"Vanderpump Rules" Season 10 Continues To Be The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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As Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules marches on, each episode builds in anticipation leading up to the reunion when all of the cast members will address the Scandoval cheating drama.

Raquel, Sandoval, and Ariana sitting next to each other
Bravo / Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Until then, let's continue breaking down Season 10 Episode 8, and overanalyze the group's antics in light of...everything we know now!

1.Scheana and Brock discuss the seating arrangements for their upcoming wedding in Mexico and comment on how "Raquel’s got a little roster stacking up" because of the men she's being linked to at Scheana's wedding.

Scheana looking at her computer

"So Raquel's waking down the aisle with Joey, Peter's sitting right next to James," Brock says. "Raquel’s got a little roster stacking up."

Bravo / Peacock

2.Katie joins the Toms at Scwhartz & Sandy’s for another food tasting. (This was Schwartz's peace offering to Katie after they got into a fight at Sandoval and Ariana's pool party.) The Toms are trying to lock in a food menu before they head to Mexico so they can get closer to opening their bar, and the deadline is tight!

Schwartz and Katie in Schwartz & Sandy's bar

3.Ariana, Scheana, and Lala invite Ally to lunch and discuss how they want to spend more time with her but also want to be delicate about Raquel’s feelings since she’s still getting over her breakup from James. (Well, everyone except Lala is delicate about it.)

Ally sitting at lunch

(Meanwhile, in real life, Raquel may or may not have already been hooking up with Sandoval at the time of filming.)


4.At lunch, they rehash Lala’s fight with Raquel at Sandoval and Ariana’s house. “This bitch calls me a mistress bimbo as she’s in a pink sarong with six inch heels at a fucking pool party in Valley Village,” Lala says, talking about Raquel.

Lala and Ariana at lunch

5.Ariana defends Raquel and says, “She looked hot,” and Lala responds, “She looked like a baby prostitute.”

A close up of Lala's face

6.Lala and Brock have a heart-to-heart about how far their relationship has come since last season when Lala fought with Brock about the fact that he hasn’t seen his kids from a prior relationship in four years. Lala apologizes for how she treated Brock and they both gush over how much they love and appreciate each other.

Brock looking at Lala



7.Lisa Vanderpump hosts a surprise bridal shower for Scheana and one of the first shots we see is Sandoval standing with Raquel in the garden.

Sandoval and Raquel talking in a group of people

8.James is annoyed that Schwartz and Raquel are flirting at the shower. At one point when the two are talking, Schwartz explains why he has a tattoo of "LVP" on his butt. "My ass looks great with LVP on it, he says." Raquel responds, "I'm sure it does" and Schwartz says, "I'll show you in Mexico."

A close up of James' face at Lisa Vanderpump's house

9.The Toms host everyone at Schwartz & Sandy's for an after-party, where Schwartz and Raquel continue to flirt.

Raquel and Schwartz at Schwartz & Sandy's bar

10.The gang finally arrives in Mexico for Scheana and Brock's wedding. As soon as they get there, Katie and Ariana FaceTime with Lisa and a realtor and find out that they secured the space for their new sandwich shop, Something About Her.

Ariana and Katie at a hotel in Mexico



11.When Sandoval and Ariana enter their hotel room, he brings attention to the fact that there are "two beds!"

Sandoval and Ariana walking into a hotel room

"If you're good we can push 'em together," Ariana jokes. "Wow, okay," Sandoval responds. Ariana continues, "Yeah, I'll think about it."


12."I'm so excited to be in Mexico. Nothing else to get in the way of my quality time with Tom," Ariana says. "He is my prisoner."

Ariana in her interview

13.The couple share a kiss on one of the two beds in their room.

Sandoval and Ariana kissing



14.Kristina Kelly shows up uninvited to dinner on the first night of Scheana's wedding weekend. While Scheana doesn't address the issue to Kristina's face, in her interview she talks about how Kristina and former cast member, Stassi Schroeder, made fun of her the first time she got married when she wore a crop top wedding dress.

A close up of Scheana's face

15.The group dinner isn't without drama — in a moment that wasn't filmed on camera, James nearly got into a physical altercation with one of Brock's friends. James apparently body-checked Brock's friend because the friend drunkenly said "hello" and hugged him.

A close up of James' face

16.Ariana addresses the incident with James at dinner and yells at him. "I wish you could hear your tone of voice when you speak to me because you’ve been very fucking rude to me," Ariana says.

Ariana and James talking at dinner

When James tries to defend himself to Ariana, saying Brock's friend was also physically aggressive with him, Ariana yells, "I don’t like him doing it and I don’t like you doing it!"


17.James asks her not to yell and she replies, “I will raise my voice because when I talk at a normal volume you don’t fucking listen to me and I’ve had enough. We’re done!”

Ariana yelling at James

And if all of that isn't dramatic enough, we still have the rest of Scheana and Brock's wedding weekend to get through! Stay tuned!

A closeup of Raquel's face