."

in this image released on september 22, emily ratajkowski attends rihannas savage x fenty show vol 3 presented by amazon prime video at the westin bonaventure hotel suites in los angeles, california
Emma McIntyre - Getty Images

Lucy Hale: Born June 14, 1989

Lucy is such a proud Gem that she got the Gemini constellation tattooed on her right arm and posted a pic on Instagram afterward with the caption, “Gemini 4 evaaa.” Need I need say more?

lucy hale on the red carpet
Jon Kopaloff - Getty Images

Aly Raisman: Born May 25, 1994

Aly is an American professional gymnast and two-time Olympian who has won six medals. She embodies the ambition and energy of a Gemini. “I was 2 years old when my mom put me in mommy-and-me classes,” she said in an interview with USA Gymnastics. “I always had a lot of energy so it was the perfect fit!”

Gregg DeGuire - Getty Images

Kanye West: Born June 8, 1977

Kanye, the man, the myth, the legend, admitted that Geminis do indeed create art in a special way. “I’d be biased to think that the community of Geminis is the most consistently in tune with what their spirit is telling them to do or why they have breath in their lungs,” he told Interview magazine. “But I do think that creative Geminis have, throughout history, been really in tune with those things.” Spoken like a proud Gem.

2020 Vanity Fair Oscar After Party
David Crotty - Getty Images

Tom Holland: Born June 1, 1996

Tom's girlfriend Zendaya once joked that even though he's Gemini, he acts like a Virgo—her own star sign. "Seeing him at work, even though he's not a Virgo, he is a perfectionist," she said.

los angeles, california december 13 tom holland attends sony pictures spider man no way home los angeles premiere on december 13, 2021 in los angeles, california photo by amy sussmangetty images
Amy Sussman - Getty Images

Natalie Portman: June 9, 1981

Geminis are super smart, and Natalie is def intelligent…like, I’m talking Harvard University grad smart. A classic Gemmy.

natalie portman on the red carpet
Amy Sussman - Getty Images

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Born June 13, 1986

Okay, Mary-Kate and Ashley obvi embody the sign quite literally because well, they are twins. These two will forever be our Michelle Tanner, but they’re also major fashion icons. See, there’s that duality again!

Youth America Grand Prix's 20th Anniversary Gala
Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

Colin Farrell: Born May 31, 1976

From box office king to critical indie film darling, Colin Farrell's career journey is the perfect example of Gemini duality.

colin farrell attends the batman world premiere on march 01, 2022 in new york city photo by arturo holmesfilmmagic
Arturo Holmes - Getty Images

Chris Evans: Born June 13, 1981

Chris once told the New York Times, "I like to create things. I’m a Gemini. I’m always looking for something new. "

chris evans attends the premiere of lionsgates knives out at regency village theatre on november 14, 2019 in westwood, california photo by jon kopaloffgetty images,
Jon Kopaloff - Getty Images

Fetty Wap: Born June 7, 1991

Fetty Wap showed Gemini's mutability when he said, "I don’t ever try to make a song better than my last song. I just try to make it different from my last one."

rapper fetty wap attends the 2019 mtv video music awards red carpet at prudential center on august 26, 2019 in newark, new jersey
Aaron J. Thornton - Getty Images

Stevie Nicks: Born May 26, 1948

Geminis have a way with words, so it makes sense that Stevie is a Gemmy. The American singer/songwriter is known for her poetic and symbolic lyrics and, of course, her iconic voice.

stevie nicks on the red carpet
Dia Dipasupil - Getty Images

Mel B: Born May 29, 1975

Mel addressed the Gemini haters when she said, "Often we're considered to be very fickle. But when I like you, and you're in my camp, I'm fiercely loyal."

london, england march 14 mel b attends stylist remarkable women awards 2022 in partnership with bareminerals at the londoner hotel on march 14, 2022 in london, england photo by david m benettdave benettgetty images for stylist magazine
David M. Benett - Getty Images

Naomi Campbell: Born May 22, 1970

This Gemini is multitalented—along with being a supermodel, she is an actress and TV host and has even dabbled in singing.

