‘13 Reasons Why’: Get Schooled on the Real Ages of the Cast

13 Reasons Why left viewers with a lot of burning questions (enough to warrant a second season, if you ask us), and most of them are serious and important queries in the aftermath of teenager Hannah Baker’s suicide. But one of the biggest unexplained mysteries surrounding the binge-worthy Netflix drama is how one high school can have so many attractive, acne-free teens?

The main characters in Netflix’s adaption of Jay Asher’s YA novel are depicted as high school sophomores and juniors. But is it just us, or does teen Tony look more like a 30-year-old man? We know kids grow up fast these days, but puberty seems to have passed right by the town of Crestmont.

We launched an investigation into the real ages of the 13 Reasons Why cast and found out why these impossibly hot high schoolers didn’t just get a glow up from sophomore to junior year.

13 Reasons Why is currently streaming on Netflix.