‘1000-LB Sisters’ Tammy Slaton: ‘I’m A Lesbian, Stopped Messing With Guys’!

Instagram | Tammy Slaton
Instagram | Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton is opening up about her evolved sexuality months after the death of her husband.

The "1000-LB Sisters" star, who once identified as pansexual, recently told fans that she seems to be geared toward being with a woman over a man.

Tammy Slaton Clears The Air About Her Sexuality

Slaton took to TikTok to set the record straight after a fan asked if she was transgender. "No, I'm not trans. I'm just a supporter of everybody," she stated. Then diving into the topic of her sexuality, the TLC reality star, who looked super trimmed in a plaid outfit, divulged:

"Well, I was saying I was Pansexual but I kinda stopped messing with guys after my husband passed. So, I'm like a lesbian.

The 37-year-old lost her husband of a year, Caleb Willingham, in July 2023. The pair met during her 14-month stay at a rehab center in Ohio while she was seeking treatment to qualify for her weight loss surgery.

Slaton added that she believes "love is love" and "everybody deserves love" before declaring herself as "just a lover." The "1000-LB Sisters" star's message comes after she uploaded a steamy video of her while lying in bed.

The television personality, who underwent a dramatic transformation after dropping a lot of weight, made seductive faces in the seven-second clip, with Eric Bellinger's "Or Nah" playing in the background.

Slaton's declaration about her sexuality comes three months after fans got hints that she is looking to find love after her husband's passing. In October, news surfaced that the TLC star signed up for the Facebook Dating website in the hopes of finding a new "long-term partner."

Her bio included recent photos from her impressive weight loss journey, with her height listed as 5'3 and her job as a YouTuber. Slaton also confessed that she is an occasional smoker. As for what she hopes to gain by joining the dating site, the Kentucky native wrote she was looking for "chatting, friendship, or a long-term relationship."

In August, a month after Willingham's death, a source close to the reality star divulged that she was quite open to having a romantic relationship with a woman. The informant, who described Slaton as being "in her bad b---- era," claimed, "Tammy is pansexual, and she’s looking to date a woman right now."


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At the time, the insider noted that she "had been talking to a few people" but nothing "serious" had started. As for what prompted her desire for female partners, the source claimed Slaton's remarkable weight loss played a major role.

"Tammy has lost all of this weight, and she’s ready to get back out there," the source explained, adding that her rocky marriage to the late Willingham, had an extra effect.

"Caleb passing away was hard for her, but they were already having problems, and she felt he didn't have time for her. Tammy felt that he didn’t put effort into trying to move to Kentucky and get out of rehab to be with her."

Tammy Slaton Misses Her Late Husband 'Like Crazy'

Despite the reported troubles between Slaton and her late husband, his death dealt her a heavy blow and she never shied away from being vulnerable with her fans. Following the news of Willingham's passing, she took to Instagram to mourn him with a heartfelt tribute.

"Rip sweet angel you will forever be missed and loved so much thank you Caleb for showing me real love and happiness ❤️❤️," she wrote in the caption alongside heartwarming photos of their time together.


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In a follow-up update, Slaton had an emotional breakdown on TikTok while talking with her fans about her grief from the death of her husband. While fighting back tears, the grieving widow stated, "I hate getting on here and letting everybody see me like this. I'm in the stages of grief. Yeah, we were having problems, but I loved that man and I still do."

Slaton said she wasn't going to share any details of Willingham's passing because it is "really personal" for her. "No offense, but it's really personal. I miss him like crazy, but I wanted to thank everybody for — I'm sorry — thank everybody for their comments," she explained.