15 Baking Essentials for National Pi Day That Are Good Enough To Eat

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Do you need an excuse to bake a delicious dessert? No, but today's date is a good one just the same. March 14, otherwise known as "Pi Day" — as the date can be written as 3.14 — has become an unofficial holiday to celebrate both math (oh brother) and pie (hooray!).

One year, my geometry teacher actually combined them both, and prepared an entire lesson plan around actual pie. He baked individual key lime pies for each student! I remember that specifically because he put the garnish on it before putting it in the oven, so they were mildly inedible. That's why he was a math teacher, and not a nutrition coach.

Well, I'm neither. I'm a shopping writer, and I love to bake (the right way). So I'm using today's date as an opportunity to share with you 15 baking essentials that belong in every kitchen cabinet.

Whether you're looking to stock up on your missing must-haves or trying to upgrade your existing collection, you'll find something on this list that's good enough to eat.

17 Kitchen Versatile Essentials That Will Make Home Cooking Easy as Pie

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