Here Are 19 New And Returning TV Shows You Absolutely Need To Be Watching This Month

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1.The Umbrella Academy, Season 3

After saving the world (again) and stopping the 1963 apocalypse, our favorite super siblings are back. Season 2 left off with that wiiiild cliffhanger introducing the new timeline with Ben leading the Sparrow Academy, and everything as we knew it is totally out the window. Naturally, there will be some MAJOR tension between the Umbrellas and the Sparrows, but it'll be up to them to come together and fight against an unidentified destructive entity that could possibly destroy the universe. Stay tuned for some great music moments as well. This season will be worth the wait, trust me. Justin Cornwell, Britne Oldford, Jake Epstein, Genesis Rodriguez, Cazzie David, and Javon Walton are also joining the cast for Season 3.  When it returns: June 22 on Netflix

2.Only Murders in the Building, Season 2

In Season 1, we left off with Charles, Oliver, and Mabel getting arrested for yet another murder in the building, and this time they're proving their innocence once and for all. And what better way to do it than a podcast? The three will band together once again and solve another murder, hopefully saving their butts in the process. Amy Schumer, Cara Delevingne, Michael Rapaport, and Shirley MacLaine will also join in on the fun this season.When it returns: June 28 on Hulu

3.Peaky Blinders, Season 6

A woman saying "Take a good look Tom, because one of us isn't gonna be here for long"

4.Ms. Marvel

Kamala wearing a tiara and a superhero suit while confetti falls around her, and then she discovers her hand is glowing

5.Love, Victor, Season 3

The third and final season of Love, Victor is upon us, and I'm SO not ready to say goodbye. We're picking up with Victor trying to mend his broken relationship while Benji is trying to work out problems of his own. Things are also a little bit awkward between Lake and Felix after their breakup and now that they're both dating new people. Plus, Mia is struggling after connecting with her mom again. Oh, and there's also a NEW guy named Nick that Victor seems to hit it off with. This season packs in so much action, but it's 100% worth the watch. It'll be hard to finally say goodbye to these characters. I'll miss them the most. When it returns: June 15 on Hulu

6.The Boys, Season 3

The supes are back, and wowowowowow things are getting SO messy. We pick up about a year after Season 2's events, Stormfront is nowhere to be found, while Ryan is under protection and far away from Vought. Meanwhile, Homelander is busy mending his own reputation as a

7.The Summer I Turned Pretty

Jenny Han's other beloved YA trilogy is finally hitting the small screen, and I couldn't be happier. The series follows Belly Conklin, whose favorite time of the year is the summer because it means spending time with Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher at her favorite place in the world. As the summer goes on, we'll watch as Belly's relationships with Conrad and Jeremiah ebb and flow, as they turn into the most memorable rewarding connections she'll ever have. The Summer I Turned Pretty will make you laugh, cry, and yearn for that feeling of falling in love for the first time.Starring: Lola Tung, Christopher Briney, Gavin Casalegno, Rachel Blanchard, Jackie Chung, Sean Kaufman, Minnie Mills, and moreWhen it premieres: June 17 on Prime Video

8.First Kill

Based on V.E. Schwab's short story, First Kill follows Juliette, a teenage vampire who needs to make her first kill so she can take her rightful place among her powerful vampire family. She sets her sights on a girl named Calliope, but things get a little bit messy when Juliette learns that Calliope comes from a long line of vicious vampire slayers. Both Calliope and Juliette struggle to stay loyal to their families as they fall for each other.Starring: Sarah Catherine Hook, Imani Lewis, Elizabeth Mitchell, Aubin Wise, Jason Robert Moore, Gracie Dzienny, Will Swenson, and moreWhen it premieres: June 10 on Netflix

9.Rutherford Falls, Season 2

Rutherford Falls follows best friends Nathan Rutherford and Reagan Wells, whose friendship is put to the test when their small town hits a sudden crisis — whether to relocate the city founder's memorial statue. Reagan finds herself at a loss when she struggles to maintain loyalty to her best friend and his ancestry, as well as her own Minishonka Nation. Season 2 will pick up with Reagan adjusting to her new job after relocating the cultural center, and Nathan is in for a rude awakening in the aftermath of his not-so-great representation on Josh's podcast. If you haven't watched Season 1 yet, I hiiiighly recommend it. It's such an underrated gem. When it returns: June 16 on Peacock

10.Evil, Season 3

Evil returns with Season 3 this summer, and the new season will pick up just moments after David and Kristen's long-awaited kiss. But nothing is easy. As they struggle to define their relationship, espcially after David has been ordained, an even bigger threat comes forward and causes even more issues among them. Season 3 is jam-packed with so much excitement, including David's involvement in an espionage unit within the Catholic church and a mountain of unsolved cases for Ben that require his sister's help.When it returns: June 12 on Paramount+

