13 Editor-Loved Healthy Meal Delivery Services Worth Trying in 2022

healthy meal delivery

Purple Carrot

Best Meal Kit

people - 40 Available at Blue Apron

Best Prepared Meals

people - 60 BUY IT

Best Organic

people - 72 Available at Green Chef

Best Paleo

people - 52 Available at Sunbasket

Best Vegetarian

people - 109 Available at Sprinly

Best Low Carb

people - 36 Available at Home Chef

Best for Families

people - 58 Available at HelloFresh

Best for Individuals

people - 54 Available at Daily Harvest

Best for Fitness Buffs

people - 54 Available at Fresh n' Lean

Best Vegan

people - 72 Available at Purple Carrot

Best for Novice Cooks

people - 59 Available at Hungryroot

Best for Quick Meals

people - 68 Available at Gobble

Best Variety

people - 48 Available at Freshly

Want to eat healthier? There are many ways to clean up your diet, such as cooking at home instead of eating out, swapping processed foods for whole foods, and incorporating more vegetables and fruits into your meals. Setting a goal is one thing, but making a plan of action is another. That's where healthy meal delivery services come into play.

Signing up for a healthy meal delivery service almost guarantees you'll enjoy a balanced meal every day of the week. And on top of that, you don't have to worry about finding recipes, shopping for ingredients, or spending hours meal prepping. Plus, meal subscriptions can help you save money and reduce the amount of food waste in your household.

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There are meal delivery services for novice and seasoned home chefs alike. If you like to cook, you can choose a meal kit company that allows you to prepare your food. HelloFresh, Blue Apron, and Green Chef are popular picks because of their extensive menus and serving size options, which are ideal for both couples and families. Each recipe includes pre-measured (and sometimes pre-chopped) ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions on cards you can use over and over again.

Those with busy schedules should consider a microwavable meal delivery service like Factor (also known as Factor75) or Fresh n' Lean. These brands offer ready-to-eat one-serving entrées that take just a few minutes to heat up.

Below, check out the top healthy meal delivery services, all tested and loved by PEOPLE staffers.

Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services

Before signing up for a meal delivery service, it's important to know what it offers in terms of pricing, menu options, meal plans, and serving sizes. Scroll down to learn more about each one, plus read honest reviews from writers who tried them.

Best Meal Kit: Blue Apron


  • Step-by-step cooking instructions

  • Menu options for both vegetarians and meat eaters

  • Great for families and couples

  • Teaches culinary skills

  • Sustainable packaging

  • Discounts offered regularly


  • Only available in two or four servings

  • No free shipping

Menu, Plans, and Pricing: Blue Apron's meal plans include the Signature, Vegetarian, Wellness, and Signature for Four menus. Every plan besides the Signature for Four comes with two servings, making Blue Apron a great meal delivery service for couples, families, and individuals who don't mind leftovers. The menu changes every week and features chef-crafted recipes with seasonal produce and humanely raised meats. Overall, the entire menu is fairly health-conscious. Examples of Blue Apron dishes include Italian Chicken and Zucchini with Pesto-Pepper Rice and One-Pan Chickpea and Curry Shakshuka. Weekly deliveries cost between $40 and $120, depending on the number of servings and recipes in your order.

What Writer Samantha Jones Liked: "Blue Apron is hands down the best meal delivery service I've tried so far. I loved the quality of the ingredients and the variety of the menu, and Blue Apron's easy-to-follow instructions helped me strengthen my cooking skills. Though I initially tried Blue Apron in order to review it, I ended up asking for a subscription to it for Christmas because I enjoyed the meals so much!"

What Samantha Didn't Like: "The only real con for me was the length of time it takes to make each meal — usually 45 minutes to an hour. As someone with a busy after-work schedule, it was sometimes difficult to fit in an hour of cooking, plus another 30 minutes of cleanup time, before dinner."

