16 questions the series finale of Netflix's 'Dark' left unanswered

Erik bunker time machine Helge Dark season one Netflix
Erik inside the bunker in season one of "Dark."

Stefan Erhard/Netflix

  • Warning: Spoilers ahead for season three of Netflix's "Dark."

  • The third and final season of "Dark" wrapped up almost all of the show's major mysteries, but there are still some loose threads.

  • We've gathered the biggest lingering questions left after the series finale.

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The season three of Netflix's "Dark" premiered at the end of June, bringing the complex and mind-bending series to an end. Though the show managed to close the loop on most of our burning questions, there were still several mysteries left as the credits rolled.

Keep reading to see the 16 biggest questions left after season three of "Dark."

Why did Noah and Helge specifically target young boys to test the bunker's time machine? And why were they building that machine when Adam had other time-travel devices?

Noah and Helge in bunker Dark Netflix E9
Noah and Helge in season one of "Dark."


On the first season of "Dark," we saw how Noah and Helge would kidnap young boys and and teenagers to test the bunker's time machine on, often with deadly results.

But why did they only take young boys? Or were their victims coincidentally all male? Why target children at all?

The show also never really explains why Noah and Helge were working on that particular time-travel device, when later the Sic Mundus group was apparently also using the larger portal underneath the church.

Why did the Martha in Eva's world see a version of herself in the forest? And what was the black substance covering her?

Martha vision S3E1 Dark Netflix
The Martha-vision from season three of "Dark."


In the first episode of season three, Martha-2 (the version of Martha who exists in Eva's world) was running in the forest when she tripped and fell, and then saw a vision.

That vision looked exactly like the Martha from Jonas' world as we saw her in season two. The white collared dress she's wearing is the outfit Martha wore on the night she and Jonas had sex for the first time.

But why would that version of Martha have appeared as a vision?

The show also never explained the dark substance covering her. It looks a lot like Cesium — the radioactive waste material which created the time-travel portals. But again, the presence of this vision was never fully explained in the show.

Why did Jonas see a vision of his father in the forest?

Michael forest Dark Netflix
Mikkel/Michael in season one, episode one: "Secrets."


The Martha-vision wasn't the only unexplained apparition. In the early episodes of season one, Jonas also had visions. But his visions weren't of an alternate version of himself. Instead, Jonas' visions showed his father: Mikkel/Michael.

Again, no explanation was provided for why Jonas would have seen his father, or why there was a Cesium-like substance covering him.

How did Claudia discover the origin world?

Claudia Dark season three Netflix
Claudia in season three of "Dark."


In the final episode of "Dark," Claudia reveals to Adam that she found a third world — the "origin world." She realized H.G. Tannhaus had invented time travel in that world, and that by doing so, he had accidentally created the two corrupted worlds where Adam and Eva lived.

But Claudia never specifies how she figured out that there was a third world. Presumably, she was able to use the time-travel devices and her insight to both Eva and Adam's organizations to learn the truth. But, again, the show doesn't make this explicit.

How did Bernd and Claudia wind up having a sexual relationship? Did he divorce Greta?

Bernd Doppler Claudia Netflix Dark
Bernd Doppler in season three of "Dark."


Throughout all three seasons of "Dark," there was always a question about Regina's true father. Claudia had an affair with Tronte Nielsen, and many assumed he was Regina's father.

But in the final scene of "Dark," in the origin world, we saw a photo of Regina, Bernd, and Claudia looking like a happy family. 

The official "Dark" website also confirms that Bernd was Regina's father in Jonas' world.

But how did that relationship happen? In all of the 1950s scenes, we saw a very young (likely about 13-year-old) Claudia interact occasionally with the fully grown adult-Bernd. It's uncomfortable to think of that dynamic turning sexual. Plus their relationship in the 1980s, when adult-Claudia was set to take over for Bernd at the power plant, never appeared romantic whatsoever.

The show also never told us what happened to Greta, Bernd's wife we saw in the 1950s.

Who sent Clausen the letter about his brother?

Clausen letter S2E7 Dark Netflix2
Aleksander and Clausen in season two of "Dark."


In the second season of "Dark," an investigator named Clausen came to Winden and said that a stranger had sent him a letter tipping him off to Aleksander's presence in the town.

The show never directly revealed who sent that letter. There was, however, one major clue in season three that allows us to make an educated guess. The Unknown (Martha and Jonas' son) quoted the exact same Sigmund Freud saying from the letter, leading us to guess that he was the letter's author.

Was Boris' reason for changing his name the same in both worlds? If so, why did his encounter with Regina and Claudia seem so intentional?

Aleksander Tiedemann Boris young old Dark Netflix
Boris Niewald, aka Aleksander, as a teen and an adult.


Season three offered up an explanation for Boris' past in the origin world. He revealed to Bartosz that he had seemingly accidentally killed a man in a robbery-gone-wrong, and fled to Winden.

But is that the same thing that happened to Boris in Jonas' world? There's no way to be certain since all the worlds don't have 100% identical events.

If that is the explanation, it still doesn't cover the mystery of how Boris was so confident when he approached Regina and later Claudia. At the time, those scenes made it seem as if Boris was a time-traveler himself, and he was on some sort of a mission. The robbery-gone-wrong origin story doesn't explain the strangeness of his meeting with Regina and Claudia.

Why did Egon time travel to Hannah in world two when she has a miscarriage?

Egon Dark Netflix season three
Egon season three of "Dark."


In season three, episode six, "Light and Shadow," we saw Eva directing her Erit Lux society as they traveled through time in Martha's world. In that world, Hannah was pregnant with Ulrich's child and had a miscarriage right before the apocalypse happened.

Eva sent the old Egon from her world to Hannah in that moment. But why? The show never makes it clear what Egon was supposed to do with Hannah, or why it was essential that he save her.

How did Silja get that scar on her face?

Future girl Netflix Dark Finale
Silja in the season one finale of "Dark."


Silja, who winds up being Bartosz's wife, is shown at a young age with the diagonal scar across her face. Hannah (Silja's mother) never explains why her daughter has that facial mark.

It looks almost like a scar from a cut, but might also just be a mark she was born with. The show doesn't reference it either way.

Whatever happened to Agnes in Jonas' world? Why did she abandon Tronte entirely?

Agnes and Noah Church numbers Dark Netflix
Agnes in season two of "Dark."


The adult-Agnes from Jonas' world was last shown in season two, when she shot and killed Noah on Adam's orders. As far as we can tell, she didn't have a significant role in the time loops after that point.

What happened to her? Why wouldn't she have traveled back to 1954 to be with her son, Tronte?

What happened to Woller's eye?

Torben Woller  Dark Netflix
Woller in season one of "Dark."


The mystery of Woller's eye injury, which was present from the very first episode, was the final running joke of "Dark."

In Jonas' world, Woller nearly explained the accident in season two before he was interrupted. Then, in the very last scene of "Dark," the Woller from the origin world almost told the story again. But his explanation was cut off by a power surge, leaving this one final tease of a mystery.

"Dark" fans will just have a keep coming up with their own theories to explain Woller's iconic eye-patch.

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