11.For All Mankind, Season 3

After conquering moon exploration, the journey continues to Mars...but not without difficulties, of course. As the US and the Soviet Union race to make it to the red planet, tensions grow higher as a new competitor joins. Now, our team Helios must do whatever it takes to get to Mars first, even if it means causing a rift in some of the most important relationships they've built throughout the years. When it returns: June 10 on Apple TV+

12.P-Valley, Season 2

It's time to head back to the Valley! This season, The Pynk is slowly recovering from its COVID era and hiring new dancers, including Roulette and Whisper. As Uncle Clifford and Autumn battle for the throne and struggle to keep order at the club, the new additions cause a bit of a fuss among the rest of the girls. Meanwhile, everyone will be on their toes and I can guarantee there will not be a dull moment this season. Plus, Gail Bean and Psalms Salazar will also join the cast as Roulette and Whisper.When it returns: June 3 on Starz

13.The Bear

The Bear follows a young chef, Carmy, who returns home to Chicago to run his family sandwich shop — The Original Beef of Chicagoland — after a tragic death in his family. Carmy, who’s used to the fine dining atmosphere, now must balance the soul-crushing realities of owning a small business, his strong-willed kitchen staff, and the strained relationships with his family, all while dealing with grief after his brother’s suicide. As Carmy fights to transform both The Original Beef of Chicagoland and himself, he works alongside a rough-around-the-edges kitchen crew that ultimately reveals themselves as his found family.Starring: Jeremy Allen White, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Ayo Edebiri, Abby Elliott, Lionel Boyce, Liza Colón-Zayas, Edwin Lee Gibson, Matty Matheson, and moreWhen it premieres: June 23 on Hulu

14.Westworld, Season 4

After an almost two-year break, Westworld's highly anticipated fourth season is upon us, and things have taken quite a turn. Because of THAT wild cliffhanger we left off with last time, the show's creators have been hush-hush about exactly what's been going on, but HBO did say the season is a

15.Physical, Season 2

Now that Sheila successfully launched her first workout tape, she's ready to kick ass and take names...only it hasn't been that easy. She's found herself a dedicated fandom but now that competition is sprouting up everywhere she's busy trying to make her fitness empire the best it can be. This season, Sheila also finds herself torn between staying loyal to her husband and managing her feelings for her new flame. White Lotus alum Murray Bartlett joins the cast in Season 2 as a new fitness instructor and weight-loss expert. When it returns: June 3 on Apple TV+

16.God's Favorite Idiot

Clark is just a regular guy — he loves his cats, he's a mid-level tech support employee, and he's got a major crush on his coworker, Amily. But his whole life changes when he gets a rare visit from God and suddenly becomes his unwitting messenger. Now Clark and Amily are tasked with saving mankind and defeating Satan in this great comedy that's perfect for the whole family. Plus, God's Favorite Idiot features a long-awaited Gilmore Girls reunion (!!!!!) between Melissa McCarthy and Yancic Truesdale — aka Sookie and Michel. Starring: Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Bibb, Kevin Dunn, Yanic Truesdale, Usman Ally, and moreWhen it premieres: June 15 on Netflix

17.Roswell, New Mexico, Season 4

Roswell, New Mexico's fourth and final season is set to hit The CW this month, and it's bound to be a really hard goodbye for all of us. After dealing with Mr. Jones all of last season, Liz and Max are finally able to enjoy each other and just be happy for once. But because this is a show about aliens, this is just the calm before the storm. A new threat will emerge when an alien is brought to an American scientist, played by OG Roswell star Shiri Appleby. Now, with this mysterious new alien set to interfere with Liz, Max, Michael, and Isobel, they soon realize that Mr. Jones might've been the least of their problems.When it returns: June 6 on The CW


Newly divorced Molly Novak just earned herself an $87 billion settlement from her husband of 20 years, and now, she's gotta figure out how to spend it. After deciding to reengage with her charity and the world she's strayed from, she takes on a new journey of self-discovery, all while trying not to spiral out of control. Starring: Maya Rudolph, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Joel Kim Booster, Nat Faxon, Ron Funches, and moreWhen it premieres: June 24 on Apple TV+

19.Queer as Folk

Russell T. Davies' iconic series, Queer As Folk, takes on a modernized lens with this new diverse group of LGBTQ+ friends living in New Orleans. Brodie is a little shaken after he returns home to New Orleans and realizes all his friends have moved on with their lives. But after a horrific nightclub tragedy where Brodie saves Mingus's life, they form an unbreakable bond. Now, while navigating their already very hectic lives, each character must learn how to deal with the tragic loss in their community and find their new normal.  Starring: Devin Way, Fin Argus, Jesse James Keitel, CG, Johnny Sibilly, Ryan O'Connell, Kim Cattrall, Juliette Lewis, and moreWhen it premieres: June 9 on Peacock