15-year-old female football player unexpectedly outshines her competition on 'The Voice'

Everyone loves a good underdog story. Well, on The Voice Tuesday night, Season 21's underdog may have emerged – 15-year-old rocker chick Hailey Green, who first auditioned for The Voice during Season 19.

Green, who, back home, is the only female on her high school football team, definitely has a fighting competitive spirit. So, even though it seemed like the odds were stacked against her when she went up against 28-year-old vintage country singer Lana Scott on a Maren Morris song, she still gave it her all and completely blew the coaches away.

John Legend shared, "Hailey, your power, your tone, it just grabs you. Just to see you putting everything into every single note, it felt so good."

"Hailey, you were a cheetah and someone was, like, just taming you or, like, trying to hold you back. I'm so interested in what the cheetah has to offer," said Kelly Clarkson, while new coach Ariana Grande thought Hailey's voice was "so colorful and raw and rock 'n' roll."

However, ultimately, it all came down to Hailey and Lana's coach Blake Shelton, who shared, "Hailey literally plays outside linebacker for her high school football team. Now you know why she sings like that. You can't hold back the cheetah. You can't hold her back. And believe it or not, that was actually Hailey dialed back."

Meanwhile, viewers on Twitter couldn't deny the fact that Hailey is a star. One person pointed out how the song was more in Lana's wheelhouse, but "Lana rode the melody well and brought a certain comfort that Hailey shredded." (@SoUWanaBaSinger)

In the end, Blake chose the underdog, Hailey, as he stated, "The thing that intrigues me about Hailey is that she's so young and her voice is so powerful. From a coaching standpoint, she has all the elements. She just needs to know how to approach an actual performance and have some dynamics. I'm looking forward to working on those things."