‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Shows Off Incredible Weight Loss Journey

‘1000-LB Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Shows Off 'Unbelievable Transformation' In New Photos
Instagram | Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton is receiving an outpouring of support from fans as she continues her impressive weight loss journey.

TLC's "1000-Lb Sisters" star recently debuted her slimmed-down figure in a swimsuit, posing confidently with her new girl pal. Although her transformation is far from complete, social media users happily celebrated how far the reality TV star has come.

Tammy Slaton Flaunts Her New Figure In A Mermaid-Style Swimsuit

'1000-Lb Sisters' Fans Praise Tammy Slaton's Progress In New Photos
Instagram | Tammy Slaton

Slaton showed off her incredible weight loss in a joint post with her pal, psychic medium Haley Michelle, on Instagram. The snap captured the pair posing poolside, with the TV personality wet from a dip in the water.

The entertainer donned a blue mermaid-style swimsuit designed with scales and a plunging neckline. She dangled her legs in the pool and smiled brightly at Michelle, who rocked a black and white swimsuit with frills along the neck.

"Proud of you [blue heart emoji]," Michelle captioned the post alongside the hashtag "#tammyslatonweightloss." As stated, the update generated positive responses from fans, who were excited about Slaton's weight loss transformation.

'1000-Lb Sisters' Fans Shower Slaton With Praises

The comment received numerous ecstatic messages from fans, with one declaring: "Look at you, girl! That is a JOURNEY [fire emoji]." Another implored TLC to help Slaton complete her fantastic transformation, writing:

"@tlc need to go ahead and get Tammy's skin removal, grill fixed, makeover, and then a spinoff show called 'Tammy finds love.'"

"You look amazing, Tammy. I'm so proud of you," a third echoed their approval, while a fourth chimed: "I know Tammy must be so proud of herself. She fought the hard fight and made it when so many people wrote her off. Congrats girl!"

"Holy wow! The transformation is incredible! So happy to see how far you have come. I may have cried a little," a fan added. While many supported Slaton, a few were suspicious of her new friendship with Michelle, forcing the psychic medium to clap back at her critics.

Slaton's New Girl Pal Flaunts Their Friendship Amid Clout Speculations

Underneath the swimsuit post, some fans wondered if Slaton's new girl pal was a real friend or just using her to gain attention. One IG user wondered, "Who is this rando that has kidnapped Tammy for clout???"

Another critic echoed, "She's clout chasing so bad," while a third added: "I'm going to have to Unfollow. This is sad. That girl looks like trouble." The speculations about Michelle's intentions did not skip her attention as she seemingly addressed the situation in another friendship post.

She shared a picture of herself cozying up to Slaton in front of a lake, with the girl pals rocking matching black dresses. They complemented their twin vibes with flowers in their hair and matching red lipsticks.

"Spiritual Sisters, our powerful connection, we don't have to explain anything to anyone. You are my Best Friend [blue heart emoji]," Michelle captioned the post.

The TLC Star Cleared The Air About Her Sexuality


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Apart from suspecting Michelle as a clout chaser, some fans wondered if she was romantically linked to Slaton. Their love theories stemmed from the reality TV star's bombshell revelation about her sexuality earlier this year.

In January, The Blast reported that Slaton had addressed her sexuality in a TikTok video, claiming to have evolved months after her husband's death. Following a fan's question about whether or not she was transgender, the entertainer said:

"No, I'm not trans. I'm just a supporter of everybody. Well, I was saying I was Pansexual, but I kinda stopped messing with guys after my husband passed. So, I'm like a lesbian."

Slaton's husband, Caleb Willingham, died in July 2023. The pair met during her 14-month stay at a rehab center in Ohio while she was seeking treatment to qualify for her weight loss surgery.

Tammy Slaton Gave Fans Weight Loss Tips


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Last December, The Blast shared that Slaton's weight loss class was in session as she highlighted some of her best tips for shedding off the pounds in a social media post.

She made the video in response to a fan who asked, "What's your best weight loss tip? I'm really having a tough time." In her response, Slaton stressed that what worked best for her was "portion control."

"Honestly, it's portion control. It's not what you eat; it's how much you eat of it," she confessed. "Because when I was in rehab, they were giving me pizza, spaghetti… but it was portioned."

She also noted that cutting sugar and carbs from one's diet worked wonders for losing weight. "I hope whatever you're going through gets a lot better. I'm here for you; I love you all," Slaton concluded the clip.