20 Artists Missing From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Rock and roll is the "People's Music," so in honor of this week's 2017 inductees announcement, I thought it would be nice to ask a handful of "people" which acts they believe should be elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Besides, my doctor and I enjoy talking about these matters. He says it helps with my treatment.

I asked a variety of people, but mostly rock writers wrote back. (As if making a list requires anyone to write!) I didn't solicit comments, since I didn't want this blog to read like the "Deluxe and Expanded Re-Mastered Version of War and Peace." For my own list, I grabbed some names that didn't make the others. I wrote up the 20 entries that caught my eye. But don't take that to mean that the other suggestions are any less deserving.

Participating in this poll does not imply that you care about what happens with the Hall of Fame. This is for amusement purposes only. Thanks to all who participated. Obviously, I think quite a bit of your opinion.

Readers, don't forget to write in your own faves.