The 18 Best Sega CD Games of All Time

The fact that Sega no longer makes home consoles will forever break our hearts. We know you all old-head gamers reading this right now have spent countless hours playing the most celebrated games that launched on the Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, and Sega Dreamcast. "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SEGA CD?" Trust us when we tell you - that CD-ROM-based console definitely has a strong array of incredible games that get tons of accolades from gaming's biggest hobbyists. Sega's fourth generation is best known for its focus on CD software and graphical enhancements (more specifically, sprite scaling and rotation) that went a long way toward making 2D games look even better than before. Let's celebrate the short yet noteworthy lifecycle of the console by recounting the very best Sega CD games of all time.

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Best Sega CD Games

Image credit: Sega