15 Actors Who Have Discussed The Scenes They Wished They Could Go Back And Not Film

🚨 There are obviously spoilers ahead! 🚨

1.First, Naya Rivera revealed that her least favorite Glee scene was when Santana yells a bunch of insults at Kurt in Season 6. While Santana had some pretty messy moments on the show, Naya said this one felt like it "blurred the lines too much" between Kurt as a character and Chris Colfer, who played him.

her character saying, maybe blaine woke up one day and said, you know what i don't want to marry a sexless self-centered baton twirler

"I remember, like, [Chris] being upset about it and me just having to do it over and over and over again," Naya began. "I was like, 'I'm sorry, I didn't write it.'"


2.Reese Witherspoon recently revealed that she regrets filming the explicit rollercoaster sex scene in Fear between her and Mark Wahlberg's characters. "I didn’t have control over it," she began. "It wasn’t explicit in the script that that's what was going to happen."

the two characters looking at each other

3.Looking back, Margot Robbie regrets saying yes to the scene in Suicide Squad when Harley Quinn throws herself into the vat of chemicals. She described the scene as "the most unpleasant thing" she's ever done in her "entire life."

her character in the big vat of goo with someone pulling her up

On filming the scene, Margot explained, "I was choking on it underwater and I couldn't breathe, and I tried to open my eyes, and it would glaze over my eyeballs, and I could only see white. It was horrible."

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4.Taylor Lautner said that if he could go back and change something from the Twilight movies, he would not have so many shirtless scenes. Looking back, attaining what was perceived as the "perfect body" is something he regrets and he said, "If I had to choose, I would never take my shirt off again in a movie."

his character talking to bella without a shirt on

5.Sophia Bush said she really struggles to be underwater after filming a scene in One Tree Hill Season 8 when Brooke Davis almost drowns inside a car. On an episode of the Drama Queens podcast, she explained that in order to film the scene she was submerged in a pool with weighted belts in her lap and had to act like she was drowning. However, her brain obviously didn't know she was not actually drowning so now her body thinks it really happened to her.

her character in the car saying, julian i love you, while drowning

"I have nightmares about drowning," Sophia continued. She even explained that she can't even put her face in a bowl of water because it freaks her out.

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6.Amanda Seyfried wished she never agreed to sing live while playing Cosette in Tom Hooper's film adaptation of Les Misérables in 2012. She explained her voice was "pretty weak" and she considers singing live for that movie her "one regret."

closeup of her in the film

7.Harrison Ford reportedly hated doing the voice-over moment in Blade Runner. He called it a "fucking nightmare" and said they had previously agreed on a version of the film without voice-over, however, he was forced to do it in the end after the studio reportedly mandated it.

voice over saying, they don't advertisse for killers in a newspaper that was my profession, ex-cop, ex-blade runner, ex-killer

8.Kate Winslet revealed that the only reason she regrets the famous "Draw me like one of your French girls" scene in Titanic is because she is often asked to sign the photo by fans when she attends events. Years ago, she started telling people that she won't sign it.

rose saying the line to jack and then him starting to draw

9.Sharon Stone has talked at length about how she felt exploited by the scene in Basic Instinct when her character is being interviewed by the police. In her memoir, Sharon recalled being asked to take off her underwear during the scene, after being told nothing would be visible on film. When she viewed the final scene, she said she slapped director Paul Verhoeven across the face.

her sitting in a leather chair wearing a mini dress in the scene

10.Following the release of Juno, Elliot Page said he regrets the scene where Juno makes an anti-gay comment while discussing potential baby names. He said at the time, it wasn't something that "totally registered," but he now sees the harm in the statement.

his character saying, madison? wait hold on isnt' that like a little gay

11.Emilia Clarke didn't like the amount of nudity that was expected of her during Game of Thrones Season 1 and actually felt comfortable pushing back and requesting less in the following seasons. She says she was "fortunate" Jason Momoa took care of her on set during the first season and made sure the nudity scenes were handled with care.

their characters up close having to film the nude scenes

12.Ryan Reynolds regrets agreeing to appear as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine because it wasn't the version of Deadpool he wanted to do. "It was sort of like, 'Play Deadpool in this movie or we’ll get someone else to,'" Ryan explained. "And I just said, 'I'll do it, but it's the wrong version. Deadpool isn't correct in it.'"

his character in the elevator and then in a see through sort of outfit

He called it a "very frustrating experience," especially because he was already attached to the solo Deadpool movie.

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13.For the film Deliverance, Burt Reynolds dove off of a waterfall and ended up cracking his tailbone on a rock at the bottom. At the time, Burt was adamant about performing his own stunt after seeing the same stunt with a dummy that didn't look realistic. Not only did he injure himself, but he was trapped in the water afterwards.

his fall into the water

14.Looking back on Sex and the City, Kristin Davis said her least favorite sex scene to film was in Season 3 when Charlotte sleeps with a man who shouts obscene things in her face. She wished she never had to do the scene.

the character telling her, you fucking bitch, you fucking whore

"I hated it. I hated it. I hated it so much," Kristen continued and said it was her least favorite scene she's ever filmed for the show.


15.And finally, Bruce Campbell expressed regret in letting Ellen Sandweiss film the moment in The Evil Dead when the tree attacks and assaults Cheryl. "I was always against it — and I'm still against it — because I thought it was too much. It was not necessary to show the full monty; you could have implied it differently," Bruce said. "You could always guarantee in a full crowd that somebody was going to walk out, and rightfully so."

her character outside with a tree grabbing her legs