17 Things That Really Annoy Movie Theater Employees

17 Things That Really Annoy Movie Theater Employees

Movie theater employees have no control over how much popcorn costs – and they want you to know that next time you accuse them of "highway robbery."

Here are 17 of the biggest pet peeves people have about working at movie theaters, and, as it turns out, people leaving their trash on the ground (and accusing them of high snack prices) is only the tip of the iceberg.  

1. "When people toss garbage on the floor like nobody has to pick it up. The smell of popcorn simmering in old soda will never fully leave my subconscious."


2. "I once had to clean up an Applebee's meal for five. Not okay.

3. "A lady came in with her infant to see The Purge: Anarchy. It was the 10:00 PM show, and she couldn't understand why she couldn't bring her crying infant into a theater with 200 or more people. She proceeded to call back after she left and threaten the manager who she spoke with, saying that he was lucky, because she was 'about to hit him in the face and f––– him up' with security literally standing next to him. Kid was on her hip the entire time."


4. "Parents letting their kids trash an aisle (and not making them clean up) made me hate people more than anything else."

5. "People always complain about the prices of food and say I am committing 'highway robbery.' For one, I don't set the prices. Also, you do NOT have to buy popcorn and a soda."

6. "Someone asked me recently how I sleep at night, charging people so much. Yeah, I sleep on my giant pile of money that I get for being an assistant manager at a movie theater."


7. "No, you can't have a refund because the R-rated horror film you're watching is scaring your 2-year-old."

8. "I hate these conversations: 'I need twelve tickets.' 'Ok, which movie?' 'Uhhh.... Finding Dory'. And then, after transaction is complete: 'You didn't give me the children's discount for seven of these tickets, also I'm military and my mom's a senior, and I only wanted nine tickets.'"


9. "If your order comes up as $6.66, please don't make me charge you extra for something to change the amount. It's not an omen – it's junk food."

10. "Armed robbery."

11. "When this man just threw a popcorn bag at me to refill, made zero eye contact and said 'butter.'"

12. "Unnecessarily angry people are my biggest pet peeve. I understand that if something bad happens, people aren't going to be chipper and smiling, but there is absolutely no need to yell and cuss and be toxic. I will completely bust my ass and break notable company rules to make you 110% happy if you are calm and respectful, but if you treat me poorly, I will see to it that you get the shortest straw I can possibly give you without it coming back to haunt me."


13. "People who think I know everything about every movie. Its a bit understandable considering I do indeed work at a theater. However, people get surprisingly mad if my knowledge does not live up to their expectations."

14. "You can't ask for a refund after watching the entire movie. People will sometimes go into the wrong theater, watch the entire wrong movie, then demand a refund."


15. "Sometimes customers argue with me about what my theater is showing. My theater does not get every movie as we split with another theater. People will YELL at me and tell me that OUR website is lying."

16. "Sex in the back of the theater."

17. "Do you really think I will mistake the outline of a 2-liter bottle of soda in your jacket for a beer belly?"

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