Favorite Meal Samantha Tried: Truffle and Fontina Burgers

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healthy meal delivery

Best Prepared Meals: Factor


  • Delivered fresh, not frozen

  • Take just two minutes to heat up

  • Keto, mindful-calorie, and plant-based meal plans

  • Unique and flavorful recipes

  • Nice portions for individual servings

  • Free shipping


  • Not suitable for couples or families (single-serving meals only)

  • Limited number of vegan options

Menu, Plans, and Pricing: Factor has four meal plans to choose from: Chef's Choice, Keto, Calorie Smart, and Vegan/Vegetarian. As far as the menus go, Factor couldn't make eating clean any more delicious. Although the recipes rotate weekly, the options include high-protein, low-carb dishes like Creamy Chicken Parmesan with Roasted Broccoli and Garlic Herb Salmon with Celery Root Mash. Plant-based eaters also have flavorful selections, such as Blackened Tofu with Cajun Broccoli and an Italian Chickpea Bowl with Red Pepper Basil Pesto. Factor meal plans cost between $11 and $15 per serving, or $60 to $198 per week.

What Writer Bridget Degnan Liked: "As someone with a busy schedule, I find myself reaching for peanut butter toast or crackers and cheese for dinner when I'm in a rush. Those 'meals' (better known as snacks) obviously lack nutritional value and leave me feeling unsatisfied. With Factor meals, I have protein- and veggie-packed dinners ready to eat in just two minutes. And not only do they meet my nutrition needs, but they also have unbelievable flavors. I loved my free trial from the company so much that my fiancé and I are ordering it ourselves now."

What Bridget Didn't Like: "The only downside to Factor is that it doesn't offer meals with more than one serving. It's not ideal for families or couples who want to cook together."

Favorite Meal Bridget Tried: Grilled Pork Chop with Red Pepper Cauliflower Mash

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healthy meal delivery

Best Organic: Green Chef


  • Certified organic meals

  • Great variety for meat- and plant-based eaters

  • Family-friendly plans

  • Step-by-step cooking instructions with photos

  • Ready to eat in less than an hour


  • Shipping isn't free

  • No meal customization

  • Portion sizes are on the smaller side

Menu, Plans, and Pricing: Green Chef has three straightforward meal plans: Keto + Paleo (high-protein, low-carb), Balanced Living (meat, seafood, and vegetarian), and Plant-Powered (vegan and vegetarian). There are several dishes fit for Mediterranean and gluten-free diets, too. You can choose weekly deliveries of three or four meals with two, four, or six servings per recipe. Green Chef's menu features dishes like Barbecue-Ranch Cauliflower Bowls, Chicken with Lemon-Basil Pistou, and Greek-Style Spaghetti Squash. Green Chef costs $11 to $13 per serving, or between $72 and $276 per week.

What Writer Erica Reagle Liked: "I liked the ability to choose meals based on dietary preferences and restrictions. I also liked the easy-to-follow recipes with photos. Green Chef puts a healthy and unique spin on classic recipes like burgers and fries by adding feta to the beef mixture and substituting regular fries for carrot fries."

What Erica Didn't Like: "Green Chef charges for shipping, which adds to the overall cost of this meal delivery service. I also noticed that most recipes took longer to make than advertised."

Favorite Meal Erica Tried: Greek Feta Burgers

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healthy meal delivery

Best Paleo: Sunbasket


  • Has 10 different meal plans (including paleo and diabetes-friendly)

  • Dietitian-approved recipes

  • Offers both meal kits and microwavable meals

  • Uses organic produce and sustainably sourced proteins

  • Features breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options

  • Mostly reusable and recyclable packaging


  • No free shipping

  • Some recipes are not beginner-friendly

Menu, Plans, and Pricing: If you're looking for a wide variety of recipes, consider Sunbasket's meal delivery service. It has 10 different meal categories, including Paleo, Carb-Conscious, Gluten-Free, Lean & Clean, Diabetes-Friendly, Chef's Choice, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Mediterranean, and Fresh & Ready. Each plan has a ton of options, and some of them overlap dishes. Sunbasket's menu changes every week, but you can expect hearty meals such as Chicken Piccata with Zucchini Noodles and Quinoa Tofu Bowls with Pickled Vegetables. Meal kits with two or four servings take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to make while microwavable meals for one are ready to eat in just a few minutes. Sunbasket meals start at $9.99 per serving and go up to $14.49 per serving.

