19 Fresh Recipes for Your Farmers' Market Haul

While the pandemic had us all embracing our inner back-to-basics divas (can we say "sourdough"?) and planting Victory Gardens in 2020, this summer is bound to look a little different. Whether you discovered last year that you actually have a brown thumb, or that growing your own entire produce section just isn't for you, you can still support local growers at your community farmers' market, many of which will be opening back up this summer. Produce from farmer's markets is packed with vitamins and nutrients, and you'll get all the warm and fuzzies knowing that you're involved in the local farming community. From Easy Peach Cobbler and Perfectly Easy Blackberry Pie to Charred Okra with Tomatoes and Smoky Grilled Corn, these simple and approachable recipes make it easier than ever to make the most of your farmers' market bounty.