‘13 Going on 30’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

Thirty, flirty and thriving! Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo have remained firmly in the spotlight since starring in the 2004 romantic comedy 13 Going on 30, but even the most diehard fans might need an update on other members of the cast. The Alias alum played Jenna Rink, a 13-year-old girl who traveled to the future to see what her life would be like when she was 30. Garner starred alongside Ruffalo (Matt Flamhaff), Judy Greer (Lucy Wyman), Andy Serkis (Richard Kneeland), Samuel Ball (Alex Carlson), Christa B. Allen (Young Jenna) and Sean Marquette (Young Matt) in the beloved chick flick. Despite the ongoing popularity of the film, Garner shot down the idea of a sequel in April 2019. “What, like 15 Going on 50?” she joked during an appearance on Good Morning America. “Let’s simmer down! Leave well enough alone!” The actress was, however, game to reflect on her memories from shooting the movie. “Judy Greer, working with Judy,” she said of her favorite part of working on the project. “We had so much fun together. She was my frenemy, and we’re still really good friends.” Serkis agreed with Garner’s assessment of a reboot of sorts. “No! Definitely not,” he exclusively told Us Weekly in November 2018. “Once is plenty. It was really fun to work on, but …” The actor has nothing but fondness for his experience, though. “I actually loved the film,” he continued. “I just have to kind of, sort of hold my head every time people say, ‘Can you do the ‘Thriller’ dance?’ I have to kind of go, ‘Oh, my God.’ But Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo’s relationship in that is absolutely gorgeous. I love that film.” In recent years, viewers noticed even more famous faces in the movie, thanks to bit roles as Six Chicks for now-stars Brie Larson and Ashley Benson. “Oh yeah, that’s pretty good!” the Captain Marvel actress exclusively told Us in December 2015 when asked about her part. “Photos of that have been resurfacing recently. That’s hilarious.” Ruffalo, meanwhile, was not aware that his Avengers: Endgame costar Larson was in 13 Going on 30 until someone pointed it out to him. “She was a mean girl! Oh, my God, that’s amazing. Wow, I didn’t know that,” he told Entertainment Tonight in April 2019. “We didn’t work together [on that movie].” Scroll through the gallery below to see what the cast of 13 Going on 30 is up to today!