Amazon Studios 2020 Winter TCA Press Tour
Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

Venus Williams: Born June 17, 1980

Venus is one of the best tennis players in the world. And she has her own clothing line. Oh, and she frequently advocates for women’s equality. There’s that Gemini versatility once again!

venus williams on the red carpet
Mike Pont - WireImage

Idina Menzel: Born May 30, 1970

Idina is much more than the voice of Queen Elsa in Disney’s Frozen. Like any true Gemini, she is a woman of many talents, appearing on Broadway and in several TV series.

92nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Amy Sussman - Getty Images

Lauryn Hill: Born May 26, 1975

In her song “Final Hour,” Lauryn summed up the twins with the line, “Two people both equal like I’m Gemini.”

2018 Greenwich Film Festival
Astrid Stawiarz - Getty Images

Kendrick Lamar: Born June 17, 1987

“Very emotional, I’m a Gemini. I love hard and I fight harder, a born author,” says Kendrick in his song “The Heart Pt. 1.” He can’t help but to recognize his own duality of being both a lover and a fighter. Very Gemini indeed….

2017 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
Steve Granitz - WireImage

Zoe Saldana: Born June 19, 1978

Zoe is proud of her zodiac sign, saying, "I’m a Gemini. I’m complicated. I’m curious. I’m angry when I’m PMSing and those things are universal."

zoe saldana attends the red carpet of the movie the hand of god during the 78th venice international film festival on september 02, 2021 in venice, italy
Alessandra Benedetti - Corbis - Getty Images

Heidi Klum: Born June 1, 1973

Bet you didn’t know that this supermodel is a Gemini Sun AND Moon! Like most Gemmys, she is a jack of all trades. She’s a model, TV personality, businesswoman, fashion designer, actress, singer, and producer. C’mon, share some talent with the rest of us, Heidi!

28th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party Sponsored By IMDb, Neuro Drinks And Walmart - Red Carpet
Jamie McCarthy - Getty Images

Michael Cera: Born June 7, 1988

Trust a Gemini to have a secret baby! Michael didn't reveal that he'd become a father until Amy Schumer offhandedly mentioned his son in an interview six months later.

michael cera, 2018 tony award nominee, in new york city
SOPA Images - Getty Images

Princess Nokia: Born June 14, 1992

Of course, Princess Nokia has a song called "Gemini."

princess nokia attends performance space new yorks spring gala on may 04, 2019 in new york city
John Lamparski - Getty Images

Brooke Shields: Born May 31, 1965

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: It’s not a Gemini trait to have AMAZING eyebrows. But trust me, looking good all the time is actually quite common for Gemmys. Their youthful spirit keeps them from aging, both physically and mentally, and Brooke is no exception.

2019 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards - Arrivals And Cocktail
Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

Octavia Spencer: Born May 25, 1970

On her 50th birthday in 2020, Octavia Spencer revealed her real age and gave a shout-out to her star sign. "Celebrating my birthday. The big, 5-0. I’ve been saying I’m 48, but the internet will always win. People putting dates and numbers, ‘I thought we went to school together. I’m 50, how are you 48?’ Cause I wanna be,” she laughed, adding, "Happy birthday Gemini. You gotta look for the light."

octavia spencer wears a leopard print jacket and black top on the red carpet
Kevin Winter - Getty Images

Amy Schumer: Born June 1, 1981

Sarcasm and one-liners run deep in the blood of all Gems, and Amy's no exception.

