18 Screenshots That Show How Weddings Really Bring Out The Worst In People

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1. This person who made these overly rude and hostile wedding invitations:

2. This person who charged people per slice of cake eaten at their wedding:

3. This person who is trying to decide what color their bridesmaid's hair is:

4. This person named Maddie who took wedding photos for their friends, then disappeared on 'em:

And for anyone wondering, Maddie is alive and well, and according to the poster, she's active on social media/crushing it in life:

a comment revealing that maddie is alive and posting
oh_devil / Via reddit.com

5. This wedding guest who made a BOLD request:

6. This goofy family that is going to miss a wedding over masks:

7. This person who booked a photographer for their wedding, fired them, replaced 'em with a cheaper option, then blamed them when they wound up with crappy pictures:

8. This person who sent save the date notices that mention wanting to produce less waste, but are printed on paper and filled with messy sparkly scraps:

9. These people who featured serial killers on their Halloween-themed wedding instead of using like fictional monsters or any other option that wasn't glorifying IRL murderers:

10. This person who is really insistent that they get an invite to the wedding of someone they haven't actually met:

11. This person demanding $250 wedding gifts, MINIMUM:

12. This truly appalling individual who essentially tried to uninvite someone to their wedding for a deeply disgusting reason:

13. These people who are asking for reimbursements from someone who had to postpone their own wedding due to serious illness:

14. This groom whose big request for his wedding is the opportunity to...shoot something:

15. This person who wants their nicely-dressed wedding guests to sit on the ground:

16. This person who wants to "demote" someone from their wedding for not cutting their hair:

17. These people who cited the source of their origin, though they probably shouldn't have:

18. And finally, this person who is selling their wedding gifts on social media, right where the friends who gave the gifts can see: