The 12 Best Dog Harnesses of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

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The Gooby Comfort X Step-In Harness is our top pick

<p>People / Hannah Freedman</p>

People / Hannah Freedman

When it comes to dog gear, a harness is all but essential. With less pressure and tugging on the neck, it's generally more comfortable than a traditional collar, while making it easier for owners to control their pets.

According to Alison Buehler, owner of Dharma Dog Training in New York City, the most important things to consider when buying a harness are the size and fit. "It's definitely worthwhile to measure your dog," she says. "And no matter what harness I use, I like to link it with an extra clip to a flat collar so if they do get out of it, you can grab them by the collar."

So, what harnesses stand out from the rest? We tried 23 on real dogs in real-life settings to find the best-fitting, most durable, user-friendly designs that are not only comfy for animals but also helpful for owners looking for the best pet products to fit their needs.

These are the best dog harnesses that PEOPLE Tested.

Best Overall: Gooby Comfort X Step-In Harness

$22 at

$29 at


  • It's made out of thick, sturdy materials.

  • It has a plastic buckle and double D-rings, so it's quick and easy to get on and attach to a leash.

  • It has a comfortable, hug-like fit that provides a calming effect on a dog.

  • The design distributes pressure on the shoulders instead of the neck to prevent choking.


  • There are no reflective straps for night walking.

Of all the options we tried, the Gooby Comfort X stood out from the rest. This durable dog harness is well-made of thick, sturdy nylon, with a plastic buckle and double D-rings for attaching it to a leash. Putting it on was a piece of cake and was done in less than a minute, thanks to the single-buckle, step-in design.

It's also conveniently adjustable and easy to tighten to a secure fit without putting too much pressure on your pup. The design ensures that the pressure is distributed around the shoulders, instead of the neck, to prevent choking. Attaching the leash was quick and easy too. After testing it out, the hug-like fit appeared comfortable, even providing a calming effect on a typically rambunctious dog. Not only that, but it didn't loosen, slip around, or come off at any point while in use.

This harness decreased the amount of pulling on walks — it even seemed to make the dog walk a bit slower and heel as needed. For those who take their dogs on night walks, be aware that this harness does not have reflective straps. All things considered, we think the price is more than reasonable and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to pretty much any dog owner looking for a harness for walking, hiking, or training.

Material: Nylon | Sizes: S–XL

Best Overall, Runner-Up: Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness

See at

$35 at


  • It's a user-friendly harness with only one attachment point.

  • It provides an excellent fit with easy adjustments.

  • It's comfortable for dogs, and it eliminates neck tugging.

  • This harness features reflective strips for night walking.


  • It was harder to fasten onto more hyper dogs.

We were also really impressed by the Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness, which feels well-made from durable materials. With only one attachment point on the back, it was easy to put on without having to look at any instructions. That said, if your dog is more hyper, it might be harder to slip over their head and fasten it before they wriggle free.

This harness fit well on the husky we tested it on, and you can adjust it as needed. Although you can't really expect huskies not to pull on walks, it seemed to be comfortable with less tugging on the neck than a standard collar. The harness was padded for extra comfort and contained reflective strips for safety during night walks. The price is slightly higher than average for this type of product, but ultimately, we think it's a good value.

Material: Nylon | Sizes: XXS–XL

Best Budget: Copatchy No-Pull Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness with Handle

$13 at

$12 at


  • It was easy to put on and adjust.

  • The single-ring design allows for one-handed leash attachment.

  • Our dog seemed comfortable and happy while wearing it.


  • No instructions were included with the harness.

On a budget? Go with the Copatchy No-Pull Harness. After trying it out firsthand, we were impressed with how sturdy it was, and it was easy to put on, even though it didn't come with any instructions. Adjusting the fit was also a breeze — it took only a few minor tugs to get it right. Due to the single-ring design, we were able to attach the leash one-handed too. It also comes with a handle on top for extra control of your dog as needed.

The dog we tested this harness on seemed comfortable and happy while wearing it. It also appeared to make walks more enjoyable with minimal pulling. He didn't try to wriggle out either, which made things easier.

Material: Nylon | Sizes: XXS–XL

Best Step-In: Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness

$15 at

$15 at


  • The materials are durable but not too heavy.