The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project Fundraising Event At The Africa Center In New York City
Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

Patti LaBelle: Born May 24, 1944

Patti is such a Gemini that she even has an alter ego, Priscilla. In a 2020 interview, she said, “I am a Gemini, I have so many personalities. I never know when she's going to show up and show out, and a lot of times, she shows out—and then, the next day, I feel bad for the person who had to deal with Priscilla, because she's a witch with a capital B, and I can't help it.”

watch what happens live with andy cohen episode 16172 pictured patti labelle photo by charles sykesbravonbcu photo bank via getty images
Bravo - Getty Images

Helena Bonham Carter: Born May 26, 1966

Helena has a very Gemini approach to red carpet fashion, telling the Daily Mirror, "I’ll have about 20 different ideas, pick one and then change my mind at the last moment. I’m a Gemini, what did you expect?"

helena bonham carter arrives at the 26th annual screen actors guild awards at the shrine auditorium on january 19, 2020 in los angeles, california photo by steve granitzwireimage
Steve Granitz - WireImage

Iggy Azalea: Born June 7, 1990

Iggy once succinctly described the Gemini experience. "I’m a Gemini, so I have two completely different moods & honestly…neither of them should be taken seriously."

Celebrities Visit Build - July 25, 2019
Gary Gershoff - Getty Images

Paul McCartney: Born June 18, 1942

Paul is the ultimate sweet talker and virtually possesses all the main qualities of a Gem—sociable, curious, adaptable, and funny.

'My Generation' Special Screening - VIP Arrivals
Dave J Hogan - Getty Images

Bill Hader: Born June 7, 1978

Only a Gemini could star in Barry, HBO's TV series about a hitman with a double life.

bill hader attends the fifth annual instyle awards at the getty center on october 21, 2019 in los angeles, california
Randy Shropshire - Getty Images

Ian McKellan: Born May 25, 1939

That's right, Gandalf himself is a Gemini.

ian mckellen poses with the olivier special award during the olivier awards 2020 with mastercard at the london palladium on october 20, 2020 in london, england
Society of London Theatre - Getty Images

Alanis Morrissette: Born June 1, 1974

Iconic lyricist Alanis Morissette proves that Geminis really do have a way with words.

alanis morissette wears a black top on the red carpet
Bravo - Getty Images

Kate Upton: Born June 10, 1992

The iconic model's Sun and Venus are both in Gemini.

kate upton attends canada goose and vogue host cocktails and conversation about impact climate change has on the future of polar bears event at smogshoppe on february 12, 2020 in los angeles, california
JB Lacroix - Getty Images

Macklemore: Born June 19, 1983

Macklemore fully has an album called GEMINI. We really do love to see it!

musicares concert for recovery presented by amazon music, honoring macklemore arrivals
Allen Berezovsky - Getty Images

Blake Shelton: Born June 18, 1976

Our country king is a Gemini. Makes sense considering he is married to fellow air sign and our fav Libra, Gwen Stefani.

2015 stagecoach california's country music festival day 3
Kevin Winter - Getty Images

Anderson Cooper: Born June 3, 1967

Remember most Gems are hella successful at what they do, and the CNN host has got some serious cash $$$.

15th annual cnn heroes all star tribute
Dominik Bindl - Getty Images

Liam Neeson: Born June 7, 1952

Considering this Taken actor has been nominated for the Tony Awards, Oscars, Golden Globes, and more, I'd say he's def multi-faceted Gemini material.

olivier megaton liam neeson photocall 38th deauville american film festival
Francois Durand - Getty Images

Peter Dinklage: Born June 11, 1969

Geminis have Tyrion Lannister on their team. Need I say more?

71st emmy awards arrivals
Matt Winkelmeyer - Getty Images

Kat Dennings: Born June 13, 1986

Kat is a comedy genius, see: 2 Broke Girls, WandaVision, and Dollface. Which explains her Gemini nature.

the paley center for media's 2019 paleyfest fall tv previews hulu arrivals
Jean Baptiste Lacroix - Getty Images

Marilyn Monroe: Born June 1, 1926

Marilyn was the *literal* definition of a Gemini. Funny, adaptable, playful, and intelligent! A forever icon!

marilyn monroe
Bettmann - Getty Images

William, Prince of Wales: Born June 21, 1982

The next-in-line for the the British throne is repping for the Geminis within the royal set across the pond.

the duke of cambridge visits birmingham
Richard Stonehouse - Getty Images

Richard Madden: Born June 18, 1986

Is ridiculous attractiveness also one of Gemini's famous traits? Maybe we should look into that.

richard madden on the red carpet
Tim P. Whitby - Getty Images

Nicole Kidman: Born June 20, 1967

Baby, it's Nicole Kidman. You've seen her resume and net worth. Fellow Geminis should be proud.