What Writer Bridget Degnan Liked: "Sunbasket's recipes feature foods I don't usually grab at the grocery store. The creative recipes help me step out of my comfort zone to prepare proteins like steak and seafood. I love all the sauces and toppings that come with each dish. The meals are flavorful, full of texture, and perfectly portioned."

What Bridget Didn't Like: "I prefer the meal kits over the microwavable meals. The meal kits are about the same price and have more exciting recipes to choose from."

Favorite Meal Bridget Tried: Fish Po' Boy Bowl with Tomato Relish and Chipotle Mayo

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healthy meal delivery

Best Vegetarian: Sprinly


  • Menu is approved by nutritionists and doctors

  • Microwavable meals that heat up in three minutes

  • Meals are 100 percent plant-based and gluten-free

  • Delivered fresh

  • Unique recipes with bold flavors

  • Shipping is free


  • More expensive than other services

  • Limited menu options

  • No meat dishes

Menu, Plans, and Pricing: Sprinly has an entirely plant-based and gluten-free menu that features veggie-heavy recipes made with organic ingredients. It's a prepared meal delivery service, meaning the meals are delivered fresh and are ready to eat after a few minutes in the microwave. Some popular menu items include Amalfi Lentil Bolognese with Gluten-Free Pasta and Cashew Parmesan and Zucchini Noodle Pesto with Sun-Dried Tomato Cakes. Each entrée provides one generous serving that can possibly feed two people, depending on your hunger level. You can order six, 12, or 18 dishes a week, costing about $17 per serving.

What Writer Bridget Degnan Liked: "Sprinly meals are super fresh and a great option for people who want to up their vegetable intake. Even though I don't follow a plant-based diet, I love trying veggie versions of my favorite foods. For example, I tried Sprinly's vegan mac and cheese and lentil sliders — they were different but just as delicious as their non-vegetarian counterparts. My order included fresh salads and microwavable meals, so they all made for quick lunch and dinner solutions."

What Bridget Didn't Like: "The menu features a lot of the same meals every week and not many options in general."

Favorite Meal Bridget Tried: Zucchini Noodle Pesto with Sun-Dried Tomato Cakes

healthy meal delivery

Best Low Carb: Home Chef


  • Majority of the menu is high-protein, low-carb meals

  • Several recipes can be customized (swapping proteins)

  • Offers meal kits, oven-ready entrées, and 15-minute meals

  • Add-ons include desserts, proteins, and sides

  • Meal kits are sold in select grocery stores

  • Servings for two, four, or six people


  • Only two vegetarian options per week

  • No vegan menu items available

  • Shipping isn't free

Menu, Plans, and Pricing: If you want high-protein and low-carb meals, Home Chef has an excellent menu for you. Most of its recipes feature lean animal proteins, such as ground turkey and chicken, along with creative side dishes like spicy sweet potatoes and celery, apple, and almond salad. Whether you prefer recipes that can be made in under 30 minutes or would strictly like low-calorie dishes, you can easily navigate the menu thanks to its helpful filters. Plus, there are different options every week, so you always have new offerings to choose from. When signing up, you can select two, four, or six servings and between two and six recipes per week. Depending on your order, you'll spend $36 to $324 on each shipment, which translates to about $9 a serving.

What Writer Madison Yauger Liked: "I love how easy Home Chef recipes are to follow. I'm a vegetarian (99 percent of the time) and I had never cooked chicken. But I thought the Huli Huli Chicken & Rice sounded delicious, so I went for it. Apart from the pan spitting oil at me, it was easy to cook and tasted surprisingly good."

