16 details you probably missed in Netflix's 'Falling for Christmas'

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Jake had a top on his drink cup, but it disappears before he spills it on Sierra.

jake holding a coffee cup with lid and an arrow pointing from that cup to the next scene of jake holding a coffee cup without a lid
The lid is conveniently missing when he bumps into Sierra.Netflix

Sierra's father, Beauregard, gives Jake a hot cocoa after turning his investment plan down.

The cup clearly has a top on it when Beau hands it to Jake, but it's missing moments later when Jake is walking around the resort lobby — conveniently right before he bumps into Sierra.

The top of the cup may have helped prevent him from spilling his drink on Sierra and getting kicked out of the resort.

The North Star Lodge has a horse named Balthazar.

yellow arrow pointing to the name bathazar on a horse's stable in falling for christmas
Balthazar is a bible character who follows a star.Netflix

Balthazar (also spelled Balthasar) is biblically one of the Three Kings or Wise Men in the Gospel of Matthew's story of Jesus' birth — in particular, the king who presents the child with the gift of myrrh.

Furthermore, the Wise Men followed a guiding star to Jesus' birthplace, which matches up with the name of the lodge.

When Jake talks to his family, an empty reservation list is on his computer screen.

yellow arrow pointing to an empty reservation log on jakes computer in falling for christmas
The reservation list is nearly blank.Netflix

Jake's computer screen shows a reservation list with only one line filled out, illustrating how dire the financial situation is at the lodge.

There's also only one key missing from the wall behind him, which the lodge's only guests return when they leave later in the movie.

There's a reindeer on top of the building Sierra stays in at her father's resort.

the roof of the belmont hotel with a reindeer and sierra holding a reindeer snow globe in falling for christmas
Reindeer seem to be a little symbolic of Sierra's late mom.Netflix

The building Sierra stays in at her father's lodge has a small piece of reindeer decor on the roof that doesn't seem to be on any of the other buildings.

The inside of her father's room is decorated with more reindeer-themed items as well, including a set of lamps and a decorated wall canvas.

The snow globe that Sierra picks up, which reminds Sierra and her father of Sierra's late mother, also has reindeer in it — so the other decorations could potentially be symbolic for her.

Lindsay Lohan sings "Jingle Bell Rock," which she previously performed in "Mean Girls."

cady played by lindsay lohan perfomring jingle bell rock in mean girls and sierra played by lohan singing jingle bell rock in falling for christmas
Lindsay Lohan released a cover of "Jingle Bell Rock" to promote the new film.Paramount Pictures; Netflix

Sierra sings a few lines of "Jingle Bell Rock" in the car with Tad before he rudely stops her.

Lohan, who plays Sierra, famously performed the song in "Mean Girls" (2004).

In the lead-up to "Falling for Christmas," Lohan even released a new cover of the song.

Ironically, "Jingle Bell Rock" was also one of the solos Chord Overstreet, who plays Jake, had on Fox's "Glee."

Much of the plot resembles another iconic rom-com.

goldi hawn holding an ice pack to her head in overboard and lindsay lohan holding an ice pack to her head in falling for christmas
"Overboard" is a rom-com from the late 1980s.MGM; Netflix

Amnesia has played a part in many rom-coms over the years, perhaps most famously "Overboard" (1987).

In "Overboard," a wealthy woman falls off a yacht, forgets everything about her life, and falls in love with a widow — despite being married to a man who does little to try to remedy the accident.

Although Tad is actively trying to get back to Sierra throughout "Falling for Christmas," many of the other main plot details are similar.

She can't even remember her own name, but Sierra seems to remember her morning routine.

sierra waking up on two separate mornings of falling for christmas going through the same motions
She even uses a fuzzy Christmas sock as an eye mask.Netflix

When Sierra wakes up at the lodge the day after her accident, she instinctively reaches for her nightstand — presumably to grab the remote that powers the blinds, as she did in the first scene of the movie.

Instead, the remote she picks up turns on the TV in her room.

It's a little odd that she seems to remember that level of detail from her old morning routine when she doesn't even know her own name. A similar thing also happens when Sierra briefly remembers she "doesn't do bacon" at breakfast.

When the TV turns on, the title cards for other Netflix holiday movies are shown.

yellow arrows pointing to different netflix original christmas movies on the home page of the sceener in falling for christmas
"A Castle for Christmas" was released in 2021.Netflix

When Sierra accidentally turns on the TV, she's startled by the sound and knows her life didn't return to normal overnight.

