13 Halloween Movies for Scaredy Cats

Let’s just be honest: being scared isn’t fun. At least, not for everyone. So entering Halloween — aka “spooky season” — can be pretty hard, especially when it comes to finding movies to watch. Well, it’s a good thing you’re here.

Because the thing is, Halloween movies are a core piece of celebrating the holiday. You get together with friends, you break into the candy early, turn off all the lights and get cozy for the night. But if you’re a big ol’ scaredy cat (like this writer is more than secure enough to admit she is), those nights are significantly harder.

So, we went ahead and rounded up 13 of the best Halloween movies that you’ll be guaranteed to still get a good, nightmare-free sleep after.

Bette Midler Hocus Pocus
Walt Disney Studios

Hocus Pocus — “Hocus Pocus” is a classic for a reason. Though the first 10 minutes or so do feature a semi-traumatizing death of a little girl, the film has more hijinks than jump scares. You can catch it 10 times during this year’s “31 Nights of Halloween” programming on Freeform, or stream it (and its sequel) on Disney+.

rocky horror

The Rocky Horror Picture Show — Similar to “Hocus Pocus,” this movie is a cult classic. It doesn’t technically take place on Halloween, but fans have taken to watching it religiously right around the holiday. So we’re gonna go ahead and count it. This year, you can stream it on Hulu.

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Fun Size — This is one of the few Halloween comedies where there are no real monsters or spirits, just a bunch of silliness. Starring Victoria Justice as Wren (plus a pre-“Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” Jane Levy as an added bonus), the movie follows her as she tries to find her little brother who ran off, while she also tries to attend the biggest Halloween party of the year. It’s very teenage, and very fun. The movie is currently available through Starz.


The “Halloweentown” Franchise — We’ll concede that Kalabar can be pretty terrifying at times, but for the most part, the “Halloweentown” movies are good, non-scary fun. Debbie Reynolds would never lead us astray. You can currently watch all three on Disney+.


It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown — Clocking in at 25 minutes, this may be more of a TV special than a movie, but it’s still an event. You can stream it on Apple TV+ right before bed, and sleep soundly immediately after.

Hubie Halloween — It takes place in Salem, on Halloween, and there’s real monsters and ghosts, but don’t get nervous. Adam Sandler doesn’t have a scary bone in his body. “Hubie Halloween” follows him as Hubie DuBois, who diligently protects his fellow citizens on Halloween, whether they want him to or not. You can watch “Hubie Halloween” on Netflix.

casper 1995
Universal Pictures

Casper — Is it weird to still get a rush from the moment a tweenage Devon Sawa asks a young Christina Ricci “can I keep you?” while they dance at a Halloween party? Maybe. But no Halloween movie night is complete without Casper. You can stream it on Peacock.

Paramount Pictures

The Addams Family — There’s a reason that Christina Ricci is considered the unofficial Queen of Halloween. Between “Casper” and her work as Wednesday Addams, it’s impossible to keep her off your screens at Halloween. But the best thing about “The Addams Family” is that, not only will it not scare you, but it also shows you exactly how to do relationships right, thanks to Morticia and Gomez Addams. You can watch it on Paramount+.

Nightmare Before Christmas

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas — Yes, yes, there’s the debate of if this is a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie. We won’t get into that, we’ll simply let you watch and decide for yourself, because fortunately, it’s a Tim Burton film that isn’t disturbing. You can stream it now on Disney+.


10. The Curse of Bridge Hollow — Like “Hubie Halloween,” this movie is immediately comforting just based on the comedian who’s in it: Marlon Wayans. He’s a Halloween-hating dad who gets sucked into hunting down a real-life spirit with his daughter, and saving the neighborhood to boot. You can watch it on Netflix.

Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures

11. Goosebumps — Yes, the R.L. Stine books may have terrified you as a kid. But when Jack Black is playing Stine, and hunting down his monsters, all you’ll find is fun and joy. Trust us, you’ll be OK with “Goosebumps.” You can stream it now on Netflix.

Michael Keaton Beetlejuice
Michael Keaton in “Beetlejuice” (Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

12. Beetlejuice — If you’re leaving a movie with a Harry Belafonte song stuck in your head, you are definitely not scared. Such is the case with “Beetlejuice.” Again, not set at Halloween, but Michael Keaton’s trickster spirit has become a go-to Halloween costume. So he earns a spot here. You can watch it on Max.

The Movie Database
The Movie Database

13. Twitches — They’re twins, and they’re witches — they’re Twitches! Starring Tia and Tamera Mowry, this Disney Channel Original Movie might be a little rough for youngins, simply because of the villain known as “The Darkness,” but otherwise, it’s just Halloweeny twin hijinks. You can stream it, and the sequel, on Disney+.

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