  • It has an easy Velcro closure with a simple D-ring leash attachment.

  • It is designed to reduce pressure on the dog's neck during walks.


  • It is not adjustable, so it may not be ideal for dogs in between sizes.

  • There are no reflective strips or patches, so it's not ideal for night walks.

If your dog doesn't love an over-the-head harness, the Voyager Step-In Air Harness might be your best bet. The material feels durable but not overly heavy, so it should be comfortable even when worn for long periods in warmer weather. With two leg holes and Velcro closure, putting it on is intuitive. The large double D-ring makes it easy to attach a leash too.

While the harness comes in a range of sizes, from XXXS through XL, we should note this dog harness isn't adjustable, so it might not be a good option for pets in between sizes. It seemed to do its job during walks, keeping the pup secure while reducing pressure on its neck. But since there's no reflective patch, it's not the best for night walks (though you can always add a patch or light yourself). Despite a couple of minor drawbacks, the affordable price makes this product an excellent value.

Material: Mesh, Velcro | Sizes: XXXS–XL

Best for Small Dogs: Found My Animal Water Resistant Harness

$64 at

See at


  • This harness is made with durable materials that have a high-quality, long-lasting feel.

  • It has an easy step-in design.

  • It's lightweight and eliminates all pressure on the dog's neck.


  • It's easier to adjust when the dog isn't wearing it.

  • You can't attach it to a leash one-handed.

With durable webbing and hardware, The Found My Animal Harness has a high-quality, long-lasting feel. The step-in design is also a breeze to put on, but we should note it's a little easier to adjust when your pet isn't wearing it. Since it's designed for dogs and cats, this harness is also a good choice for tinier breeds (it comes in extra-small through extra large, but the largest size is still pretty small).

Though attaching the leash was easy as well, we weren't able to do it one-handed due to the double rings. Still, we liked that this harness eliminated all pressure on the neck area. It's great for walks, offering stability and control without sacrificing comfort. It's on the pricier end for a harness, but all things considered, we think it's well worth the cost.

Material: Rubber-coated webbing | Sizes: XS–XL

Best for Pullers: Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness

$17 at

$26 at


  • This harness is thoughtfully designed with durable materials and reliable buckles.

  • You have the option to attach the leash to the dog's chest or back.

  • It keeps the dog comfy and secure.

  • The harness has reflective strips for night walks.


  • This harness goes over the head, versus step-in, which some dogs may not like.

If your dog tends to pull ahead while on walks, go with the Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness. We loved everything about the design, from the durable materials to the reliable clips and secure buckles. It comes in a variety of colors and features reflective strips for night walking. It's a cinch to get on too — just slip it over your pet's head, clip the belly buckles, and you're good to go. If your dog doesn’t like having the harness go over the head, however, a step-in harness may be a better option.

There are two attachment points for the leash, including one on the front chest and one on the back. Using the chest attachment helps reduce pulling, but the back attachment works well, too, and appears even more comfortable. We have no complaints about this product and are truly amazed by the wallet-friendly price tag — we'd probably pay double for it.

Material: Polyester, nylon | Sizes: XS–XL

Best for Hiking: Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness With Handle

$39 at

See at


  • It has an easy, intuitive design with a one-handed leash attachment.

  • It stays in place and prevents dogs from wriggling out.

  • The harness provides a secure fit that makes walks more enjoyable for owners.

  • It includes reflective trim and a safety light.


  • The single-point back attachment is not ideal for pullers.

A good portable dog water bottle and sturdy harness are essential for hiking. We think the Ruffwear Web Master is also an excellent choice. This dog harness is super easy to get on and a breeze to adjust — we didn't even need to look at the instructions. Attaching the leash with one hand is no problem either. But just a heads up, the single-point attachment on the back encourages pups to drive forward, so it's not ideal if you want to reduce pulling.

This harness makes nature walks feel more secure. It really stays in place, making it nearly impossible for your dog to wriggle out, which ultimately makes the experience less stressful and more enjoyable for the owner. It also features a reflective trim and a safety light for night walks. We wouldn't hesitate to buy this product at full price and would recommend it to anyone looking for a walking or hiking harness.

Material: Nylon | Sizes: XXS–XL

Best Cushioned: Wild One Harness

$44 at

See at


  • It's made with durable, water-repellent materials.

  • It has a secure fit that prevents it from slipping off on walks.

  • The design is aesthetically pleasing with an optional matching leash and poop bag holder.


  • The awkward back loop placement causes some tugging.

For those interested in a cushioned design, we recommend the Wild One Harness. It's not only softly padded but also durable with water-repellent materials that stand up well to rain and mud while being incredibly easy to clean. Putting the harness on took less than one minute. Although attaching the leash is straightforward, we found the loop placement on the back somewhat awkward. Depending on the size and build of your dog, it might cause some uncomfortable tugging.

Still, everything stayed secure on our walks, and we didn't worry about it slipping off whatsoever. We're also big fans of the ample color options, which range from bright hues to neutrals to multi-toned colorways. For such a well-made, aesthetically pleasing harness, we think the price is warranted — and if you buy the Walk Kit, it comes with a matching leash and poop bag carrier.

Material: Polyester, nylon | Sizes: XS–L

Best for Large Dogs: Expawlorer No-Pull Dog Harness with Leash Set

$16 at


  • It's easy to get on with a one-handed leash attachment.

  • The durable design stays secure and can withstand chewing.

  • It includes reflective straps for night walks.

  • It has a handle on the back to support training.


  • The included leash isn't the best quality.

If you and your large pooch like to walk after dark or before sunrise, we suggest the Expawlorer No-Pull Dog Harness. It slips on with ease without bothering the dog's ears, and there's just one buckle to fasten it. The extra-large size can fit dogs with a chest girth of 36 to 46 inches, so it's great for larger breeds. Attaching the leash with one hand is very easy as well. Though getting it on and off is a painless process, this harness is remarkably durable — it won't budge once you secure it, and it could probably withstand chewing. The harness also includes a handle on the back to support training, and an additional D-ring to hang a poop bag.

The reflective straps on the front glow bright when illuminated, so cars will be able to see your pet at night. We liked pretty much everything about this product, except for the included leash, which isn't the best quality. But you can use it with the leash of your choice, and for such an affordable price, we really can't complain.

Material: Polyester | Sizes: M–XL

Best for Car Rides: Kurgo Tru-Fit Dog Harness

$25 at

$28 at


  • This harness is comfortable, thanks to five adjustment points.

  • It's durable with sturdy hardware and reliable stitching.

  • It stays secure on walks while keeping the dog comfortable.


  • It may be too heavy for smaller breeds.

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness is perfect for car trips. It comes with a crash-tested tether with a carabiner clip that can essentially be used as a dog seatbelt to keep your pet in place while you focus on the road. For car safety, this is a great option in addition to a dog car seat. We found this harness very durable and appreciated the sturdy hardware and reliable stitching. That said, the heavy-duty design might actually be too heavy for smaller breeds.

It's easy to get on, though we recommend at least glancing at the instructions first to avoid putting it on upside down. It has five adjustment points, so adjusting the fit around the belly and attaching the leash to the D-ring is a breeze too. We loved how secure this harness felt while walking along busy streets and would feel confident taking a dog nearly anywhere with it.

Material: Seatbelt webbing | Sizes: XS–XL

Best Adjustable: 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

$32 at

$31 at


  • It has a durable design with high-quality materials and a chew warranty.

  • It's comfortable thanks to a customized fit with soft velvet lining.

  • It offers more owner control while minimizing pulling.


  • Putting it on isn't the most intuitive process.

We liked the durable materials and high-quality design of this harness and appreciate that it's backed with a chew warranty. Though putting it on isn't hard per se, figuring out where all the straps and loops go isn't the most intuitive process, so you'll definitely want to read through the instructions first. Once we got the hang of it, it only took a few seconds, and attaching the leash was easy as well.

This harness has a customized fit with four adjustment points and velvet lining to keep your pup comfy while wearing it. Providing more control to the owner while minimizing pulling and reducing tugging at the neck, we found this harness to be an immense help for training and walking purposes. In the end, this product is undeniably a great value.

Material: Nylon, velvet | Sizes: XS–XXL

Best Colors: PoyPet No-Pull Dog Harness

$23 at

$15 at


  • It's easy to adjust and attach the leash one-handed.

  • This harness has an extremely secure design that prevents squirming.

  • It's durable with no signs of wear and tear after two weeks of daily use.


  • The chest attachment point tugs to the side slightly.

We also liked the PoyPet No-Pull Dog Harness, which comes in a whopping 25 color options, ranging from simple black to everyday neutrals to bright, punchy hues. It's easy to get on and adjust to a customized fit, and you can attach the leash one-handed using the front or back attachment point. But we should point out that, depending on your dog, the chest attachment might make the vest pull to the side slightly, which could affect the overall comfort.

This harness felt extremely secure, preventing squirming and giving us peace of mind about the pup trying to break free on walks. It's incredibly durable too — after two weeks of use, it still looked brand new with no signs of wear and tear. All things considered, we think the price is very reasonable and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to any dog owner.

Material: Nylon, mesh | Sizes: XS–XL

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Harness

Fit and Adjustability

The first thing to consider when buying a dog harness is the fit. Many options come in a range of sizes to accommodate various breeds, but ideally, you want something that adjusts, like the 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness. This will help ensure it's not only secure but also comfortable for your pet during walks and training sessions.

Material and Durability

Pay attention to the materials, too, as this can affect durability. The best dog harnesses are often made of webbed nylon (similar to seatbelt materials), which stands up well to tearing, tugging, chewing, and everyday wear and tear. Nylon is also water-resistant and generally very easy to clean. The PoyPet No-Pull Dog Harness is a durable choice, showing no signs of wear after frequent use for two weeks.

Leash Attachment

Dog harnesses usually have one or two leash attachment points on the back and/or chest. According to Buehler, a front clip (on the chest) can be a great training tool for dogs that tend to pull more, "but it's not going to help with really extreme pulling." Something that attaches to the back, like the Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness, will be comfortable on most popular breeds and easy to control, though it may not be the best option for pullers.


Lastly, think about what you plan to use the dog harness for. Some designs are ideal for hiking. For instance, Buehler says, "Vest harnesses can be really good if they have a handle on the back so you can help your dog up a rock if they're struggling to climb."

Other dog harnesses that have reflective strips, like the Expawlorer No-Pull Harness, are ideal for walking after dark. An adjustable dog harness option such as the Gooby Comfort X Step-In Harness is a good choice for various activities, including walking, hiking, and training sessions. If you're spending time around bodies of water or a pool, you might consider also getting a dog life jacket for your pooch.

<p>People / Anna Mejorada</p>

People / Anna Mejorada

How We Tested

We researched today's best dog harnesses and selected 23 to try firsthand on real dogs.

  • Fit: After inspecting the materials and durability, we put each dog harness on a dog, adjusted the fit, and attached the leash.

  • Ease of Use: Next, we tested the dog harnesses out on daily walks over two weeks, noting the dogs' comfort, whether pulling was reduced, if they came loose, and how much control we had.

  • Overall Value: Each dog harness was awarded a score for ease of use, fit, durability, and value, and those with the highest overall ratings were selected for this roundup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to walk a dog with a harness or a collar?

According to Buehler, dog harnesses are safer and less likely to lead to injury while walking a dog. They also tend to be more comfortable than traditional collars, especially for pullers, as they don't put any pressure on the neck. "As a trainer, I love harnesses because [the] dog doesn't really feel the equipment too much," she says. If your dog tends to pull during walks, our top dog harness for pullers is the Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness.

Should a dog harness be tight or loose?

A dog harness shouldn't be too tight or too loose. "You should be able to fit two to three fingers sideways between the harness and your dog's body," says Buehler. "If you get them too loose, and the dog has narrow shoulders, they're going to be able to get out of it." If you're worried about that, a good GPS tracker is always an option, as well. If you're looking for an adjustable dog harness, we like the 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Harness, which has four adjustment points.

Is it okay for a dog to wear a harness all day?

Generally speaking, no. A dog shouldn't wear a dog harness all day. Though they're safe and comfortable to wear on long walks, too much time in a dog harness could cause uncomfortable or even painful rubbing on the skin or lead to sores under the armpits.

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