16 Editor-Loved Subscription Boxes and Delivery Services to Sign Up for ASAP

subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Grove Collaborative

Best Meal Kit

people - 57.95–201.75 Available at HelloFresh

Best Coffee Club

people - 12.50–22 Available at Trade Coffee

Best for Sustainable Products

people - 19.99 Available at Grove Collaborative

Best Online Classes

people - 180–276 Available at MasterClass

Best Wine Subscription

people - 79.98–159.95 Available at Firstleaf

Best Beauty Subscription

people - 13–41 Available at Ipsy

Best Japanese Snacks

people - 39.95–49.95 Available at Bokksu

Best Language Courses

people - 14.95–20.95 Available at Pimsleur

Best Lingerie Subscription

people - 44.95–250 Available at Empress Mimi

Best for Designer Clothes

people - 99–199 Available at Rent the Runway

Best for Trendy Clothes

people - 88 Available at Nuuly

Best Smoothies

people - 65 Available at Daily Harvest

Best for Quick Meals

people - 54.15–119.87 Available at Freshly

Best for Fitness Buffs

people - 15–159 Available at ClassPass

Best for Kids

people - 28.95–34.95 Available at Baketivity

Best for Book Lovers

people - 15.99 Available at Book of the Month Club

There are people you shop for every single year without fail: family, close friends, co-workers, and, of course, yourself. Why not invest in something that is equal parts exciting and useful: subscription boxes. To help you narrow down your options, several PEOPLE editors and writers shared their favorite monthly subscription boxes, including ones they've sent as gifts and others they've kept for themselves.

A few of the monthly deliveries our colleagues can't live without include HelloFresh, Ipsy, and Rent the Runway. Although cliché, a subscription is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Why settle for a single present when you can get multiple items over a multi-month period? Not to mention, many subscriptions actually save you money. For example, Ipsy's Glam Bag Plus membership comes with five full-size beauty products each month (a $120 value), but only costs $28 per box.

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The truth is, not every subscription is worth your money. That's why we're spilling the tea on which ones you should actually consider buying this year. Below, check out our list of editor-loved monthly subscription boxes.

The Best Subscription Boxes, According to PEOPLE Editors

You might be familiar with some of these subscription boxes, but if you're not, scroll down to learn about why each brand made the list and who we recommend it for.

Best Meal Kit: HelloFresh

How Long Sabrina Tested It: More than two years

Recommended for: Anyone with an adventurous palate who likes to cook but doesn't always have time to plan their meals and shop for them.

There's no decision paralysis like the one I face every night when I'm already hungry for dinner and don't know what to make for my family — well, except for when I'm in a grocery store and already hungry and don't know what to make for my family. At least for three nights a week, I can be grateful that earlier in the month I already made those choices. I've tried so many other meal kit services and HelloFresh has consistently given me the best ingredients and the most variety of cuisines. — Sabrina Rojas Weiss, Parenting & Lifestyle Ecommerce Editor

subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Best Coffee Club: Trade Coffee

How Long Mackenzie Tested It: Three months

Recommended for: Coffee lovers, especially anyone who doesn't have access to great roasters where they live. It includes a lot of the bigger brands you've heard of, but has consistently good stuff and it's a fun way to find new favorites.

I first tested out Trade during lockdown when I started making coffee at home. They send bags from different brands like La Colombe, Counter Culture, and Portrait. You can set the frequency, and it's convenient. I ultimately canceled and just subscribed to Portrait because what Trade was sending ended up being mostly from roasters I can buy easily here in Brooklyn [New York] (though that probably isn't an issue for folks in less coffee-saturated areas). — Mackenzie Schmidt, Home and Travel Editor

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subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Best for Sustainable Products: Grove Collaborative

How Long Tamim Tested It: One year

Recommended for: Anyone who doesn't want to worry about forgetting to restock their toilet paper or cleaning supplies, people with children who want gentle cleaning products, and those who could use one less chore on their plate.

I moved during COVID, and that's when I decided to try Grove. I have health issues and sensitive skin, and I also try to be a conscious consumer where and when I can. With Grove, I like that I can change what's inside my box every month. I like the variety of brands that are offered, and I like how gentle on my home and body everything is. The brands and products they offer are also environmentally friendlier without sacrificing comfort or efficacy, which I've come to really value. — Tamim Alnuweiri, Beauty Ecommerce Writer

subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Best Online Classes: MasterClass

How Long Bridget Tested It: Six months

Recommended for: People who want to learn from experts about a variety of topics. There are classes about music, sports, fashion, business, food, and more, so you can definitely find courses you're interested in. Overall, I would recommend MasterClass to those who find themselves browsing the biography, self-help, and nonfiction sections at the bookstore.