What Madison Didn't Like: "Home Chef doesn't have as many vegetarian options as other meal delivery services."

Favorite Meal Madison Tried: Cheese Tortellini Peperonata

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healthy meal delivery

Best for Families: HelloFresh


  • Recipes are easy to prepare yet still teach you valuable cooking skills

  • Offers six different menu categories

  • Features 35 different recipes each week

  • Has low-calorie, carb-smart, pescatarian, and vegetarian options

  • Customers can see up to six weeks' worth of menu offerings

  • Plenty of family-friendly options


  • Only offers meals with two or four serving sizes

  • Menu doesn't have keto, paleo, or vegan labels

  • Shipping isn't free

Menu, Plans, and Pricing: HelloFresh is arguably the best meal delivery service for families because of its kid-friendly menu and serving sizes. The company has tasty yet healthy options that can feed up to four adults for as little as $8 a serving and a total of six meal plans: Meat & Veggies, Veggie, Family Friendly, Fit & Wholesome, Quick & Easy, and Pescatarian. There are about 35 different dishes to choose from every week, with some crowd favorites being the Mozzarella & Herb Chicken and Beef & Cheese Tostadas. You can add between two and six meals to each shipment.

What Writer Leah Channas Liked: "I am someone who craves flavor and variety, so you won't catch me eating a plain salad. I continue to order HelloFresh meals because they're delicious and the brand keeps my deliveries from feeling stale through its menu rotations. By changing up the recipes, I'm introduced to new entrees and combinations, something I did not experience with my go-to grocery hauls."

What Leah Didn't Like: "Some of the meals are slightly less filling. The Mediterranean Baked Veggies barely provided enough food for one serving, so I had to add some spinach to the base to create a more substantial meal."

Favorite Meal Leah Tried: Honey Miso Broccoli Donburi

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healthy meal delivery

Best for Individuals: Daily Harvest


  • Offers smoothies, grain bowls, and other plant-based eats

  • Most meals/snacks are very quick and easy to prepare

  • Recipes are packed with produce

  • Foods are frozen and good for several months

  • Suitable for busy individuals

  • Free shipping


  • Some items are more suitable as a snack than a meal

  • You need to use your own milk in smoothies, oat bowls, and chia bowls

Menu, Plans, and Pricing: Daily Harvest is a frozen meal delivery service that offers a variety of plant-based meals, snacks, and desserts. The menu features smoothies, harvest bowls, oven-ready dishes, flatbreads, soups, vegan ice cream, and more. One of the best parts about Daily Harvest is that it's always expanding its menu. Not only does it add new recipes every now and then, but it also launches new categories. Some items, like smoothies, require minimal prep while others, such as chia bowls, need to be defrosted or soak overnight. Daily Harvest has three delivery options: nine, 14, or 24 items per order. Each product has its own price, but costs usually range from $6 to $9 each.

What Writer Madison Yauger Liked: "Daily Harvest is great for people focusing on a plant-based diet. It does a really good job of creating staple meals like soups and flatbreads using premium ingredients like kale, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes. The menu is varied with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert, so there's plenty of variety."

What Madison Didn't Like: "The portions can be a little small, as they're designed to reduce food waste, so for hearty eaters, some of the meals may not be enough. However, Daily Harvest released new oven-ready meals this month with significantly larger servings."

Favorite Meal Madison Tried: Spiced pear & cranberry and strawberry & peach smoothies

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healthy meal delivery

Best for Fitness Buffs: Fresh n' Lean


  • Microwavable meals ready to eat in three minutes

  • Breaks down macros for each dish

  • Menu options for a variety of diets like vegan and keto

  • Meals feature organic produce and free-range animal proteins

  • Offers breakfast options

  • Between 400 and 600 calories per serving

  • Free shipping


  • Won't help develop cooking skills

  • No vegetarian menu (only vegan)

Menu, Plans, and Pricing: Fresh n' Lean offers macro-friendly microwavable meals across six different categories, including Protein+, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Low Carb Vegan, and Whole30 Approved. Each meal clearly states its protein, fat, and carb content as well as calorie count. Along with lunch and dinner options, the healthy meal delivery service also has breakfast items that can help you stay on track all day long. Fresh n' Lean deliveries cost between $54 and $205 per week, which comes out to about $10 a serving. Customers are able to order five or seven days' worth of meals at a time.

