18-Wheeler Crashes, Dousing Interstate in Tennessee With Alfredo Sauce

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A semi-truck’s crash on a Tennessee interstate resulted in Alfredo sauce being spilled across the highway.

As reported by regional Memphis outlet WREG, the sauce-spilling situation occurred Tuesday afternoon and resulted in the partial closure of Interstate 55 near McLemore Avenue. As seen in widely shared footage, the spilled sauce itself is clearly visible at the scene.

While initial reports on the crash did not include any clarification from responding authorities as to what, exactly, was being transported by the 18-wheeler, WREG later said its team had confirmed the cargo was indeed Alfredo sauce. More specifically, the truck has been determined to have been carrying jars of Five Brothers-branded sauce at the time of the incident.

A separate report from fellow regional outlet FOX 13, meanwhile, provides additional details. Namely, local police confirmed to the outlet that one woman had been transported from the scene of the Alfredo crash to a nearby hospital, although she was further confirmed to be in “non-critical condition.”

As for the status of the ensuing cleaning process on the typically busy highway, the outlet notes that such efforts extended into the nighttime hours. At one point, all northbound travel was halted and southbound travelers were restricted to a single lane.

Connoisseurs of non-fatal, food-focused traffic incidents will point out this isn’t even the first such incident this week. As reported Monday, a stretch of interstate in Northern California was brought to a temporary halt due to the crash-caused spilling of hundreds of thousands of tomatoes.

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