Unpopular opinion: I don't like watching TV shows and movies. I would much rather spend my time doing something productive. However, everyone needs to relax every once in a while. My favorite way to unwind is MasterClass. MasterClass offers more than 100 classes and adds new ones every month. I've taken life-changing courses from living legends, including Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg. Who wouldn't want to learn life and career lessons from the best leaders in the world while relaxing in bed or soaking in the tub? — Bridget Degnan, Performance Content Writer

subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Best Wine Subscription: Firstleaf

How Long Madison Tested It: One week

Recommended for: Anyone who wants to explore new flavors of high-quality wine at affordable prices.

I loved the personalization of Firstleaf's Wine Club. Between the initial quiz to determine your preferences and the rating system after each delivery, this club works hard to find your perfect wines. The huge selection offered delicious wines from all over the world and expanded my horizons to new flavors I now love! — Madison Yauger, Performance Content Writer

subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Best Beauty Subscription: Ipsy

How Long Olivia Tested It: Three years

Recommended for: Both makeup lovers and skincare enthusiasts as you get a little bit of both in each package. It's also great for beginners and experts alike!

As a beauty lover, there's nothing like getting new beauty products in the mail each month — it feels like a surprise gift for myself! I started out with the regular Glam Bag, which included around five small tester items each month, and then after about a year, I moved up to the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, where you get around five full-size beauty products each month. I even moved up to the Glam Bag X, where every three months you get seven to eight full-size products. To me, it feels like I'm getting such a great deal because I'm only paying $30 each month for hundreds of dollars worth of high-quality products, ranging from makeup brushes and brow pencils to eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks. — Olivia Hanson, Ecommerce Assistant

subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Best Japanese Snacks: Bokksu

How Long Nina Has Tested It: Her family has been subscribers for two years

Recommended for: Food lovers and travelers who miss flavors from Japan.

I'm a huge fan of Japanese food and cuisine, and I used to make a trip to Japan every one to two years to soak it all in. The best part was always the snacks I'd find in Japanese convenience stores, but Bokksu's subscription saves you the trip by delivering authentic snacks and teas stateside that you'd only find in Japan. I love that there are seasonal themes to the boxes and that there is always a booklet included to let you learn more about the region where the monthly snacks are from. My siblings have had Bokksu subscriptions for years, and it was always my favorite habit to steal all their monthly Bokksu candies and snacks whenever I visited them. — Nina Huang, Lifestyle Writer

subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Best Language Courses: Pimsleur

How Long Samantha Tested It: Three weeks

Recommended for: Anyone who is trying to pick up a new language for the first time or someone who took language classes in the past but feels a bit rusty. The courses make it easy for people to learn the pace of the language and become familiar without those overwhelming lists of vocab words you'll likely never commit to long-term memory.

Though I used to think that learning a foreign language would be impossible on my own, Pimsleur actually made it super easy. The 30-minute audio lessons can be completed just about anywhere, so practicing daily didn't require any extra time out of my schedule. Plus, the classes are especially helpful for speaking and comprehension — I found Pimsleur to be way more effective than my previous two years of college French courses! — Samantha Jones, Performance Content Writer

subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Best Lingerie Subscription: Empress Mimi

How Long Marilyn Tested It: On and off for three years

Recommended for: Savage by Fenty fans — or anyone who just loves a really beautiful set of lingerie. I usually wear mine as accessories to actual outfits!

I'm typically a food and wine subscription box type of person, but I've grown to love my monthly lingerie deliveries. It's not necessarily about the items themselves, but the craftsmanship and story the items tell with each box. They're super gorgeous and it's such a great way to treat yourself. — Marilyn La Jeunesse, Shopping Newsletter Manager

subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Best for Designer Clothes: Rent the Runway

How Long Jennifer Tested It: Four years

Recommended for: Anyone who loves fashion, wants to experiment more (break out of their typical style rut), frequent travelers (i.e. visiting a cold weather destination and don't want to purchase new gear you'll only wear once, etc.), and professionals who need on-point wardrobes without the financial burden. Also great for pregnant ladies — no need to buy a new wardrobe for a changing body.

