14 Popular Movies From 2022 That Ended Up Being Suuuuper Overrated

🚨Warning: There are major spoilers ahead!🚨

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which popular movies from 2022 they actually hated. Here's what some of them said:

1.The Batman

Robert Pattinson as "The Batman"

"I actually really like the cast, so I was excited for this, but oh wow, was this bad. Why was it so long? Why was Bruce Wayne always dripping wet? Why did he need to explain every Riddler clue in excruciating detail? Why were the sea walls literally not mentioned once until they blew? Dear God, why the voiceover? I kept thinking it would get better, and it just…didn’t."


Warner Bros. / Everett

2.Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

The Scarlet Witch

"I was so excited to see different multiverses, but then, it was just a montage, and they went through them all in, like, five seconds. And then, once we get to the main multiverse, all of the characters die in it. What kind of crap is that?"


"Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was absolutely awful. The writing was poor, and the direction they took several of the characters ruined them — especially Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch. I’ve LOVED Elizabeth Olsen in that role, and they just ruined her completely. Also, the fight scene with music notes, what in the hell was that?!"


Marvel / Everett


Screenshot from "Blonde"

"The fact that it's a COMPLETELY FICTITIOUS REIMAGINING of someone's life that the writer or director never even knew is enough for it to be a flaming pile of trash."


Netflix / Everett

4.Black Adam

The Rock in "Black Adam"

"Black Adam was meh. Generic superhero storyline. Adding too many details in a two-hour time span. I really didn't enjoy it."


"They just can't seem to make a good DC movie. The Rock was cool in it, but even he can't carry a movie with a plot that is both convoluted AND ridiculously predictable at the same time."


Warner Bros. / Everett


Screenshot from "Nope"

"Alien stuff usually really freaks me out, so I thought this movie was going to terrify me. I guess I’m just not that scared of a flying donut that won’t eat you if you don’t look at it?"


Universal / Everett

6.Thor: Love and Thunder

Screenshot from "Thor: Love and Thunder"

"I had high hopes for a movie coming from Taika Waititi, who made Thor: Ragnarok. Even Kevin Feige said it’d be very similar to the last movie, but they turned every single thing into a joke. Thor’s pain? A joke. The snap they turned into an ice cream shop? A joke. Thor's relationships? A joke. They even somehow made Jane's cancer...a joke. And it was an awful joke."


"I think Love and Thunder might be the most disappointing movie I’ve seen in a few years. It went so overboard with comedy that it hurt to watch. Thor himself was also just really unlikable in the movie."


"Thor: Love and Thunder was a bit of a pointless mess; it disappointed me for sure."


Marvel / Everett

7.Don't Worry Darling

Screenshot from "Don't Worry Darling"

"I was excited about it a year ago. I’m a fan of Olivia Wilde both in front and behind the camera. The beginning started out fine. The cinematography was beautiful, and the costumes were gorgeous, but the storyline was basic even if there was a 'twist.' It's not the worst movie to come out in 2022 but not the best."


Warner Bros. / Everett

8.Top Gun: Maverick

Miles Teller in "Top Gun: Maverick"

"What a load of jingoistic, smug bollocks. The Kilmer scenes were a nice touch, though."


"Formulaic and boring."


Paramount / Everett


Amy Adams in "Disenchanted"

"I can’t really think of a movie that has come out this year that wasn’t disappointing. I’ve already said this in another comment section, but Disenchanted was pretty disappointing. The music was just rambling. The story was interesting, and it started out decently, but it’s like the writers just gave up trying part way through and slapped something together. It could have been really good with just a few tweaks to the plot and a few more catchy songs. There was almost no humor in it either."


Disney / Everett


Mia Goth in "Pearl"

"Pearl was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen in my life. Terrible acting. Bad dialogue. Stupid story. Not scary at all. I rented it for $6. What a waste."



11.The Gray Man

Screenshot from "The Gray Man"

"The Gray Man was meh."


Netflix / Everett

12.Jurassic World: Dominion

Screenshot from "Jurassic World: Dominion"

"I want my time and money back."


Universal / Everett

13.My Policeman

Screenshot from "My Policeman"

"My Policeman was pretty blah. I expected more of a story. People hype up Harry Styles, but as an actor, he’s just meh."


Prime Video / Everett

14.And Hocus Pocus 2

Screenshot from "Hocus Pocus 2"

"I’m always skeptical when it comes to sequels because it’s rare that it lives up to or surpasses the original. But this just wasn’t good, and I love the original. I still remember seeing the first one in theaters when I was 7."


Disney / Everett

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