‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Star Tammy Slaton Captured on Camera Looking Slim in Fan Video

1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton showed off her thinner figure when she was captured out and about in a recent fan video.

TikTok user @Evan_shaf shared a clip of Tammy, 37, earlier this month looking through several items as she stood in a parking lot near her car. The reality star confidently stood without any assistance and was able to easily maneuver her body as she picked up items from the backseat of the car.

Tammy – who was accompanied by her brother, Chris Slaton, during the outing – wore black pants, sneakers and a flowy red and white polka dot top to show off her slim frame. They both appeared to be in good spirits, and Chris, 43, was even laughing in the clip.

Shortly after the TikTok user posted the video, several fans rushed to the comments section to note how great Tammy looks. “I’m beyond proud of Tammy. They both look great,” one person wrote about the siblings. Another added, “Wow, look at her progress. So freaking amazing. You go girl!”

@evan_shaf “Thats freaking tammy” She looks like she’s doing amazing! #tammy #slatonsisters ♬ original sound - user9199854806694

“She is inspiring,” a third person chimed in, while another fan commented, “She looks awesome!”

Others acknowledged that Tammy’s weight loss journey is a huge inspiration for the show’s viewers. “I know Tammy is out here changing people’s lives. She’s everything! I’m in tears when I watch this season’s episodes every time [sic],” someone else shared.

The post even made its way to Tammy, who thanked everyone for their kind words in the comments section.

Fans first got to know Tammy and her family when 1000-Lb. Sisters premiered on TLC in January 2020. She struggled with her weight for her whole life, though took matters in her own hands and managed to reach her goal weight for bariatric surgery during a February 2023 episode. After dropping from more than 700 pounds to 534.7 pounds, Tammy underwent the weight loss procedure. Fans have since watched her experience many milestones during season 6, which included fitting in a single seat on a plane and going on a boat ride.

'1000-Lb. Sisters’ Star Tammy Slaton Captured on Camera Looking Slim in Fan Video
'1000-Lb. Sisters’ Star Tammy Slaton Captured on Camera Looking Slim in Fan Video

“Just being able to walk without a walker or be pushed in a wheelchair, and no oxygen. I don’t even sleep with it at night anymore,” she told People while reflecting on how her weight loss has changed her life in December 2023. “Then it was being able to fit in a regular vehicle, front seat, and then the belt buckle, and not have to use an extender now. So I mean, just what seems minor to some people is giant for me.”