I've been a die-hard RTR member (and brand ambassador) for four years and can't imagine life without it. It's the perfect solution for someone with a fast-paced lifestyle who needs to look on-point for every occasion. I travel frequently, attend events nightly, and am often on camera, so it made so much more sense to have endless solutions that I didn't have to commit to. There's a huge cost savings (I'm never tempted to shop at fast fashion stores like Zara or H&M anymore to get my fashion fix), and I can live out my bold fashion fantasies without hesitation. They have unfortunately done away with the Unlimited Membership since the pandemic, but the current membership plans are still appealing and reasonable. It's eco-conscious and economical in the long run, and it's changed my mindset about shopping entirely. I only invest in basics I love (jeans, workout clothes, swimwear, etc.) and lean on RTR for just about every standout look in my closet. — Jennifer Chan, Ecommerce Editor & Writer

Rent the Runway
Rent the Runway

Best for Trendy Clothes: Nuuly

How Long Erin Tested It: Two years

Recommended for: Those who want to wear trendy items without purchasing them. It's great for someone who's trying to cut back on spending and/or someone who's moving toward a more sustainable way of living (aka no fast fashion purchases). There's a variety of styles (high-end, casual, professional, cozy) and also a maternity section, so I think most people could find their style in the selection Nuuly offers.

Strangers will stop me on the street to compliment my Nuuly items. I have a wild, colorful style, but my wallet can't always keep up with the way I want to dress. With Nuuly, I can rent bright dresses and big, fuzzy coats for a set price. It saves me so much money because I'm constantly refreshing my wardrobe with rented items from my favorite brands, so I don't feel the need to buy fast fashion or trendy clothes that I know will be out of style next season. I'll just rent those items while they're hot right now. — Erin Johnson, Senior Product Reviews Writer

subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Best Smoothies: Daily Harvest

How Long Laura Tested It: Six months

Recommended for: Anyone who is short on time and looking for quick, easy, and nutritious meals. It's perfect for commuters, busy moms, or anyone who wants to upgrade their lunch routine.

I drink a smoothie every morning, so I love that Daily Harvest has a large variety of pre-mixed and pre-packed smoothies that I can dump right into my blender. It's so easy, and all you need to add is a little oat milk or coconut water. I also love their harvest bowls. They make for a quick, easy, and filling lunch. — Laura Denby, Product Reviews Food Writer

Daily Harvest smoothies
Daily Harvest smoothies

Best for Quick Meals: Freshly

How Long Allison Tested It: Five months

Recommended for: Anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of time making meals. With Freshly, you can prepare a nice dinner in under five minutes.

I love the ease and convenience of Freshly. I find cooking to be stressful and time-consuming, so the microwavable meals are ideal for my lifestyle. Despite being microwavable, the meals don't come frozen and are low in sodium. Plus, they're delicious! Freshly has really made my dinnertime routine so much simpler. — Allison Cacich, Senior Writer & Editor

subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Best for Fitness Buffs: ClassPass

How Long Marilyn Tested It: Three years

Recommended for: People who want to get more into fitness and self care. (ClassPass now offers manicures and other self-care services as well!)

This is honestly the best subscription service, especially for people who live in big cities and like to test out different athletic classes. I used to go to boxing, yoga, P.volve, and even infrared saunas each month with my subscription for less than I would typically pay for a singular exercise class. It's also available in tons of cities, so it's great if you travel a lot. I stopped using it during the pandemic but am excited to re-up it again. — Marilyn La Jeunesse, Shopping Newsletter Manager

subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Best for Kids: Baketivity

How Long Kate Tested It: Sporadically

Recommended for: Parents of kids in preschool up to third grade.

I love baking with my kids, but they can definitely be more hurtful than helpful in the kitchen sometimes. These kits, as simple as they seem — they measure out the dry ingredients for you, and send along candy decorations and recipes — really simplify the process, too. It helps to just cut open a bag of flour versus having a 3-year-old insist on measuring it out. They are also themed for holidays and seasons, which makes them more fun than your standard chocolate chip cookies. — Kate Hogan, Digital Specials Director

subscription boxes
subscription boxes

Best for Book Lovers: Book of the Month Club

How Long Ariel Tested It: Three years

Recommended for: Anyone who loves to read (eight out of the 10 women in my book club subscribe) or as a gift for the book lover in your life.

I love that I get at least one brand new book every month, and I really look forward to seeing the options. It's affordable in that you get a newly released hardcover book for way less than you'd pay in a bookstore. I've heard of nearly all the books you get to choose from every month, so it doesn't feel like you're choosing between really obscure titles. They often have early releases from really big authors and a very cute merch store, too. Plus, being a member over time comes with cool perks like a free book during your birth month and a free credit toward a Book of the Year contender. It's a great gift for any reader in your life! They also have a really cute and user-friendly app. — Ariel Scotti, Ecommerce Partnerships Writer

subscription boxes
subscription boxes