24th annual screen actors guild awards red carpet
Christopher Polk - Getty Images

Donald Trump: Born June 14, 1976

We're just gonna pretend we didn't see this 😅.

former president trump and fellow conservatives address annual cpac meeting
Brandon Bell - Getty Images

Steve Lacy: Born May 23, 1998

In his Grammy award-nominated song "Bad Habit"Steve playfully proclaimed "You can't surprise a Gemini," and thus provided Gems everywhere with their official battlecry.

62nd annual grammy awards arrivals
Amy Sussman - Getty Images

Lily-Rose Depp: Born May 27, 1999

The Idol star once said that her Gemini-ness makes her "very spontaneous"and we love that for her.

the 2021 met gala celebrating in america a lexicon of fashion arrivals
Taylor Hill - Getty Images

Scott Disick: Born May 26, 1983

In a now iconic clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott's ex Kourtney tried to explain to Kris Jenner that there's a reason why he's got two starkly different two sides to him: "Well, he's a Gemini."

scott disick guest appearance at jewel nightclub
Mindy Small - Getty Images

Azealia Banks: Born May 31, 1991

This rapper once hopped online (as she's known to do quite often) to proudly defend her star sign. "Gemini are not shady. We just like results. U just be surprised that we can smell bullshit and have enough love of life and self to know who is a waste of time, no matter how sweet and nice they are."

nasty gal melrose store launch
John Sciulli - Getty Images

Emma Chamberlain: May 22, 2001

Astrologer Susan Miller gave this social media star the lowdown on her birth chart during a chat for Interview Magazine. "You are a Gemini, and you have five planets in Gemini. You were born to write and speak and communicate."

the 2023 met gala
Kevin Mazur/MG23 - Getty Images

Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Born June 13, 1990

In Bullet Train, arguably one of his best roles to date, this English actor does play a twin, so you could say he's doing his sign proud.

Pablo Cuadra - Getty Images

North West: Born June 15, 2013

As someone born to two of the biggest celebrities on the planet, North was destined to have at least a bit of star quality and spunk to her, but surely her Gemini status also helps.

jean paul gaultier outside arrivals paris fashion week haute couture fall winter 2022 2023
Pierre Suu - Getty Images

Normani: Born May 31, 1996

Do you think it's a coincidence that she's releasing her debut album during Gemini season? Because we don't.

2024 sundance film festival
Dia Dipasupil - Getty Images

Adriana Lima: Born June 12, 1981

I mean with Adriana, Kate Upton EmRata, and Heidi Klum in the mix, one could come to the conclusion that being a Gemini means you should become a supermodel.

victoria's secret celebrates the tour '23
Taylor Hill - Getty Images

Riley Keough

The Daisy Jones & The Six star once credited her star sign for why she's got an ever-changing sense of fashion. "I think I'm very malleable, and it's super Gemini."

75th annual cannes film festival
Pascal Le Segretain - Getty Images

Sasha Obama: Born June 10, 2001

The youngest first daughter doesn't speak much publicly, but according to her dad, she's still got that fierce Gemini energy. He once joked that he's a bit "scared" of her.

president obama pardons national thanksgiving turkey
Chip Somodevilla - Getty Images

Andy Cohen: Born June 2, 1968

He's the ultimate entertainer, and Andy's chatty and mercurial nature is definitely handy for managing those Real Housewives reunions.

15th annual elton john aids foundation an enduring vision benefit arrivals
Theo Wargo - Getty Images

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