What Writer Barbara Bellesi Zito Liked: "Microwavable meals tend to get a bad rap, with the main drawbacks being that they're tasteless and barely resemble the food they claim to be. Fresh n' Lean will make you a believer in microwave meals! Not only were many of the options delicious, but the food actually LOOKED like what it claimed to be. No more mystery meat here!"

What Barbara Didn't Like: "Some of Fresh n' Lean's meals are expensive. Fresh n' Lean does offer precooked food in bulk for that reason, but you will pay more for the convenience of the precooked foods."

Favorite Meal Barbara Tried: Tie between the Beanless Chili Con Carne (Keto plan) and the Kung Pao Chicken and Brown Rice with Sweet Potatoes (Paleo plan)

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healthy meal delivery

Best Vegan: Purple Carrot


  • Entirely plant-based menu

  • Has breakfast, lunch, and dinner options

  • Generous portion sizes

  • Features recipes with international spices and sauces

  • Most of the packaging is recyclable

  • Shipping is free


  • Advanced recipes that aren't ideal for beginners

  • Meals take longer to make than other services (up to 50 minutes)

Menu, Plans, and Pricing: Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal delivery service that offers both meal kits and prepared meals. The meal kits take an average of 30 minutes to whip up and come with two or four servings while the ready-to-eat meals require just two minutes in the microwave and feed one person. Past menu items include Root Vegetable Skillet and Seitan Asada Tacos. You'll receive three or four dinners in every shipment depending on your preference. Weekly deliveries cost between $72 and $120, which is around $11 per serving.

What Writer Maria Masters Liked: "I was so impressed with Purple Carrot's vegan recipes. Their meals were bursting with flavor, surprisingly filling, and nutritionally well-rounded. Some of the recipes had upwards of 20 grams of protein, which cut back on my desire to snack before bed."

What Maria Didn't Like: "Purple Carrot's recipes might be hard for beginner cooks (though they might be fun or challenging for people who are better at cooking than I am). They also aren't quick to make — even their easy recipes can take 30 minutes or more to prepare."

Favorite Meal Maria Tried: Crispy Bombay Potatoes with Beluga Lentils and Cauliflower Florets

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healthy meal delivery

Best for Novice Cooks: Hungryroot


  • Majority of meals take 15 minutes to prepare

  • Generates a personalized menu based on your needs

  • Customers can swap or remove ingredients

  • Lots of plant-based recipes

  • Beginner-friendly (features about four ingredients per dish)

  • Offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options


  • Not your typical meal delivery service (groceries instead of meal kits)

  • Limited amount of meat recipes

  • Shipping is only free for orders over $70

Menu, Plans, and Pricing: Hungryroot is basically an online grocery store that provides you with ingredients and chef-designed recipes based on your eating habits and dietary needs. Your one and only job is to fill out a questionnaire that asks you about how many people you're feeding and what types of foods you like and dislike. The delivery service carries top-rated brands like Banza, Kite Hill, and Beyond Meat. The recipes are simple enough for beginner cooks but will still leave you feeling satisfied. You can expect to see meal ideas like Beyond Meatball Pesto Rotini and Spicy Vegan Chorizo + Potato Tacos.

What Writer Debbie Wolfe Liked: "One of my favorite things was the portion sizes, which were a satisfying amount. For the most part, I did not have to supplement other ingredients from my fridge and pantry — just a few seasonings and hot sauce. The cooking process is straightforward and ideal for busy households or newbie cooks that want nourishing meals without all the work."