The TV immediately opens to Netflix, and the top line of title cards is queued up with original holiday movies like "A Castle for Christmas" (2021), "The Princess Switch" (2018), and "A Christmas Prince" (2017).

The trailer for "A Castle for Christmas" even starts playing before Sierra can shut it off.

There are five stuffed animals on Avy's bed, but she only lists four names.

stuffed animals on avy's bed in falling for christmas
Avy stops naming animals when she gets to Sarah.Netflix

Avy introduces Sierra to the stuffed animals on her bed, hoping it'll help her choose a name since she still doesn't remember hers.

Avy lists the names Frankie, Wallace, Potter, and Sarah before they land on the last one. But there's a fifth stuffed animal whose name isn't mentioned.

Sierra's sweater has a similar design to a painting in her room.

les alpes poster hanging in sierras room and sierra wearing an alps-style sweater in falling for christmas
There's a bit of an Alps theme in the lodge.Netflix

One of the items Sierra borrows from the lost and found at the lodge is a blue sweater with a ski-lift design on it.

The sweater pretty much matches one of the paintings in the guest room she's staying in.

The painting has a blue background that also features a red ski lift and the words "Les Alpes."

The moment after Tad wakes up seems to reference a Jim Carrey film.

arrow pointing at headline on a newspaper about man walking on the moon in falling for christmas
A similar newspaper appears in "Dumb and Dumber."Netflix

When Tad wakes up in Ralph's fishing cabin, he looks at a newspaper article from July 21, 1969, hanging on the wall with the headline, "Man Walks on the Moon."

The article is very similar to the one shown in the Jim Carrey movie "Dumb and Dumber" (1994).

When Tad reads it, he says, "no way," which is the same line Carrey's character says after seeing the paper.

The bloopers in the end credits directly quote"Dumb and Dumber" again when Tad exclaims, "We've landed on the moon!"

Jake's memory book includes detailed messages and photos.

arrows pointing to things in jake's wife's memory book in falling for christmas
There are handwritten notes from prior guests.Netflix

The guest book Alejandra has put together includes personal notes from guests, photos, and items from the lodge.

There are notes from guests thanking them for delicious food and a wonderful time, photos from weddings, and an old pass for the ski lifts.

Many of the lodge's guests are from Summit Springs, but even out-of-towners seem to be very connected to the town.

arrows pointing to two contacts on a computer screen in falling for christmas
All of the cities on the contact list are made up.Netflix

Alejandra shows Sierra the contact list she's been keeping for the lodge's guests over the years.

Many of the listed guests are from Summit Springs, the fictional town where the lodge is located. But completely made-up states and zip codes are provided for those who aren't, including Falls River, OZ, and Falls River, ZA.

There's even a fake French address from the fictional town of Tascherea, France.

What's even more puzzling is the fact that two contacts who aren't from Summit Springs have email addresses that end in @summit.flx. All of the provided phone numbers of both local and out-of-town guests also start with "555."

The couple who honeymooned at the North Star Lodge is wearing wedding-like clothing.

man and a woman dressed in formal clothing that looks like wedding attire in falling for christmas
The couple looks like they could've come right from their wedding.Netflix

When people from the community are stepping up to donate money to the North Star Lodge, a husband and wife thank Jake for letting them have a free honeymoon at the lodge years ago.

As they give their speech and present their check, the woman is wearing a nice white gown and the man is wearing a suit with a bow tie — not unlike what a bride and groom would wear at a wedding.

Sierra and Tad's relationship wasn't public knowledge, making their engagement announcement a huge surprise.

sierra and tad doing a press conference in falling for christmas
No one in the public knew about their relationship.Netflix

When Sierra and Tad talk on the phone at the start of the movie, she mentions that he wanted to keep their relationship private.

This makes the press conference revealing their engagement even more of a surprise to Tad's many followers, who presumably didn't know he was even dating anyone.

But Tad's dramatic way of announcing his relationship with Sierra seems fitting for his influencer status.

Avy's wish was teased earlier in the movie.

avy writing out her wish in falling for christmas
Avy tells her dad about her wish at the end of the film.Netflix

Near the end of the film, Avy tells her dad that she wished for him to find someone to love when she went to the wishing tree with her grandma.

Earlier in the movie, Avy can be seen writing the wish. It read, "I wish my," cluing viewers in that she might be about to write "my dad." But the camera cut away before showing the rest.

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