17 Famous People Who Were Cheated On And Then Responded Publicly

1.Halle Berry learned from a tabloid that her second husband, Eric Benét, was cheating on her. It was only after she threatened to sue the publication for printing lies that her husband admitted he actually was cheating — with several women.

Halle Berry in a halter top

2.Eva Longoria has opened up about discovering that her then-husband, Tony Parker, was having an affair.

Eva Longoria smiling

3.Sandra Bullock suffered a highly publicized cheating scandal with her then-husband, Jesse James, right as they were going through the process of adopting a child. Sandra divorced Jesse and adopted the baby by herself.

Sandra Bullock on the red carpet

4.Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have been happily married for several years — but when they were engaged, Dwyane fathered a child with another woman.

Gabrielle Union in a strapless outfit

5.Sienna Miller left Jude Law after he had an affair with the family nanny, all while she was starring in a West End play.

Sienna Miller in a dark turtleneck

6.Shania Twain's then-husband, Robert John Lange, had an affair with her best friend — who was married to a man named Frédéric Thiébaud. Both couples got divorced, and in a wild twist of fate, Shania and Frédéric ended up falling in love and getting married.

Shania Twain

7.Robert Pattinson was dating Kristen Stewart when she was photographed making out with director Rupert Sanders, although he now has a sense of humor about the whole ordeal.

Robert Pattinson in a suit and tie

8.Emma Thompson was married to Kenneth Branagh until he allegedly had an affair with Helena Bonham Carter. Emma says the experience helped her film that heartbreaking scene in Love Actually, where her character realizes she's being cheated on.

Emma Thompson

9.After Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck divorced, it was rumored that he'd been cheating with their family nanny, although Jennifer says she didn't even know about it when they agreed to split.

Jennifer Garner smiling on the red carpet

10.Christina Milian found out her then-husband, singer The-Dream, was cheating on her with his assistant just months after she gave birth to their daughter.

Christina Milian outside

11.Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid separated in 2000, which the media blamed on her affair with Russell Crowe. But Meg later revealed that Dennis was unfaithful for much of their marriage before she engaged in her own affair.

Meg Ryan on the red carpet

12.Nine months after Fergie and Josh Duhamel got married, a stripper publicly accused Josh of engaging in an affair with her. He admitted to visiting her club but denied the affair. Fergie later opened up about the whole ordeal and said the two went to therapy over it.

Fergie with hand on hip on the red carpet

13.JLo has opened up about being cheated on in past relationships, without naming any names.


14.Gwen Stefani divorced Gavin Rossdale after allegedly discovering through a shared iPad that he was having an affair with their family nanny.

Gwen Stefani in a strapless outfit on the Grammy Awards red carpet

15.Kathie Lee Gifford's late husband, Frank Gifford, was caught having an affair with a flight attendant. It later came out that the woman had been paid by a tabloid to seduce him for a story.

Kathie Lee Gifford sitting and smiling with legs crossed

16.Khloé Kardashian has been through multiple cheating scandals with her on-and-off boyfriend Tristan Thompson, but she continues to take him back.

Khloé Kardashian on the red carpet

17.Beyoncé discovered that Jay-Z was cheating on her and turned the experience into the critically acclaimed album Lemonade.

Beyoncé on the red carpet