The 11 Best Shows And Movies Hitting Netflix This Month--We Can't Wait To Watch!

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With every month comes a brand new set of movies and shows to binge as Netflix updates its catalog. Though we lost some gems like Magic Mike’s Last Dance and Where the Crawdads Sing, Netflix is thankfully replacing them with some fan-favorites like Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Eat Pray Love. Keep reading for a list of 11 new movies and TV shows coming to Netflix this May.

1. Madame Web

Madame Web is a brand new movie—it just released in February of 2024, and it's another addition to the Marvel universe. Starring Dakota Johnson alongside Sydney Sweeney and Emma Roberts, this superhero film sees Cassie Webb (Dakota Johnson) suddenly realize she can see into the future, specifically the future of three young women who the villain of the story wants dead. Unable to explain why or how she knows they're in trouble, Cassie must save these three young women before it's too late, all while confronting revelations about her past that somehow have to do with the present.

2. Bridgerton (Season 3)

The fan-favorite Bridgerton returns for Season 3 on Netflix this month, with the first four episodes dropping May 16 and the second four releasing on June 13. Set in the early 1800s in London, the show follows young adults who are being introduced into the social scene to find true love and become a member of society. Packed with love, drama, and old English glitz and glamour, Bridgerton is a must-watch. If you haven't seen it already, now is the perfect time to get started on Season 1 and Season 2—also on Netflix—so you can binge watch Season 3 the moment it drops.

3. Hulk

Another Marvel universe addition to the Netflix catalog is Hulk, the 2003 film exploring the origin story of Bruce Banner, a scientist exposed to gamma radiation, which transforms him into the giant, green creature known as the Hulk when he gets angry or stressed. The film delves into Bruce's complicated relationship with his father, who experimented on him as a child, and his romantic involvement with Betty Ross, daughter of the scientist who created the gamma radiation technology. As Bruce struggles to control his transformations and grapples with the consequences of his powers, he faces off against military forces and a mutated creature created by his father's experiments. A classic film for any Marvel fan, you'll never get tired of rewatching Hulk.

4. White House Down

White House Down is an action-thriller movie following John Cale (Channing Tatum), a Capitol Police officer and former US Army Ranger, who finds himself caught in the middle of a terrorist attack on the White House while on a tour with his daughter. As the White House falls under siege by a paramilitary group, led by a disgruntled former Secret Service agent, Cale takes it upon himself to protect the President of the United States (Jamie Foxx) and his daughter from the attackers. Amidst explosions, gunfights, and high-stakes action, Cale must navigate the chaos to thwart the terrorists' plans and save the day.

5. The Wedding Planner

Now who doesn't love a rom-com starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey? The Wedding Planner is an oldie but a goodie, following the story of Mary Fiore (JLo), a successful wedding planner who is dedicated to her career but lacks fulfillment in her personal life. Mary's life takes an unexpected turn when she rescues a man named Steve (Matthew McConaughey) from a near-fatal accident. However, she soon discovers that Steve is the groom in one of her upcoming weddings. Despite their initial conflicts, Mary and Steve develop a close friendship as they work together to plan the wedding. Along the way, Mary begins to question her priorities and finds herself falling for Steve, leading to a series of comedic and romantic complications.

6. Shrek

Now Shrek doesn't really need any explanation, but we'll give you one anyways. This classic animated comedy stars Shrek, a grumpy ogre living his best life in his swamp, that is until his peace is disrupted by a group of fairy tale creatures who are banished to his land by the evil Lord Farquaad. To reclaim his swamp, Shrek makes a deal with Farquaad to rescue Princess Fiona, who is trapped in a tower guarded by a dragon. Along the way, Shrek is joined by a talkative donkey named Donkey, who becomes his loyal companion. However, as Shrek and Donkey journey to rescue Fiona, they discover that she has a secret of her own. Perfect for any age, Shrek is a classic that deserves a movie marathon night all to itself.

7. Ride Along

Another hilarious comedy to add to your watch list, Ride Along stars Kevin Hart as Ben Barber, a fast-talking high school security guard who dreams of becoming a police officer. To prove himself worthy of marrying his girlfriend, Ben goes on a "ride along" with her brother James Payton (played by Ice Cube), a tough and no-nonsense Atlanta police detective. James sets up a series of increasingly challenging yet comedic scenarios to put Ben to the test, investigating a major case involving a notorious and dangerous criminal. The film is a classic action comedy cop movie, and the best part, there's a Ride Along 2, which only means another movie marathon night ahead.

8. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Ah, the origin story of what was once the Hollywood it-couple: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. While real-life Brad and Angelina duke it out in court, we'll be on our couch, watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith, wishing we still believed in love. Kidding! Mr. & Mrs. Smith is an action comedy about a seemingly normal couple who actually live secret double lives as assassins, only neither of them know that the other is an assassin. That is, until they're each assigned a new target: each other. It's an awesome movie full of cool spy stuff, action, trust, deception, and of course, love. It's easy to see how everyone's favorite couple was born out of this film... maybe a sequel will get them through this divorce?

9. Liar Liar

Liar Liar is a classic comedy film starring Jim Carrey as Fletcher Reede, a slick and successful lawyer who is known for his ability to bend the truth to win cases. However, Fletcher's life takes a drastic turn when his young son Max makes a birthday wish that his dad cannot tell a lie for 24 hours. Suddenly, Fletcher finds himself unable to lie about anything, leading to a series of hilarious and chaotic situations as he navigates his personal and professional life. It's a pretty funny premise, and of course as with any Jim Carrey movie, you'll be crying laughing by the end of it.

10. Jumanji (1995)

The original Jumanji has finally made its way to streaming platforms! This classic, which has spurred 2 more movies with a third in production, stars Robin Williams as Alan Parish, who was trapped in a mysterious board game for decades, only to be let out by Judy and Peter Shepherd, who discover the old and dusty game in their new home. Inadvertently, they start playing, and out comes Robin Williams. Together with another player, Sarah Whittle, they must navigate through the dangers of the jungle and finish the game to undo its effects on their town. Along the way, they encounter wild animals, natural disasters, and the game's relentless pursuit to challenge them. As the chaos intensifies, the characters must work together to outsmart the game and find a way to return everything to normal.

11. Eat Pray Love

And finally, number 11 on our list is Eat Pray Love is actually based on Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir. It follows the true story of Liz, who decides to embark on a year-long quest of self-discovery and healing after a painful divorce. She travels to three different countries: Italy, India, and Indonesia. In each country, she engages with the locals and embraces the different cultures, learning just as much about herself as she does each new country.