The 13 Best Anime Series on Hulu Right Now

The 13 Best Anime Series on Hulu Right Now
"Dragon Ball Super," "Sailor Moon," "My Hero Academia" (Photo credit: Toei Animation, Studio Bones)

While Hulu houses its original hits like “Handmaid’s Tale,” it’s also where viewers can access some of the most popular anime series, including “Chainsaw Man,” “Spy x Family” and more.

As Disney seemingly inches closer to buying out Comcast’s minority stake, the company has put its majority ownership to good use in many ways, including its commitment to hosting Japanese animation for anime lovers. Hulu’s relationship with Funimation helps it boast its 300-title slate of anime content including “Attack on Titan,” “Naruto” and some of the “Dragon Ball” franchise.

And although Disney chief Bob Iger could also put the streamer— which has a value between $19.8 billion and $27.5 billion — up for sale, anime watchers are enjoying their favorites in the meantime.

Here are the 13 best anime series Hulu has to offer right now.