What Debbie Didn't Like: "I did have one container of cookie dough that was cracked on the edge, but nothing spilled into the box during shipping. The ingredients are packaged in quite a bit of plastic, typical of what you'd find in a grocery store, but most of it is recyclable."

Favorite Meal Debbie Tried: Plant-Based Cookie Dough

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healthy meal delivery

Best for Quick Meals: Gobble


  • Meals take just 15 minutes to cook

  • Beginner-friendly recipes with step-by-step instructions

  • Offers gluten-free, high-protein, and vegetarian options

  • Add-ons include sides and desserts

  • Kid-friendly menu options


  • No free shipping

  • Lack of ingredient transparency

  • Single-use plastic packaging

Menu, Plans, and Pricing: Want a happy medium between microwavable meals and meal kits? Consider Gobble's 15-minute dishes. This meal delivery service is a solid choice for people with busy schedules or beginner-level cooking skills who still want hot lunches and dinners. There are two meal plans — Classic and Lean & Clean — so the latter is the best option for health-conscious eaters. The Lean & Clean menu includes meals consisting of lean proteins, healthy fats, and nutrient-rich vegetables with less 600 calories, such as Seared Salmon with Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Honey-Harissa Shrimp with Cauliflower & Broccoli Couscous. Unfortunately, there are only three Lean & Clean options available each week; however, the Classic menu features plenty of delicious recipes. You can order between two and five meals each week that feed two or four people. Prices range from $12 to $17 per serving, or $68 to $240 per week.

What Writer Samantha Jones Liked: "Gobble is a super convenient service if you want the flavor and quality of a home-cooked meal without the long prep time. I really liked the convenience of having partially prepped ingredients sent to my doorstep, so I only had to spend about 15 minutes in the kitchen."

What Samantha Didn't Like: "I'm really mindful about the quality of the ingredients I consume and how they're sourced, but Gobble doesn't provide much information about where the ingredients in its meals come from or what quality standards it holds its suppliers to. I also found the quality of the meals to be slightly lower than other services I've tried, but the convenience of the service outweighed the lower quality in my opinion."

Favorite Meal Samantha Tried: Croque Madame

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healthy meal delivery

Best Variety: Freshly


  • Microwavable meals

  • Entirely gluten-free menu

  • Veggie-packed recipes

  • Great for low-carb and dairy-free diets

  • Add-ons include proteins and sides


  • Only offers single-serving meals

  • No free shipping

Menu, Plans, and Pricing: Freshly's menu is broken down into five categories, including All Meals, Purely Plant, Signature Collection, FreshlyFit, and Proteins & Sides. Every week, Purely Plant offers about five choices for vegetarians and vegans while FreshlyFit features around 13 low-calorie options. You can expect to see plant-based dishes, like Lentil Pasta with Seasonal Veggies, and protein-packed meals, such as the Keto-Friendly Chicken Bowl and Turkey Meatloaf. The Signature Collection has a variety of meals the whole family can enjoy, including a beef and broccoli entrée and Homestyle Chicken with Mac and Cheese. When browsing the menu, it's easy to see if a meal is soy free, high in protein, dairy free, and less than 500 calories. You can order four to 12 Freshly meals per week, costing an average of $10 per serving.

What Writer Samantha Jones Liked: "I loved the convenience of being able to throw a Freshly meal into the microwave and quickly make a balanced, filling dinner when I'm in a pinch. The dishes were way better than your average grocery store frozen dinner (my favorite was the whitefish cake that I still think about at least once a week), and they kept me full for several hours."

What Samantha Didn't Like: "Freshly doesn't have as many options for people with dietary restrictions or people who like to follow a strict plant-based diet. The brand recently added a new line of sides, proteins, and plant-based entrees, though, so the selection is definitely improving!"

Favorite Meal Samantha Tried: Whitefish Cake with Green Beans

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