The 13 Best Anime Series on Netflix Right Now

Since 2016, Netflix has made it a point to jump in the anime streaming market, with a mission to grow its consumer base by offering fans Japanese anime titles. The platform carries a slate of more than 150 Japanese animation shows and films, and has made lucrative partnerships with anime production houses and companies, like Nippon TV and Production IG. Which means it can be tough to find the best anime to watch on Netflix.

“We value local partnerships that expand our lineup, giving Netflix access to great production houses and talent,” Taiki Sakurai, Chief Producer, Anime at Netflix told TheWrap. “Our vision is to ultimately please a broad fanbase through the variety of our line-up, delivered in your language in a timely manner after broadcast or theatrical release.”

With old, new and Netflix-premiering titles like ““Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures” and “Record of Ragnorak,” the streaming giant has become one of the major forces — and most easily-accessible locations — for anime streaming. And we’re here to help you cut straight to the great stuff with some curated selections.

Here are the 13 best anime series on Netflix right now.