Kevin Hart Admitted To Domestic Violence In His Memoir, And 18 Other Celebrities People Think Are Actually Kind Of Awful

Kevin Hart Admitted To Domestic Violence In His Memoir, And 18 Other Celebrities People Think Are Actually Kind Of Awful
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Recently, Reddit user brody0628 asked, "What is a celebrity everyone loves but you think is insufferable? And why?" and people had some stronggggg opinions. There were a ton of replies — we all have a celeb we inexplicably can't stand — but I'm going to focus on the ones I think have merit. Here are 19 celebs who people think are low-key awful.

1."Nicki Minaj, and thankfully everyone’s finally starting to get it. All this information came out back in, like, 2021, and it somehow got swept under the rug. I never got good feelings from her."

Nicki Minaj onstage

2."Ariana Grande. Not everyone loves her, but she's really popular. I, too, used to be a fan of hers, but then too many stories about her real personality came out — then there was the donut video, then it was the constant race-fishing, and being a [person who allegedly breaks up a marriage]."

Closeup of Ariana Grande


Oprah interviewing the Olsen twins

4."Drake is creepy, the way he befriends young teen girls! That’s a weird thing for a grown ass man to do."

Drake onstage

5."I can't stand Kevin Hart. He's not funny, and his stand-up shows are forced laughter in a nutshell."

Closeup of Kevin Hart

6."Tom Cruise. Scientology."

Closeup of Tom Cruise

7."Always been Justin Timberlake, and finally that tide has turned. I feel so seen after all these years. HE'S ALWAYS BEEN THE WORST."

Closeup of Justin Timberlake

8."Gwyneth Paltrow. She can Goop right outta here."

Closeup of Gwyneth Paltrow

9."Bill Maher. He's got arrogant prick written all over him."

Closeup of Bill Maher

10."MrBeast. Something about him rubs me the wrong way, and his fanbase who goes after anyone with the slightest criticism doesn't help any."

Closeup of MrBeast

11."Julia Roberts."

Closeup of Julia Roberts

12."Jerry Seinfeld. So many people seem to love him, and his show was wildly successful, but I can’t stand him at all."

Closeup of Jerry Seinfeld

13."Fred Armisen. Of that SNL era I like pretty much everyone else; he just deeply skeeves me out for some reason."

Closeup of Fred Armisen

14."Bill Murray. I don’t hate him, but for some reason the internet thinks he is God’s gift to comedy. He’s alright, but he’s nowhere close to the idol that the internet makes him out to be."

Bill Murray and Geena Davis on the "Arsenio Hall Show"

15."I know I'll get hate for this but Jim Carrey. I find the guy totally obnoxious! He seems like he's got one schtick and that's all he knows."

Closeup of Jim Carrey

16."Leonardo DiCaprio. He seems like such a creep."

Closeup of Leonardo DiCaprio

17."Paul Walker. He...[reportedly] dated a 16-year-old in his 30s."

Closeup of Paul Walker
Robert Mora / Getty Images

18."Johnny Depp. I think he's overhyped. Used to be a fan, but the last decade he lost his shine for me."

Closeup of Johnny Depp

19.And finally, "Drew Barrymore."

Closeup of Drew Barrymore

What "beloved" celebrity do you think is actually a bad person? Let us know in the comments.

Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.