100 Bronx Gang Members Responsible For Several Murders Arrested

Members from rival gangs were arrested Wednesday in reportedly the largest take down in New York City history.

About 100 gang members from The Bronx who were responsible for a slew of violent crimes, and multiple murders, were busted Wednesday morning (April 27) in what is being reported as the largest take down in New York City history.

Rival street gang affiliates 2Fly YGZ (Young Gunnerz) and the Big Money Bosses were arrested in multiple raids by the NYPD, Homeland Security Investigations, and other federal authorities. The arrests took place at more than 100 locations in and around Eastchester Gardens housing complex in Williamsburg.

Of the 100 gang members, 60 are expected to face criminal charges for violent crimes as well as murders, one of which includes the death of 92 year old Sadie Mitchell who was killed by a stray bullet while sitting in her living room.

The New York Daily News says as the gang members were walking handcuffed into the 50th precinct, many seemed unfazed at the charges leveled against them.

“I didn’t do it,” one gang member said. “I already did my time. I just got out on parole yesterday. I didn’t do nothing.”

Those killed by members of both gangs are 18-year-old Keshon Potterfield, in 2014; 17-year-old Alexander Walters, who was stabbed to death in 2012; Donville Simpson also 17 and shot to death in 2013; and Jeffrey (Famous) Delmore, 15, stabbed to death on E. Gun Hill Road last May.