The 18 areas where COVID cases are still rising – as interactive map shows infections in your area

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This interactive map shows how many coronavirus cases per 100,000 people there have been in your area in the most recent seven-day period for which data is available.

The latest government figures, for the seven days up to 24 January, show Knowsley on Merseyside has the highest infection rate in the UK, at 776.2 per 100,000 – down from 824.6 on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the data shows infections are increasing in just 18 local council areas across the UK (see the list below the interactive map).

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Made with Flourish

These are the 18 areas where COVID infection rates rose compared to the previous week:

  • Bassetlaw 67%

  • Derbyshire Dales 39.6%

  • Boston 27.1%

  • Fylde 18.7%

  • Angus 14.2%

  • Wakefield 11.3%

  • Isle of Anglesey 10.8%

  • Midlothian 9.3%

  • Bradford 8.2%

  • Barnsley 6.9%

  • Rushcliffe 5.9%

  • South Derbyshire 5.8%

  • North Tyneside 4.7%

  • Calderdale 4.4%

  • East Northamptonshire 4.3%

  • North East Derbyshire 2.7%

  • Sheffield 0.8%

  • South Holland 0.7%

It comes as a vaccine from Johnson & Johnson which could be delivered to the UK in the second half of this year is 66% effective against COVID-19, trial results show.

The single-shot vaccine, which has been developed by Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical arm Janssen, is 66% effective overall at preventing moderate to severe COVID 28 days after vaccination.

The firm said the jab was 85% effective in preventing severe disease “and demonstrated complete protection against COVID-related hospitalisation and death as of day 28”.

This means that one month after vaccination, no one who received the vaccine was admitted to hospital or died, regardless of which strain of coronavirus they were exposed to.

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Overall, the jab worked across multiple variants of coronavirus, including the South African variant which has been worrying scientists.

The new vaccine was tested in a clinical trial involving 43,783 people, during which time 468 COVID cases were recorded.

The level of protection against moderate to severe COVID infection was found to be 72% in the United States arm of the trial, 66% in the Latin American arm and 57% in the South African arm, where a mutant strain of the virus has been dominating.

The overall efficacy from these trials combined was 66%.

The UK has ordered 30 million doses of the vaccine, with the option of 22 million more, with deliveries expected in the second half of this year if the jab is approved.

Johnson & Johnson plans to file for regulatory approval in the US next week, followed shortly by applying for approval in Europe and the UK.

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