14 Screenshots That Prove Just How Much Food We Waste Every Single Day

1.These buckets and buckets of rice thrown out at the end of a shift:

A restaurant's kitchen has seven metal server tubs full of white and brown rice
u/PsychoSyren / Via reddit.com

2.This trash can that a restaurant fills with noodles every single night:

An industrial-sized trash can is nearly halfway full of just noodles
u/pootatoifhelp / Via reddit.com

3.This 200 pounds of food thrown out from a college kitchen:

Another large trash can full of food, with a caption that says this is from one kitchen in one night on a college campus that has dozens of similar kitchens
u/Ok_Check9774 / Via reddit.com

4.This dumpster full of fruit that was only on shelves for a single day:

The dumpster is so full of fruit that it's literally overflowing, with peaches and bananas spilling onto the ground
u/PatienceTalbott / Via reddit.com

5.These bags of donuts tossed out on a daily basis:

Four large plastic bags full of donuts, with a caption that says this is what they throw away every day after a shift at Krispy Kreme
u/LemonWaluigi / Via reddit.com

6.These pastries that were basically made just to fill up a trash bin:

The bin is full of bread and pastries, with a caption that says they were all made less than an hour ago
u/Diamondguy7205 / Via reddit.com

7.This pile of perfectly good bread at the supermarket, destined for the landfill:

A huge pile of plastic-sealed loaves of bread sits in the middle of an aisle; the pile is so large that it takes up much of the aisle
u/EnAyJay / Via reddit.com

8.This single afternoon's worth of uneaten, unsold pizzas:

Approximately 40 boxes of pizza are stacked on top of each other
u/JostlingAlmonds / Via reddit.com

9.These prepackaged sandwiches that could've easily been given to employees instead:

A trash can full of factory sealed sandwiches, with a caption that reads "they can't pay a living wage, but I'll waste hundreds on food waste"
u/sirpentious / Via reddit.com

10.This perfectly good produce that it pains me to look at:

A trash can filled to the brim with fresh fruits and vegetables
u/sapphoandherdick / Via reddit.com

11.These pies that got put in the trash because they weren't completely ~perfect~:

A group of six pies being thrown away because the packaging they're in was dented; the pies themselves were unaffected
u/Sorrelfoot / Via reddit.com

12.These salads that are probably only a day past the expiration date:

Prepackaged salads, lettuce, and other produce fill up a large trash bin
u/malcifer11 / Via reddit.com

13.These snacks that the manager insisted on tossing because they weren't "fresh":

A variety of packaged goods, including fruit, sandwiches, and drinks, stacked up on a counter to be thrown away; there are so many of them, the counter is completely full
u/ChocolateOfficer69 / Via reddit.com

14.And finally, these bins with $50,000 worth of ice cream down the drain and melting in the sun:

The back of a trash truck shows it's completely full of sealed ice cream containers
u/Food4Tought / Via reddit.com

H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating